Wedding Ideas - DreamDay Wedding ideas

Wedding Ideas - DreamDay Wedding ideas

  • Beach Themed Wedding Invitation Ideas

    Posted on April 22, 2014 by Nicole

    Kick of your shoes, feel the sand between your toes and exchange your wedding vows at a magical beach themed wedding! While there's several different elements that require planning, one of the most important is choosing and sending out your beach themed wedding invitations to give your guests a glimpse at your wedding theme. Since there’s quite a range of invitation designs to choose from, we’ve shortlisted some of our favourite beach themed wedding invitation ideas for your convenience.

    Passport Wedding Invitations

     Are you planning a beach wedding at an exotic location? Just perfect for destination weddings, passport wedding invitations are the ideal way to get your guests excited about your upcoming beach themed wedding and leave them dreaming about sipping tropical cocktails while watching you get married at a beautiful sunset ceremony.

    Metallic Starfish Passport Wedding Invitation

    You can either keep things realistic by sticking to blue covers for your passport wedding invitations or express your creativity by including unique touches like a custom monogram or emblems to characterise the overall wedding style and colour palette. The great part about passport wedding invitations is that you can include a lot of information such as a local direction map to the wedding location, travel arrangements, details of the destination and a schedule of events since most destination weddings are multi-day affairs on any of the other invitation pages.

    Beach Themed Invitation Designs

    When choosing your beach wedding invitations, you'll find a vast selection of wedding invitation designs to choose from. While a lot of trendy wedding invitations include beautiful photos of the sunset and ocean, you can also choose to personalise your wedding invitations by including a photograph of the specific beach that you’ll be getting married at.


    If you prefer something different, you can also opt for artistic frangipanis, seashells and starfish in your beach wedding invitations. Don’t forget to stick with your wedding colour palette for your invitations, nothing sets the mood like the lovely calming tones of sea blue.

    DIY Beach Wedding Invitations

    Layered Embossed Pebbles with Starfish Wedding Invitation

    If DIY beach wedding invitations are more your style, add an unique touch to your wedding invitations that’ll leave your guests anticipating your big day by rolling up a scroll wedding invitation, placing it in a bottle and throwing in some sand and seashells for the ultimate beach wedding invite.

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  • Trendy Wedding Invitations

    Posted on April 15, 2014 by Nicole

    Some of us prefer a certain look or style whenever we dress up, how we fashion our homes, and not to mention the way we design our events. When it comes to your wedding day, being one of the most important in your life, this can change, and you may look to new trends and hope to add your own special mark in the hearts and minds of your dear guests. It all starts with the wedding invitations (and for some, the save the dates). Adding a trendy look, style or theme can definitely make an impact. Here are some great styles for weddings and trendy wedding invitations, perfect for a 2014 wedding!

    Drama, Drama, Drama

    This year, you can really go big! If your personal tastes include big & chunky jewellery, tall aesthetics, bold colours and dramatic structures & designs, opt for this theme. A great choice of wedding invitations and stationery for this look would be the art deco/The Great Gatsby theme, with its symmetry and bold designs to majestic choice of colours.

    Some choice favourites from The Great Gatsby wedding invitations collection include Clara (with its chevron patterned backdrop in gold and black, a tasteful border work and stately typeface used for the couple's names), Icon (with its leaf flourish backdrop layer in foiled metallic silver), to Leonardo (with its peach hues and scalloped pattern and the silhouette of an art nouveau flower), these designs all make a dramatic impact.


    Quirky can mean a lot of things, and usually, it's something out of the ordinary or something that isn't traditional. So essentially, what you are looking for is something other than a white wedding, with fun and amusement around every corner. You will be looking for ways to stand out, to make an impression and be memorable. You want your guests to say, "That was an epic wedding". Start on the right foot by sending out some unique and quirky wedding invitations. It can be a fun illustration of cute or interesting birds, a moustache & lips theme, Mexican skull art, a circus or carnival to even something truly unique such as an origami inspired wedding invitation. It can be anything you set your mind to, provided it has a quirky and unique side.

