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  • Custom Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

    Posted on July 22, 2014 by Nicole

    The ideal complement for a destination or travel-inspired wedding, boarding pass invitations are elegant, unique and truly eye-catching! Custom boarding pass wedding invitations subtly communicate the travel vibe and unique wedding style, while not revealing too much. Here are some of DreamDay Invitations favourite ways to customise your wedding invites for a distinctive and creative look that’s sure to impress.


    Adding Photos to Boarding Pass Invitations

    Frangipani Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

    Personalise your boarding pass wedding invitations by adding your favourite photo of the two of you. Depending on the style of your wedding, you can opt to use either a formal photoshoot style photo or a more casual picture. If you had someone capture the proposal, add a photograph of this memorable moment to instantly transform your wedding invitations into a keepsake that will be treasured over the years.

    In the case of destination weddings, we love the idea of couples incorporating a photograph of the wedding venue in their boarding pass wedding invites. If a picture of the location is not possible, you could include a popular landmark, such as the Eiffel Tower if you’re getting married in Paris!


    Using Monograms in Wedding Invitations

    Monograms are a great way  to add a custom touch to both traditional or contemporary wedding invitations. Popularly used in boarding pass wedding invitation designs too, monograms  should ideally use an elegant cursive font such as Edwardian Script or Monotype Corsiva.

    Monogram Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

    While you are free to  browse the Internet or other offline sources for inspiration and use unconventional monograms, traditionally monograms feature a combination of the first name initials of the bride and groom, with the bride’s initial used first.


    Personalised Wedding Invitation Wording

    Custom Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

    Translating your chosen wedding theme into your boarding pass wedding invitations works well using graphical elements, but personalised invitation wording instantly showcases your unique personalities to guests.

    We’ve seen plenty of brides and grooms coming up with funny poems to reflect their unique wedding, that work hand in hand with the wedding invite design to leave a lasting impression on their guests.


    If writing a poem or limerick is not something you want to do, look around for a powerful quote that captures the beauty of your relationship or wedding. For a destination wedding, consider using a short local quote to play up the exotic nature of your wedding.


    Matching Wedding Invitation Accessories

    Complete the look of your boarding pass wedding invitations with matching printed boarding pass covers that resemble airline ticketholders. Don’t forget to incorporate monograms on your boarding pass covers too for a look of continuity.

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  • Save the Date Cards

    Posted on July 15, 2014 by Nicole

    Are you planning the biggest day of your lives? If you are, then congratulations are in order. A life of happily ever afters is awaiting you. Some brides and grooms opt for wedding invitations as the first introduction to the biggest event and occasion of their lives, whilst some take it up a notch with save the date cards, especially if there's travel and other factors that come into play. Save the date cards are helpful to your wedding invitees and guests as it lets them know that a union of two souls in love is happening and how they'll like nothing more than to have them there to celebrate it with love and blessings.

    Save the date cards

    Before you get to the save the date cards  and get them ready for the wedding of a lifetime, there are certain things you should know. At DreamDay Invitations, we are here to help you every step of the way by offering a fabulous and vast range of save the date card designs (whether they are intended to match the wedding invitations & stationery, or stand out beautifully on its own) to the proofing and quality. Here is what you need to keep in mind and include in your save the date cards.


    Tree of hearts save the date card

    The Wedding Details: This includes the likes of the wedding date not to mention the names of the bridal couple. However, sometimes you can help your wedding invitees figure out arrangements to attend your big day by also featuring the wedding venue/location. This can help make travel arrangements and request absence from work if they are required to travel out of town or overseas.
    Love Swing Save the Date Card

    More Information: However, many couples feel that including more information in the save the date card will help invitees plan better and sometimes it is even better when you include wedding websites and RSVP information. Some couples even include a return address too just to make sure that invitees actually receive their save the date cards in hand. It's also proper etiquette to include a line that says "Formal Invitation to Follow"  on your save the date card so that your wedding invitees will know that there is more information coming that will help them make arrangements to attend your wedding via the wedding invitations such as directions & accommodations, wishing well & gift registry cards and much more.


