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  • Creative Wedding Seating Styles and Ideas

    Every bride and groom wants their special day to be remembered fondly in their memories as well as those of the invitees. If you are looking for wedding inspiration to make your big day stand out starting with your wedding ceremony, we have a few ideas. With Spring coming to an end and Summer quickly approaching, outdoor wedding and seating arrangements are great ways to move away from the traditional wedding styles for a creative edge to your wedding style.

    Even if you are not opting for an outdoor wedding but you have a spacious indoor venue, you can still use these seating styles for your wedding ceremony. Your choice of seating will reflect the style and the theme of the wedding you are after. When you are planning to move away from the traditional choices of seating furniture from Tiffany or white folding chairs, you are able to bring your wedding theme full circle with a personal twist. Here are some unique and creative wedding seating styles and inspirations to add a little personality and style for a memorable wedding day.


                                   Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Benches

    Benches are an ideal choice if you are looking for a casual yet elegant look for your wedding seating. These benches can be plain with a wood finish or painted according to the wedding colours. Popular decorative benches with a Moroccan feel are well received for beach weddings (often coupled with Moorish lanterns).

    Floor Mats/Blankets and Cushions

                                   Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Floor Blankets and Cushions

    A great choice for the beach or at grassy location, these floor mats or blankets coupled with cushions to match your wedding theme, will allow your guests to relax while the ceremony proceeds. If you expect the day to be extra sunny, offer choices of shade such as patio umbrellas or even create a canopy with cloth that will provide both aesthetic appeal and shade.

    Ottomans and Poufs

                                   Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Ottomans Poufs

    Ottomans offer a homely wedding seating style but when coupled with accessories it can be transformed into a beautiful look, similar to that of the benches. You can add accents in-between the ottomans too. Based on the shape of the ottoman you’ll be able to arrange the seating in a creative way to make a design too (this would make for a beautiful aerial photograph). Similarly, poufs, which are sleek cube ottomans, are popular options too.

    Mix and Match Furniture

                                   Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Mix and Match Furniture

    This type of wedding seating style is quite eclectic as you put together various types of furniture to add a quirky seating setting for your ceremony. They are ideal choices when you want to impress by featuring an assortment of chairs to make your wedding guests feel comfortable and relaxed.  If you are choosing wooden chairs over cushioned, consider adding  a few decorative elements to the back to for a quick and easy elegant touch or even add some colourful throw pillows to the mix.

    Image Credits: Intimate Weddings, East Coast Creative Blog, Celebrations Ltd, Archive Vintage Rentals, Pinterest

  • Fun Wedding Trends of 2015

    Just because it’s the last week of September doesn’t mean you need to give up on the fun wedding trends of 2015! If you’re looking to make a splash with your wedding here are some great ideas that are perfect for summer weddings in Australia!

    Fun Wedding Dresses

    Wedding Trends Bridal Dresses Seperates

    Our sister blog recently did a feature on “5 Wedding Gown Styles You Should Consider“ and one thing that spoke to us was the fabulous two-piece wedding dress style. But jumpsuits and capes have also turned a few heads ever since Solange Knowles walked down (cycled) down the aisle in a Stéphane Rolland number. But it’s not just one wedding dress we’re talking about – the industry is seeing a second AND third dress – with outfit changes for the ceremony, reception and even the after party. Some brides look at wedding dresses that go well with boleros or have removable sleeves and skirts too.

    Techy Wedding Photos

    Wedding Trends Aerial Photograpy Drone GoPro

    Looking for a way to truly bring out the wow-factor? Techy wedding photos (and videos) are all the rage! Get photographs taken from every angle so you don’t miss out on the good stuff. Aerial shots are amazing, especially with an experience drone operator. Don’t forget that the likes of a GoPro can be used with a selfie stick and passed around for your guests’ convenience. Some brides and grooms stick it onto champagne bottles and have it passed around so guests can record fun and silly ways of them taking a swig straight out of the bottle! What would you do? Let us know!

    Out-of-the-Box Wedding Venue

    Wedding Trends Wedding Locations with a View

    Gone are the times of official wedding venues (not really, but you know what we mean). You can find out of the box and fun wedding venues that will leave a lasting impression with your guests. There are great wedding venues all across Australia that are really spectacular. How about some wedding venues with a view – that’s always a sure-fire winner! Here are twelve great wedding venues put together courtesy of WedShed for your selection.