    Look for options of wedding invitations that allow you to customise and personalise your card for your dream day wedding, with the flexibility and convenience of ordering your wedding invitations online, to adding the little details too from your names, the date of the big day, an invitation wording, and even adding guest names and their addresses right there. It sounds fantastic and so convenient right? Well, it's all true, because at DreamDay Invitations, all that magic and more is what it's all about.

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  • Design Wedding Invitations Online

    Posted on April 8, 2014 by Nicole

    When deciding between designing your wedding invitations online or purchasing your wedding invites from a regular wedding stationery store, convenience is one of the critical benefits to consider. While visiting a physical location to make the purchase definitely has it’s advantages, online wedding invitations offer busy brides a fast and easy way to browse, customise and purchase unique wedding invitations  at any time from their own home. Read on for some key points keep in mind when following the online wedding stationery route.


    Order Samples of Wedding Invitations

    Ordering samples are important when it comes to purchasing wedding invitations online.

    To reduce the likelihood of being disappointed when you receive your wedding invites, it’s always best to order samples to handle and ensure the weight, texture and colour of the wedding invites are exactly what you’re looking for. While you can see the colour on your computer, the actual shade of the colour may vary depending on the quality and resolution of your computer screen, while a sample of your wedding invite will let you see it up close.


    Purchase Wedding Invitations From a Reputable Online Vendor

    If you’re buying online wedding invitations, it’s important that you spend sometime researching online wedding stationery vendors first. While there’s lots of wedding stationery companies available on the web, make sure to choose a company that has good testimonials and is credible. Ask friends and family for recommendations and also check out wedding related forums and discussion boards to locate reviews on companies.

    Make sure to read the Terms of Service to ensure there isn’t any crucial fine print in there and that it includes a refund policy if you aren’t satisfied with the wedding invitations.

    Print Wedding Invitation Proofs

    There’s always the chance that you could miss small typos when you’re looking at it on your screen, so it’s best to print your wedding invitation proofs and go over the invitation, line by line. Print extra copies and enlist the help of family and close friends to proof your wedding invites for typos or missing details too - you’ll be surprised at what a fresh set of eyes can spot.


    Customise Your Invitations

    Look for online wedding invitations that are fully customisable to have more control over the design and layout. Reputable online vendors allow you to add your own wording and photo or personalise the colour and layout of wedding invitations to ensure your wedding invitations are as unique as your couple style.


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  • Modern Chic Wedding Ideas

    Posted on April 1, 2014 by Nicole

    If the first thing that popped into your mind was "what is Modern Chic anyway?", don't fret, we are here to help, explain and guide you to what could be the best wedding yet, with tasteful wedding invitations, memorable decoration and various details of your wedding that your guests will rave about for months, nay, years to come! Shall we proceed?


    Essentially, chic means to say 'stylish' or 'smart' in a sense of fashion or lifestyle choice, which also applies to weddings and other personal & special events. Add a touch of modernism to the mix, and there you have it, modern chic. It's about infusing the two for a perfect balance. You bring a sense of discipline, balance or streamlining your design, (if you will), to suit your personality. That's what modern chic is all about, but hey, inspiration and interpretation is all in the eye of the maker, so it can be anything you want. We have a few ideas we want to bounce of your noggin' for inspiration, so keep reading!

    Think crisp, clean, and sophisticated. Think sleek details, baroque and a little glam detailing to tie it together. That's what it's all about. Can you imagine your wedding with a tasteful modern chic theme? It'll be beautiful, no matter which colour you are leaning towards, as it's all about the details, styles and design elements. Your first go-to would be your wedding invitations, and possibly even the save the dates. You can easily find a flow from one wedding element to the next by matching them with a focal design look. Is it the clean lines you want to highlight, or is it the sophisticated colours you've picked that look so fabulous on the wedding invitation? Does your entire look blend together well? We've got a few inspirations for you to consider when selecting a modern chic wedding theme and of course wedding stationery and other elements to go with it.