    Find the best save the date cards for your dream day wedding from the great range of designs on offer at DreamDay Invitations. Whether you want a keepsake photo save the date card or a design that matches your wedding invitations and stationery, make it memorable and make it informative too! Happy Wedding Planning!

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  • Unique Typography Engagement invitations

    Posted on July 10, 2014 by Nicole

    When choosing your unique engagement invitations, there are plenty of different invitation design styles available ranging from engagement invites suitable for a formal celebration to more casual and relaxed backyard events too. While typography inspired designs have been prominent in the wedding invitation arena, brides-to-be are now opting for unique typography engagement invites too. We’ve broken down different ways of using typography inspired designs in your engagement invitations, along with some great tips in the next few passages - keep reading!

    Typography engagement invitations can be used to give guests a glance at your unique love story using artistically placed wording featuring decorative fonts. Your engagement invite design can be customised to reflect the look you’re after by either using chunky, bolder fonts coupled with a vibrant colour palette for a modern engagement invitations or cursive and crisp fonts using more subtle colours on luxurious card stock for an elegant and formal engagement invitation.

    There are plenty of typography engagement invites that are available off -the-shelf if you prefer that route, and when using a good stationery company, you have full control to personalise everything from the wording through to the layout and fonts used in your typography invitations online. While the earlier option may be more cost effective for a bride looking for  budget engagement invitations, you can also opt to work with a designer to create a completely unique typography engagement  invite that uses stunning graphical representation to give guests a glimpse at your couple style, while  also passing on key event details too.

    If you’re creating a typography engagement invitation from scratch, you should spend some time browsing the Internet and checking out other offline options like magazines, billboards, posters and even graffiti on street corners for some great inspiration to get you started with choosing the right fonts for your typography inspired design.

    Using different design styles for your wedding stationery from engagement invitations through to wedding invites and finally thank you cards for an eclectic boho look is ultra trendy, traditional brides may still prefer using the same invitation design or at least some elements for a sense of continuity. If you prefer the latter option, choose a typography inspired design that translates well to all these different elements to ensure elegance at every stage.


    Give your engagement invitations a truly unique flair  by using hand drawn typography inspired designs on the envelope for an epic first impression.


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  • Wedding Invitations Inspired by Elegant Imperial Designs

    Posted on July 2, 2014 by Nicole

    Have you set a wedding date and you're already looking for the perfect venue? The very next thing you need to do once you've found a venue is to sort out your guest list to send out the perfect wedding invitations. So, cross off the things to do on before you get to the wedding invitations and get to designing or choosing the perfect look for your big day.

    Metallic Foiled Wedding Invitations

    If your style is inspired by royalty with gilded touches, metallic looks and not to mention elegant and florid designs, then we've got some choice wedding invitations and stationery choices up our sleeves. This week, on Wedding Invitations Ideas by DreamDay Invitations, we are featuring some choice elegant imperial inspired wedding invitation designs for your dream day wedding! The new collection of beautifully done up Foil Pressed Wedding Invitations by DreamDay Invitations is an ideal choice for inspiration for an imperial themed wedding. If you want a truly unique look to your wedding invitations, stationery and accessories then choose this look!

    Foiled Wedding Invitations

    The new Metallic Foil Pressed Wedding Invitations collection is quite amazing, filled with breath-taking and fun wedding invite designs such as "Finally", "Into You", "Confetti", and on the other hand you also have the option of going elegant and classy with wedding invitations such as "Forever", "Bella Donna", "Vintage Love", "Crest of Love" to name a few. However, if your theme is to be inspired by imperial glamour, then the latter category would be best suited. Imperial designs look to flourishes, crown emblems, banner artworks and often intricate damask patterns or even motifs taken from it, as well as ornate lace borders. These make up various imperial designs taken from various kingdoms and empires, from Russia to China and the Britain too.