    1.       Brave Goose Vineyard, VIC2.       Fig Tree Restaurant, NSW3.       Stones of the Yarra Valley, VIC4.       Koreelah, NSW5.       Spring Spur Stay, VIC

    6.       Horizon Byron Bay, NSW

    7.       Thalia Haven, TAS8.       Koonyum Range Retreat, NSW9.       Summergrove Estate, NSW10.   Eagle Bay Brewing Co, WA11.   InterContinental Double Bay, NSW

    12.   Southern Ocean Lodge, SA


    Larger than Life Wedding Themes

    Wedding Trends Colour Pantone

    Pantone deemed Marsala as the colour theme and there are some pretty awesome wedding inspirations that range from various spectrums that are ideal. On one side you’ll find the ever so rich Royal theme and on the other for the casual wedding couple, the likes of the Wild Wild West!  Having said that, white weddings are making a comeback too; so if you love the idea of Cinderella wedding, you definitely can and should!

    Which of these fun wedding trends strike your fancy? Let us know, we love hearing from you!

    Image Credits : BuzzFeed, YouTube, WedShed, Zouch and Lamare

    Fun Wedding Trends of 2015

  • Inspirations and Ideas for Styling your Bridesmaids Dresses

    Yes, you and your fiancé ARE the stars of the show, but often the entire bridal party entourage makes for the beautiful picture. In it you will find your bridesmaids, flanking the beautiful bride, YOU!  If you have started putting your wedding theme and style together, you may find these styles for bridesmaids dresses inspiring! Keep reading for great ideas for styling your bridesmaids


    The Traditional Bridesmaid

    Bridal Party Wedding Traditional Bridesmaids


    The traditional rule of thumb was to style and dress your bridesmaids the same as if to blend into the background, but that’s not the case anymore though it’s recommended they should look somewhat cohesive and within your wedding theme/style. Usually, the bridesmaid will be a sister or a friend and the attire usually involves A-line dresses. These dresses are often in the same bright and cheery colour but in different shades and tone. The necklines can either be the same or different, but it should look alike.


    The Infinity Bridesmaids Dress

    Wedding Bridesmaids Infinity Dress Styles


    Recently, the Infinity Dress was an ever-popular choice for Bridesmaid dresses that allowed the bride to choose a particular colour and have the bridesmaids wear it in different styles, based on their body type and preference. This Convertible Dress is a great investment considering the fact you can wear it again and again with the choice of mixing up necklines, sleeves and lengths too. It’s also available in a myriad of colours that makes it great for the modern bride who may not want to stick to one colour for all the bridesmaids.


    The Bridesmaid Dresses and Choice of Colours

    Pastel Bridesmaids Dress Theme


    There are many ways you can style your bridesmaids looks, but colour coordination is one way to go about it. While the traditional way would be to stick to one colour shade and identical dresses, that doesn’t mean you have to – there are more fun alternatives nowadays. Speaking of which, you can choose the very trendy “One Colour Many Shades” style, which is fabulous with any of the core colours.  Let’s not stop there, how about a pastel colour theme, where you assign one bridesmaid one pastel colour each and letting them own it – you can present the colours to them and have them pick which one they want for a very democratic process of colour choice that will ultimately make your life easier.


    Accessorising Your Bridesmaid

    Inspirations Ideas Bridesmaid Dress Styles


    Apart from the length, neckline and colour of the bridesmaid dresses, there are other ways in which you can style your bridesmaids to make them stand out. We’re talking about shoes, hair and make-up. Don’t forget that those too will make the ensemble truly sparkle. You can choose to have the traditional look for everyone, same shoes, same hair, same everything, OR you can mix it up with what suits your bridesmaids the best. In the end, you are looking for everyone to have fun on your big day and not to mention for your wedding photographs to look amazing. So, think about the various style alternatives you can opt for when styling your bridesmaids for the big day!