    Confetti inspired weddings are so fun, but if you add a certain touch to it, in can be so elegant and not to mention quite the modern chic item. This design can also be interpreted as sequin work that you can see not only in the bride's wedding dress but possibly the bridesmaid's dresses and even the table cloth used for the wedding reception (or maybe the sweetheart table). This "Sweet Sprinkle" design which is available in both black and Tiffany Blue is quite eye-catching, fun and has a sense of sophisticated which makes it stand out whilst still preserving what a modern chic styling is all about.


    Have fun while selecting the ultimate look for your wedding day, and don't forget to keep this insight in mind. Happy planning!

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  • Layered wedding invitation ideas

    Posted on March 24, 2014 by Nicole

    Effortlessly elegant, layered wedding invitations add a beautiful touch to your wedding day, while  presenting your wedding information in an organised ensemble that’s  useful for destination weddings or any other wedding that includes several events. These wedding invitations are easily customisable and can be personalised using a variety of colour combinations ,specialty papers, embellishments and photos - read on to discover some unique ways to ensure your wedding invites are the talk of the town!


    Layered Wedding Invitations with a Splash of Colour

    While layered wedding invitations lend themselves well to a traditional wedding, you can also use these exquisite wedding invitations for a contemporary themed wedding too! While classic layered wedding invitations commonly feature sober colour palettes favouring timeless classics like black and white, navy blue, brown and olive green, they can be transformed to make a bold statement with unusual colour combinations such as tangerine,tango and teal or emerald and plum.


    Customise Wedding Invitations with Specialty Paper

    With both online and offline DIY stationery shops supplying a wide variety of specialty paper,  you can push the boundaries of your layered wedding invitations by using anything from  metallic and glittered papers to screen printed and thermography designer papers that give your wedding invitations a remarkable flair.

    You can  keep things simple by using just one type of paper as a border for your layered wedding invitations or for something out of the ordinary try combining metallic with a glitter paper border. Embellished papers are perfect when complemented with the right embellishment for a twist of unique to an otherwise traditional wedding look.


    Embellishments for a Touch of Glamour


    Add some glamour to your layered wedding invitations by adding decorative embellishments such as a brooch, cluster or any other plastic jewels to the ribbon that’s used to hold the layers together. For a classic vintage flair, use a lace band to hold your layered wedding invite together and place a  smaller ribbon in a complementing colour on top and finish it off with a designer buckle in the centre. All embellishments can be secured using a hot glue gun, but remember to test it out first using a sample wedding invitation.


    Using Photos for Wedding Invitations

    We love the idea of using a layer of translucent vellum over an attractive layer of a photo and text! When choosing a photo to be included in your layered wedding invitation, choose a picture that goes with your wedding theme  - for instance a shot of the two of you by the ocean  if you’re planning a beach wedding would be ideal!


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  • Assembling Wedding Invitations

    Posted on March 17, 2014 by Nicole

    There are many things to be done when you are going through the first stages of wedding planning from setting the date, finding the menu and after all that is finalised, the guest list which leads to sending out your wedding invitations.
    Blue wedding invitations

    Now, when you send out a wedding invitation to your guests and invitees, there's a lot of information that is sent with the request to celebrate your special day with you. This includes the reply card to confirm your attendance, a directions & accommodations card if you require lodging, (especially if you are an out-of-towner), as well as gift registry and well wishing information. All this needs to be assembled into your wedding invitations, and one of the easiest ways to go about it is with the likes of a pocket wedding invitation, because it neatly fits all these invitation accessories into one package. How cool is that? Now, if you need help with assembling these wedding invitations, we're here to help!


    What goes into a Standard Pocket Wedding Invitation?

    A pocket wedding invitations is usually square in shape, with folded dimensions of 145mm x 145mm. Be it a vertical or horizontal opening card, you can include the likes of  invitation wording and verses in the body of the pocket invite, a wishing well poem, gift registry information, the RSVP card, and directions/accommodation information too. All these will be included inside your pocket wedding invitation, and the flaps will fold in to neatly secure it all.  This pocket wedding invitation will then be fitted into a matching envelope for mailing.