    Metallic Confetti Foiled Wedding Invitation

    Let's look at the "Metallic Bella Donna" wedding invitation that is a vertical 5 x 7 flat invitation card with foil printing on both sides. The front of the wedding invitation card is simple but elegant to behold. It features the names of the bride and groom, their wedding date and a lovely line that says "A Celebration of Love". Flanking the top and bottom of the names of the couple you will find a beautifully florid design that is the perfect way to highlight this particular text. If you flip the wedding invitation card to its back, there you will find the wedding invitation wording. Above and below the invitation wording, you will find the same flourish design featured on the front sans the lines.

    Foiled Stamp Wedding Invitations

    The great advantage of opting for these foil wedding invitations is how easy it is to customise the look to fit your personal style. Once you have picked a design that you like, the next few things you can do to personalise it includes changing the invitation wording, and the names of the bride & groom on the cover as well as the wedding date. Apart from that you can also add in guest names and address information onto the wedding invitation card and matching envelope for a nominal fee. But DreamDay Invitations goes the distance and offers you more. You can also select the type of wedding invitation paper you might like (ranging from White Shimmer, Ivory Shimmer, Textured White Linen, Kraft and Jet Black paper), as well as the type of metallic print (ranging from Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Gold Matte, Silver Matte, Rose Gold Foil, Purple Foil, Green Foil, Blue Foil and Black Foil).

    Make your wedding invitations truly memorable. Find the perfect wedding invitation design at DreamDay Invitations with the brand new foil collection of wedding invites.


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  • Moroccan Wedding Invitations

    Posted on June 23, 2014 by Nicole

    A truly luxurious style that’s packed with bright colours and bold patterns, Moroccan wedding invitations are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you’re of Moroccan descent or just after an unusual wedding invitation design, Moroccan wedding invites can be easily personalised with unique elements to reflect your personal couple style in combination with lavish Middle Eastern designs. Here are some tips and inspiration for designing exquisite Moroccan wedding invitations with minimum effort.

    Choosing a Colour Palette for Moroccan Wedding Invitations

    Moroccan Wedding Invitations

    Moroccan wedding invites usually favour deep, vibrant colour palettes that feature opulent shades of purple, deep reds, burgundy, teal, blue and deep orange along with striking gold. Once you choose a colour palette by integrating two or three  of these colours for your Moroccan wedding theme, it’ll be easier for you to translate these colours to really add an instant Moroccan vibe to your wedding invitation, decor and all other wedding elements.

    Moroccan Wedding Invitation Designs Featuring Bold Patterns & Elements

    Set the tone for your Moroccan wedding with bold, extravagant designs such as an Arabic inspired tile pattern or lavish brocade patterns. You can either combine these patterns with a luxe blue and gold colour palette for traditional Moroccan wedding  invitation or  even emphasise the beauty of this unique invitation design with a variety of other colour palettes such as fresh orange and turquoise or a warmer pink and purple theme.

    Folded layered wedding invitations work well for a Moroccan inspired wedding and are great if you’re planning a destination wedding in Morocco and have a lot of wedding details to be included. Experiment with designer specialty wedding papers in popular Moroccan colours to create unique laser cut patterns to add a creative edge to your wedding invites. Integrate these laser cut designs into either layered wedding invites which can be held together using a simple gold cord with beads at the end or as pocket wedding invitation to keep  your wedding sheet inserts organised in a compact ensemble.

    Transform generic wedding invites to capture the flavour of the Moroccan culture with DIY embellishments such as tassels, colourful stone or bead work and for a truly lavish touch, use gold script fonts for your invitation wording.

    Look for inspiration just about anywhere when customising your wedding invitation with a Middle Eastern vibe. Anything from extravagant Moroccan rugs and henna designs to the beautiful Moroccan architecture offer great inspiration that will translate beautifully when creating exciting wedding invitations.