    Image Credits (top to bottom): Donna Morgan Blog, Shopify, W How to Wear, Wedding O Mania

  • Wedding Hair Pieces for the Big Day

    The wedding dress usually gets all the attention, but it’s attention to detail that makes your wedding stand out. For instance, even with your wedding dress, the cut and the trimming matters because it makes the entire look unique. Likewise, other details that go into making you the most beautiful yet should also be given some thought, such as your wedding hair pieces. It’s not just about the veil anymore and we’ve got some ideas up our sleeves that we want to share with you!


     Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Tiaras

    Tiaras are the most traditional choices of headpieces loved by many a bride, to add a royal touch to the ensemble. Its placement depends greatly on your choice of hairstyle, but often whether you are opting for a dramatic or elegant look, the tiara is the crowning glory of the ensemble.  A modern take on the tiara is when its worn across the forehead such as that worn by Kim Kardashian on her wedding day. These headband tiaras can be fitted with a veil or worn on its own too.  Apart from them being encrusted, you can also opt to wear a floral tiara, making it a truly modern and eco-friendly headpiece!

    Image Credit: Yimg, AliMG, Brides

    Grecian Inspired Crown and Encrusted Barrettes

     Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Crown and Barrettes

    Though this may sound similar to a floral tiara, it is based on your wedding hairstyle. If you are opting for a top knot with a floral or leaf inspired designed hairpiece wrapped around it, then this would very well be perfect.  You can opt to have an encrusted barrette creating a statement piece alongside the top knot, or a crown of sorts that will go around the hairstyle. Whichever you may choose, this hairpiece and style is a clear favourite for brides who want to add height to their appearance.  When it comes to the use of a barrette, even a low hanging knot or bun would be ideal.

    Image Credit: SocietyBride, HairExtensions, HairComesTheBrides, AliCDN

    Lace Bridal Caps

    Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations  Lace Caps

    Lace bridal caps were first seen on the beautiful late Princess Grace on her wedding day, which she paired with a tiara that was attached to a veil. This look was recently brought back into the scene with a more bohemian-vintage appeal. They are indeed statement pieces and you need to be wary of how much of your head it should cover.

    Image Credit:FromTheBygone, Adorolasbodas, Shopify

    Asian Inspired Jewelled Headpieces

    Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Asian Hair Jewellery

    These headpieces can range from dainty and elegant to glamorous statement pieces depending on the look you are after. Some may opt for a singular strand that will rest on the forehead or the multi-stranded variety, which adds drama to your ensemble.

    Image Credit: Shopify, Pinterest

    Which of these designs would you pick for your wedding day? Let us know which  of these wedding hair pieces is your favourite!

  • Herbal Remedies to Prepare You for Your Wedding Day

    As the Big Day draws closer and closer, many brides experience a flurry of emotions from stress, nervousness and anxiety, often suffering from insomnia too. Often they can be quite difficult to cope with, especially as wedding planning can be a very stressful affair! When you are stressed out, you are taxing your immune system, therefore you need to find ways in which to remedy it and herbal/non-medicinal methods are ideal!


    Bridal Insomnia Remedies & Relief

    insomnia relief sleeping solutions

    As a bride-to-be (and groom-to-be), you may have what seems to be an endless list of to-do lists and follow-up calls to vendors and other parties who are involved in helping you plan your dream wedding day. This could very well lead you to not being able to shut off your brain and get some shut-eye. We have some great ways in which you can find some relief for lack of sleep/insomnia leading up to the wedding.


    Change your Bedtime Routine: Actively making changes to your day-to-day routine can greatly affect your sleeping patterns. For instance, if you find yourself tossing and turning in bed for close to 20 minutes, get out of bed and indulge in a quiet activity (such as reading, nothing that includes screen time). Ideally, your bedroom should be dark, quiet and cool; the perfect conditions for sleeping comfortably without disruption.


    Reduce Screen Time: The blue light emitted from screens can disrupt the secretion of melatonin that aids in telling the brain it’s time to sleep.


    Cut Down your Caffeine Intake: If you have set a bedtime routine where you want to go to sleep at a certain given time, make sure you avoid taking any caffeinated beverages at least four to five hours before that.


    Consider Relaxation Technique: Finding ways to relax is important, which is also an integral part of stress management, and doing this without the use of medication is great. Consider the items mentioned in the sections below.