    Folding your Wedding Invitations

    The pocket wedding invitation usually has three folds, one at the middle and two more for the bottom and top flaps. The bottom flap will hold the accompanying cards securely.

    Pocket Wedding Invitations

    Here's what you will need to do when you receive your unfolded pocket wedding invitation and what you will need at hand too.

    • A Clean and Smooth Surface to Work On
    • A Stationery Boning Knife or the Back Of A Clean Butter Knife
    • Clean Hands (in Order to Not Smudge your Beautiful Invitations)

    The first thing you do is lay the flat pocket invitation on a smooth table with the invitation wording body facing upwards. First, fold in the bottom pocket flap gently, turn it over onto the back of the card and run the boning or butter knife gently across the crease. Turn it back onto the front side and fold the middle crease and turn it onto the back to gently run the knife across the crease. This is done in order for any dents to not be shown on the front of your invite card. Repeat the same process for the top and final fold. Once you have done this, you have successfully folded your pocket wedding invitation.


    Assembling Wedding Invitation Accessories

    Once you have your card, the next stage is to assemble the folded pocket wedding invite. Add the likes of your RSVP card, (make sure you have included postage stamp for your guest's convenience), as well as the Directions & Accommodations card into the pocket flap, and fold the card neatly inwards.  Then, take your matching wedding invite envelope and slide your invitation package so that the front of the card faces you. Close the envelope and possibly even add a personalised envelope seal. Then slip the invitation into the clear plastic cover provided, and seal it for protection. Add postage such as a stick stamp on the front of the clear cover for invitation for it to be validated by your postal offices.

    Directions & Accommodation Card


    There you go! That's all you need to do when you are assembling your very own Pocket Wedding Invitations! Stay tuned for more great updates and insight on wedding invitations and more.





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  • Designing Your Wedding Invitations Online

    Posted on March 11, 2014 by Nicole


    With more wedding invitation vendors setting up online stores, the selection of wedding invitations has increased threefold. Choosing and personalising your wedding invitations just got a whole lot easier, with most online wedding stationery companies giving you full control to customise everything from the invitation wording and font to even the layout from the comfort of your home. Find out more about browsing, personalising and ordering your wedding invitations cards online in the next few paragraphs.


    Finding the Perfect Wedding Invitation

    When it comes to choosing the ideal wedding invitation, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of premium quality invitation designs available online. While browsing online for your wedding invitations, removes all global boundaries and lets you purchase from other countries and have them delivered, you need to watch out for plenty of scam artists that ultimately deliver wedding invitations that don’t look anything like the ones shown on their site. How do you stay clear of these online vendors?


    The best way  to purchase your wedding invitations is from a well established online retailer. Do some research by checking out recommendations by friends, wedding related forums etc and look for testimonials on either their website or their official social media accounts.


    After you’ve selected a few options, read through their Terms of Service and any other fine print - you’ll be surprised at the little clauses that get stuffed in! A reputable online wedding stationery vendor will offer a refund policy, so that you can rest assured that your wedding invitations will be either re-printed or your money will be refunded if you’re not happy with the final product!


    Customise Your Wedding Invitations

    Many of today's leading online wedding invitation vendors allow you to customise wedding invitations by adding a photo or personalising the font, layout, colours etc and preview the design in real time. Personalise your invitation wording by adding your own unique verse, a poem or a funny limerick that captures both your personalities and reflects your beliefs too.

    Order a sample prior to placing your order, to review the quality and texture of the wedding invitations prior to placing your order.While most vendors provide generic samples, some online vendors offer customised samples that include all your details for a little extra.


    Order Your Invitations Early

    Save on extra shipping costs for rush service by planning ahead and ordering your invitations early! Ordering early also gives you enough time to have your order re-printed, just in case you’re not a 100% happy or to order extra wedding invitations later if required.