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  • Foil Pressed Wedding Invitations

    Posted on June 16, 2014 by Nicole

    Have you started planning your wedding? If you have more than two months worth of time left till the big day, you have enough and more time to work on the first thing your guests will see. Yep, that's right, the wedding invitations, and in this edition of Wedding Ideas, we've got some lovely Foil Pressed Wedding Invitations for your selection.


    These are ideal if you want to infuse a touch of luxury and class into your wedding. At DreamDay Invitations, we have in store a grand collection of beautifully done up foiled wedding invitations that really make for a spectacular statement. Available on Brilliant Gold & Silver printed on premium wedding paper such as White, Ivory and StarDream Crystal, you are assured of an elegant outcome when you choose this look.


    No matter what your wedding invitation design may be, it'll be beautiful because the added touch of shimmer and glamour will be outstanding. Your wedding guests will be awed by the elegance and the class that will ooze from the wedding invitation. Here are some delightful choices of foil pressed wedding invitations that will be a hit with everyone invited!

    Metallic "Love Wheel" | DreamDay Invitations Foil Wedding Invitations Collection

    Printed in metallic Brilliant Gold on quality white wedding invitation paper, this design features two kinds of borders that are foiled on both the front and back of the design. The front design features an abstract Art Deco inspired border that has the look of a kaleidoscope. The back design is crisp and elegant with the wedding invitation wording set inside two double lined borders that is the perfect accompaniment to the front design.


    Gold Foiled Wedding Invitations


    Metallic "Into You" | DreamDay Invitations Foil Wedding Invitations Collection

    A beautifully done up typography wedding invitation design that is elegant, modern and lively at the same time, "Into You" will definitely make you fall in love at first sight. With a lovely balance of abstract border work, flourish designs and play on font facing, sizing and shading, this vertical flat wedding invitation card is quite the statement piece and will have your wedding invitees buzzing with excitement.


    Metallic "In Your Heart" | DreamDay Invitations Foil Wedding Invitations Collection

    This beautiful foiled wedding invitation card design is breathtakingly elegant. The flow of design from front to back is simple but creates a statement through the intricate flourished look of the pattern. The Brilliant Gold foil print features the pattern design, monogram as well as the wedding invitation wording, and is set on crisp white wedding paper.

    Foiled Wedding Invitations




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  • Engagement Invitation Templates

    Posted on June 11, 2014 by Nicole

    He popped the question and you said Yes - what’s next? Before the wedding planning kicks off, take some time to celebrate your memorable engagement with family and close friends. Be it a formal or casual engagement party, invite guests with striking engagement invitations that are customised with personal touches to truly make it an unique reflection of your relationship. With a plethora of different engagement invitation templates available, here are three of our all time favourite invitation designs that truly make a statement.

    Great Gatsby Inspired Engagement Invitation Templates

    Great Gatsby Engagement Invitations

    Loaded with bold art deco inspired patterns and lavish touches, this  extravagant design theme took over the wedding invitation circuit after the movie based on the beautiful piece of literature by F.Scott Fitzgerald rolled out last summer. Now a popular engagement invitation template too, this design style is ideal for a couple planning a retro 1920s engagement party.

    Mimicking the dazzling flapper fashion of the ‘ 20s, Great Gatsby inspired engagement  templates feature a lot of over the top design elements that range from stylish brocade patterns to  art deco inspired geometric patterns, luxurious colour palettes featuring vibrant emerald, gold and black, as well as fun DIY touches like feathers and brooches. Don’t forget to make sure the font used for your engagement invite  templates reflects the theme too - serifs work really well!

    Carnival Engagement Party Invitations

    Carnival party themes are used for a  variety of different occasions and work really well for a casual backyard engagement party too! Unusual and fun, this quirky party theme can be easily reflected in your engagement invitation templates using a carnival inspired colour palette such as red and white teamed with stripes. Grab inspiration for fonts from vintage carnival signs and throw in some popular carnival elements that you’ll be featuring at the engagement party like a  games booth, candy floss, clowns etc to give guests a glimpse at what you have in store for them.