    Image Credit: Health and Fitness Travel


    Wedding Stress Management

    Chamomile Tea Wedding Stress management Herbal Relief

    Herbal remedies for stress management are ideal, especially when you want to avoid side effects that can occur when you take over-the-counter medicine to remedy them.


    Chamomile: A great way to calm down nerves (due to its sedative power), it Chamomile also aids with indigestion or even pain caused by toothache. You can try a cup of soothing chamomile tea or keep out a hot water bowl with a few drops of chamomile extract in order to inhale its steam.


    Gotu Kola: Another way to remedy insomnia and/or anxiety, you are able to get Gotu Kola (a plant native to Asian wetlands) in capsule or extract form. They work as a mild sedative, where Hydrocoltyle asiatica is the weaker variety whilst Centella asiatica.


    Kava Kava: Available as capsules, liquid and powder, its ideal for promoting a good night’s rest as well as the relief of anxiety and tension.


    Image Credit: FuzziesKingdom


    Pre-Wedding Relaxation Therapies

    pre wedding bridal couple massage relaxation therapy

    Other ways in which you can find relief includes massage therapy, acupuncture techniques such as Jin Shin Do. Massages can help work down the tense muscles reducing the production of stress hormones, ultimately calming the sympathetic nervous system. Mixing aromatherapy with a massage can also be very helpful in relaxing your body. However, if you’re looking for aromatherapy with essentials oils to relieve stress or promote sleeping, there are specific types you should use.


    Stress Relief Essential Oils: Bergamot, Chamomile, Lavender, Melissa, Clary Sage, Neroli, Rose, Jasmine.


    Sleep Therapy Essential Oils:  Clary Sage, Marjoram, Ylang-Ylang, Neroli.


    Image Credit: Your Bali Wedding

  • How to Ask Your Bridal Party to Be Part of your Wedding

    Your bridal party will essentially be your support group during the excitement (and stress) of planning the wedding, especially on the big day. Getting your A-team together is an important step towards making sure everything runs smoothly. Maybe you have already figured out who you want to be part of your wedding day (possibly life-long friends who have your back), but in the event you are still looking, make sure you put some thought into it.

    One thing that the bride or the groom can ask themselves before they pop the question to their prospective bridesmaids or groomsmen would be “do you see yourself being friends with them five years down the lines” and “how well will they gel with the others on your bridal party list”? If you are sure and content with the answers, then it’s time you asked them to do you the honour of being part of your bridal party!

    We love the idea of creative and fun ways to ask the bridesmaids and groomsmen and not to mention the maid of honour and best man. Here are our favourites!

    Will You Be my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honour?

    Your bridesmaid or maid of honour proposal can be fun and creative! The “Bridesmaids” movie set the way with its elegant box that came complete with a live butterfly that flew out when opened. You can do the same including adding trinkets, chocolate and various mementos that you feel your girls might appreciate. But there are other ways too. Here are some ideas!

    You can propose to your girls at the engagement party, or by taking them out to lunch individually or as a group!

    Personalised Boxes

    Bridesmaid Proposal Personalised Boxes

    Image Credit: The Pretty Blog

    Candy Ring Pop

    Bridesmaid Proposal Candy Rings

    Image Credit: TwoBroadsApparel

    Cupcake Jars (with Customised Napkins)

    Bridesmaid Proposal Cupcake Jars

    Image Credit: MarryThis

    Confetti Envelopes

    Bridesmaid Proposal Confetti Envelopes

    Image Credit: WantsAndWishesDesign

    Locket Rings/Pendants

    Bridesmaid Proposal Locket Rings

    Image Credit: OhHelloFriendBlog

    Will You be My Groomsman/Best Man?

    Asking your guy friends to be part of your “crew” is done differently to that of the girls. However, you can present them with a memento box, just with a masculine touch. Here are some ideas!

    Peronalised Boxes

    Groomsman Proposal Personalised Boxes

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Personalised Puzzle

    Groomsman Puzzle

    Image Credit: Etsy

    Groomsman Customised Bottle Labels

    Groomsman Proposal Customised Bottle Labels

    Image Credit: Etsy

    Mustache You Questions

    Groomsman Proposal Mustache Tokens

    Image Credit: Danks & Honey


    Groomsman Proposal Customised Cufflinks

    Image Credit: Etsy

    Planning an Event

    Groomsman Proposal Planning an Event

    If a proposal gift isn’t your kind of idea, you can simply plan an event for some “guy time”, such as beer tasting, golfing or even paintballing.