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  • The Next Few Steps after Getting Engaged

    Posted on March 3, 2014 by Nicole

    He got down on one knee, and asked you that question you have been waiting to hear him ask. Here you are now with a beautiful ring on your finger, and a man who will love you till the end. What's next, you might ask. There's a lot to be done before you walk down the aisle to be husband and wife. There are the wedding invitations and guest list, the wedding dress, the catering and so much more. We've come up with a timeline for you to consider using as a guide when planning your wedding right after your wedding. If you having a long engagement (a year or so), this would be ideal, but if it's shorter (6 months or so), just keep these in mind and adjust it here and there.


    Twelve Months & Counting

    Beach Wedding Invitations

    At this stage, you'll be smiling from ear to ear with a lot of excitement for what's to come. One of the most important things is to set the date of the wedding. Once you have decided on a date, then go venue shopping and make a booking. Draft up a guest list so that you know who you'll want for the wedding. It won't be just your wedding invitation you will need this guest list and details for, you might need it for your engagement party invitations as well as the save the dates. If you are having an engagement party, now would be good time to have it. Don't forget to register for your bridal registry at your favourite stores.


    Ten Months & Counting

    At this stage, pick out your bridal party; choose your vendors for your wedding invitations and stationery, catering, photographer, music and more. Don't forget to also select an officiant you are comfortable with. If you are planning on using photo wedding invitations or save the dates, then you could have some engagement photos taken, or do it just because.


    Eight Months & Counting

    If you are having a destination wedding, don't forget to block out hotel rooms for your guests. You'll need this information for your wedding invitations too as part of the directions & accommodations card. Start cake tasting for the perfect wedding cake, begin doing hair & makeup trials and most importantly order your wedding dress.


    At Six Months

    Send out your save the date cards. Make sure to purchase your wedding bands so you can have them customised. Order your bridesmaids dresses and also, don't forget about the honeymoon bookings to get a great deal.


    At Four Months

    Confirm all your vendors, especially your wedding invitations because the next step would be to send them out. Also, don't forget the groomsmen's attire, decide on hair & makeup (post the trials you had a few months back), and start planning the rehearsal dinner (a venue, catering and ensuring the important people attend).

    At Two Months

    Send out your lovely wedding invitations. Make sure you have added all those personalised details, have included the wedding invitations accessories such as the rsvp card, gift registry card, wishing well card, map/directions and accommodation card too. Most of the details that you have been planning will go into this little wedding invitations package to be sent out to your guests. Once you've done this, make sure to confirm transportation for the day of the wedding, as well as write and decide on your vows for the ceremony, and don't forget to buy accessories for the day of the wedding too.


    At Six Weeks

    Most reliable and quality wedding invitations retailers also offer your wedding stationery at the same time as you order the invitations. They do allow you to select or pick out similar designs so that your stationery has a flow. Don't forget to print your wedding stationery such as menu items, order of service cards, and other stationery items. You will also need to apply for a marriage license at this time.


    At 1 Month

    It's time for the Hen's Night/Stag's Night Party, and/or Bridal Shower.


    At 2 Weeks

    At this point, you should go in for your final dress fitting, as well as give your shot list to the photographer and review your music choices with the band/DJ.


    At 1 Week

    Get a final head count of confirmed invitees, finalise the seating chart and make sure it's all ready. Sometimes it's best to have this done a week in advance once you've called in all the RSVPs so you can get your seating chart printed neatly. Indulge in some pre-wedding beauty treatments to relax.


    48 Hours before the Wedding

    You might want to wrap the gifts you've purchased for the bridal party, as well as get some touch-ups done such as getting a tan or getting your nails done.


    The Day before the Wedding

    It's time for the rehearsal party/dinner and also time to hand out gifts to the bridal party.


    The Day of the Wedding

    It's show time! Don't forget to have someone check in on all the little details, including placing all the wedding stationery in the correct places. A Happy Wedding!