    Feature Typography Designs in Your Engagement Invites

    Modern and not to mention elegant, typography engagement invitation templates are perfect for a contemporary couple. This unique invitation design can be easily customised to create a stylish engagement invitation that captures your unique couple style and the party theme. Choose from bold typography inspired designs that feature vivid colours and chunky fonts to a more elegant engagement invitation with a subtle background colour and traditional script fonts - either way make sure your invitation template reflects your engagement party theme.

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  • Five Great Wedding Invitations Ideas

    Posted on June 3, 2014 by Nicole

    Are you planning your wedding? Coming up with fantastic themes and ideas to make your dream day wedding come true? It's going to be an awesome day, and an equally fun time planning it all. Be inspired by great trends and look for unique ways to stand out, starting with the first glimpse into your wedding day, the wedding invitations. We've put together 5 great wedding invitations ideas and styles. Be inspired by them and choose as your choice of wedding invitations and not to mention the wonderful complimenting wedding stationery that allows your wedding style to blend from one element to another. Here they are!

    Hardcover Wedding Invitations

    Hardcover Wedding Invitations

    Nothing says classy and luxurious than with hardcover wedding invitations. These beautifully done up wedding invites designs with its card stock covers, textured wedding paper and not to mention the beautiful accents, embellishments and types of accessories that go into it, they make for the best and most well elegant choices of wedding invitations. Regardless of the way you style the wedding invite, they could be folded, a flat card or even a pocket invite with a layered or simplistic design style, and they would still look amazing.

    Pocket Wedding Invitations and Styles

    Pocket Wedding Invitations

    These wedding invitations are a favourite amongst brides because of the convenience as well as the organised elegant presentation of your invitation accessories in the pocket compartment of the wedding invitation. Whether you are opting for paper stock or card stock, you can incorporate this look easily. Some brides opt to use a little stick on type of pocket whilst others opt for pockets created with the way the wedding invitation folds inwards (securing the items together).


    Boarding Pass & Passport Styled Wedding Invitations

    Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

    A fabulous trend that is loved by many, boarding pass and passport styled wedding invitations are just so cool, aren't they? The idea of a wedding invitation that is styled as an airline boarding pass or a passport folder  (with matching inserts) to the clever ways the invitation wording is styled and placed makes for a wonderfully unique twist to your wedding. These are ideal for destination weddings, or for couples that love travelling, and well as those who have decided to bring the destination theme to their choice of venue (as opposed to bringing the guests to the destination).

    Destination Wedding Themes Wedding Invitations & Accessories

    On the same note as the destination wedding invitations (such as the boarding pass and passport styled wedding invitation designs), you will find looks that go in line with such themes, whether they are inspired by the beach, the tropical environment and not to mention the exotic flora and colours. You can go one step further by letting the theme you've selected flow into the wedding invitation accessories & stationery, by using complementing "Destination Wedding" themed items such as luggage tag styled accommodations & directions card for instance. Isn't that a great idea? The entire set of wedding invitations stationery can be used as keepsakes too!


    Interesting Origami Inspired Wedding Invitations

    Folded Hearts Wedding Invitations

    Stand out in more ways than one with your unique wedding invitations. Raise the bar by taking it up a notch by opting for a unique shape and layout of your wedding invitation card to compliment the colour, theme and personalised wedding invitation wording. Try the folded heart origami inspired wedding invitations for a fun and truly exciting keepsake wedding invite card for your invitees and guests to hold in awe.


    We hope you've enjoyed these great wedding invitation ideas. Let us know some great ideas you've come across and how we can help you get the look you are envisioning.


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  • Ideas for Wedding Invitations Designs

    Posted on May 27, 2014 by Nicole

    There are many things for you to think about, it's your wedding day after all, so you'll need to plan ahead, at least one year to six months before the date. There's much to do, lots to decide and not to mention be inspired by. Your wedding invitations will be one of the first items of your wedding that your guests will see, but the deciding factor on what exactly it will be is based greatly on the complementing wedding items such as the wedding dress style, the ambience of the wedding venue, the feel of the wedding, the patterns and designs you are drawn to, and not forgetting your pick of the wedding colour(s). We've got some great ideas for your wedding invitations designs, and they are all centred on these wedding pointers.