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  • Unique Modern Wedding Invitations

    Posted on February 25, 2014 by Nicole

    Showcase your trendsetter style and contemporary couple personality with unique modern wedding invitations that stand out from the generic invitations that your wedding guests are used to receiving. While there are many ways to customise your wedding invites, here are a few contemporary touches that are guaranteed to transform your invites from average to memorable and get your guests excited about attending your upcoming wedding.


    Modern Photo Wedding Invitations


    Including photos is an effective way to add an unique touch to your modern wedding invitations quickly and with minimum design effort. While your favourite photographs of the two of you or a sneak peak picture of the wedding location are perfectly fine, we like the idea of pushing the creative boundaries a bit more this year and trying out a dramatic photo look using an opaque text overlay and experimenting with some fonts and effects. You can also try out something different by displaying wedding details using photobooth style photos of the two of you holding a chalkboard with the date, location, time etc instead of following the standard invitation wording format.


    Lush Floral Wedding Invitations


    Beautiful floral designs have remained popular over the years and can be expected to stay pretty much on trend this year too! While there are so many different types of floral inspired concepts to choose from for your modern wedding invitations, botanicals are taking on a more luxurious and showy look this year with oversized, showy blooms being favoured that exude a romantic and ethereal edge.

    Add an unique touch to your modern wedding stationery by opting to customise floral invitation designs in your wedding colours and try to capture this same floral look in your wedding decor and bouquet etc.

    Bold Decorative Patterns for your Modern Wedding Invitations

    Work with a designer to formulate a special graphic motif that represents either your wedding location, time of year, personal style or just about anything else that captures the unique nature your wedding and gives your guests something to identify your wedding with.
    There are plenty of new on-trend motifs to choose from such as gold leaves, laurel wreaths, banners and chalkboard signs, our favourite of all would have to be designer monograms. Use both your initials to create an elegant and trendy monogram that can be used to give  everything from your modern wedding invitations through to your napkins a truly unique touch.

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  • Wedding Inspiration for Autumn Wedding Invitations and More

    Posted on February 18, 2014 by Nicole

    When seasons change, it's a beautiful time. The colours are something we all remember in our minds quite prominently. It's the same all around, really whether it's the seasons or somewhere you've been or a wedding event you have attended. That's why choosing your wedding invitations, decor and other aspects of a wedding affair is very important and largely dependent on the colour(s) you choose.


    When it comes to autumn, what we see around us are the leaves changing colour; the beautiful greens, oranges and reds, the touches of gold and hints of yellow. This wedding inspiration board would be ideal if you want to be inspired by autumn in a literal sense.


    However, that's not all you can be inspired by. It could be the flowers you'd see during the time (such as Violets and Delphiniums), the general golden tone of the scenery, the special sheen that floats down through the clouds, and the earthiness of the ground are beautiful places where inspiration can dawn.   With the season changing around the corner, we've put together some wedding inspirations and accompanying wedding invitations styles that follow this year's autumn colour trends courtesy of Pantone. Let's dive in, shall we?


    Shades of Violet & Aubergine

    Whether it's the lovely shade of violet or deep shade of aubergine, purple in itself is beautiful. In this wedding inspiration you can see how romantic it can be, whether it's a day time wedding or a night time. Opt for some beautiful white and aubergine hued orchids if you are having a destination wedding, or even a wedding invitation that features a beautiful birdcage and illustrated with violet accents.



    Navy Blue

    Bold and regal, this colour has a way of making a statement, one that is elegant and shines through to stand out against the rest. Having "something blue" is a tradition, so make this your little touch. Use it paired with white or silver (such as antique silver) for an elegant accompaniment. This wedding inspiration is testament to that.




    Mocca Brown

    Earthy and elegant, it exudes autumn in every tinge. Whether you want it to be elegant or country chic you can come up with a beautiful look with this shade of Mocca for your wedding invitations, decor and more. This wedding inspiration can show you how well!



    Other colours that are trending this year for autumn include Gold Fusion, Antique Silver, Burnt Sienna, Vivacious Pink, Mid Blue and Deep Lichen Green. Take a gander at our collection of quality wedding invitations and stationery items with these colours in mind when planning your big day.

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