    Let's have a look at wedding invitations that are...

    Inspired by your Wedding Dress

    When it comes to your big day, all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle, and you unveil the beauty that follows a bride. Give a hint of what's to come via your wedding invitations. Whether your wedding dress is styled short, as a ball gown, has a mermaid tail, is one shoulder, strapless or sweetheart styled, you can be inspired to follow suit, be it with the shape, lines or even the materials (by including accents of lace and designs inspired by it).


    Inspired by your Wedding Venue

    Finding the perfect wedding venue is key to a lot of brides and grooms planning their wedding, because let's face it; the venue is the canvas to the beauty that your wedding ceremony and reception will be. Whether you are planning a wedding on a beach, at a ballroom (or even a museum), a vineyard, private estate or in the country, you can be inspired by it to make your wedding invitations hint at what wonder is to come. Photo wedding invitations, watercolour styles and even illustrated wedding invitations are favourites to express this idea. Use it for your special day too!


    Inspired by Your Personality and Style Aesthetic

    It's wonderful when the personality of a couple, together or as individuals shines through, especially on a wedding day. Start off on the right foot with your wedding invitations by instilling the same feel and style that you are hoping your wedding day will transcend to your guests, be it classical & timeless, casual & relaxed, modern & minimal, quirky & out-of-the-ordinary, or rugged & rustic. Your wedding invitations will be unique, wonderful and full of you!


    Inspired by Patterns & Designs

    You can easily reflect your style aesthetic from the patterns and designs that you are drawn to, whether they include stripes, floral prints, polka dots, lace, chevron and even damask. These, on your wedding invitations, to reflect the style aesthetic will be beautiful and ever so trendy. Mix and match them with your choice of wedding colour(s), and make a great impression with your invitees. Who knows, you could be starting a new trend yourself with your wedding invitation designs.



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  • Destination Wedding Invitations Timeline

    Posted on May 20, 2014 by Nicole

    Destination weddings do require a lot of  planning! Getting organised with everything from your destination wedding invitations to other important wedding details is the best way to avoid any last minute catastrophes. With this in mind, here’s a breakdown of important deadlines for your destination wedding invitations timeline.

    Save the Date Cards

     Aim to send out your save the date cards at least one year before your destination wedding to give your wedding guests enough time to plan for the trip. Depending on your wedding style, your destination wedding invites don’t necessarily need to match the rest of your wedding invitation suite, so have some fun and change things up.

    Beach Save The Date Cards

     If you have decided to send out photo save the date cards, either schedule your engagement photo session for a formal photo, include your favourite photo of the two of you or a picture of the proposal if you have one.

    Destination Wedding Invitations and Other Wedding Stationery

    Start browsing and choosing your  destination wedding invites roughly eight months before your big day. This will give you enough time to sift through the plethora of destination wedding invitation styles available from boarding pass and passport wedding invitations to other unique designs featuring elements inspired by your unique wedding location, while also giving you plenty of time to make changes if you have any last minute problems with your destination wedding stationery.

    Beach Wedding Invitations

     Traditionally wedding invites are sent out approximately two months before the wedding, however destination wedding invitations should be sent out five months before to provide your guests with all the wedding details to finalise their travel arrangements. This will also ensure you receive the RSVP cards early too, giving you a better idea of how many will be attending.

     Order extra wedding invitations and envelopes in case you have any last minute additions to your wedding guest list and also if you make an error when addressing. Extra wedding invites make great mementos that you can cherish over the years too.

     If you are ordering other wedding stationery items such as place cards, programs, menu cards etc, aim to order these six to eight weeks before the wedding.

     Generally thank you cards should be sent out within four weeks of receiving a wedding gift. If you are not personalising your thank you cards to include a photo from the wedding or honeymoon, consider ordering them before the wedding to save time.

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