    Image Credit: Grooms Advice

  • How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

    One of the things you would take away from your engagement would be the way he proposed, and not to mention the beautiful ring he slipped into your finger.  If you have already started planning your wedding, you may already have an engagement photo shoot included as part of your wedding photography package. However in the event that you don’t, you can make plans to have one done a la carte. When you do decide to go ahead with your engagement photo shoot session, you need to prepare for it. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind and work towards so that you end up with beautiful engagement photographs and some great memories from the day too.

    Brainstorm with your Photographer

    Engagement Photo Shoot Preparation Ideas

    Knowing what you want is important. Often couples choose two styles, one set of pictures that are casual and another formal (which can be used for your save the date cards, for an engagement party invitation or for your newspaper wedding announcement).

    Your photographer may offer you many suggestions, but it’s also important to do your own research and look for engagement shoot inspirations to figure out what you would like. Thereafter you can fit these styles into what suits you both and your personalities. For example, if you love books, you can choose a library as your location and work with books and newspapers as your props.

    Make sure that whatever you choose to do, it resonates with the people you are. If you are offered a suggestion that isn’t you, don’t be afraid to say no. Also, choose clothing that you are comfortable with and is your style.

    Image Credit:AprilAndPaul


    Timing and Sticking to it

    Preparing for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

    Often the best pictures are possible when natural lighting is available. An ideal time would be two hours before sunset when the light is just right (the lighting offers a natural skin glow). As you are working within a time frame make sure that you are ready and on time. If you have working with a change of clothes and even location, then make sure to plan ahead of time and have made the arrangements such as a changing room and so forth.

    Image Credit:WedAlert


    Engagement Shoots are FUN

    Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas

    One thing for sure, engagement shoots are fun. After all, you are attempting to capture your personalities and the love that you share, so let loose and be relaxed. Don’t worry too much about the poses and angles, it’s up to the photographer to do all that. You just need to be yourselves and it will all fall in place.  It’s important to interact with your fiancé and just have a good time. Once all the pictures have been taken, you can go through the many capture to pick out the best ones.

    Image Credit:Bumby Photography


    The Other Little Details

    Engagement Photo Shoot Rings Macro

    One thing most couple forget is that the ring will receive some spotlight too. It would be a good idea to have the ring cleaned beforehand. Also, when it comes to makeup and hair, take a little care to dab up shine spots and not to mention add a touch more makeup on your eyes, cheeks and lips so they stand out better in the photographs. Make sure to stick to matte makeup and don’t forget to paint your nails!

    Image Credit:WeddingOMania

  • Bridal Makeup Tips

    Look your best on the biggest day of your adult life by keeping these great bridal makeup tips in mind when preparing for the wedding.  These makeup tips are ideal for brides who want to look their best and keep in mind the different scenarios that pertain to them, such as tears, environment and the possible need for touch ups.




    Makeup Tips for Every Bride


    One thing for sure, wearing layers and layers of makeup can be very difficult when your wedding starts way before the ceremony when you want to get some great wedding photographs. It’s all about looking the best version of yourself so you need to be wary of what you put on.  Always trial your bridal makeup and ask opinions from family and friends that will give you their input.


    The Natural Bride Look


    Wedding-Bride-Pose-Images Natural makeup


    One of the best ways to go about this is to opt for a natural look, which is quite easy to create. The trick is to use your normal daily makeup routine but add a little bit more. Makeup professionals recommend adding a few layers of blush to get the flushed rosy cheeks effect after applying a cream cheek colour. Also, opt to accentuate your eyes with hidden eyeliner where rather than applying it on the lid you highlight under the eyelashes thus maintaining the shape and size of the lid. Choose a lip colour that is one shade more pink than what you are used to make your lips stand out. Don’t forget powder sheen to get that glowing bride effect.  It will be a much better look to trying to matt your shine spots with powder that could make it look quite caked.


    A Bolder Bride Makeup Look


    Bolg wedding bridal makeup look


    Whilst the natural bridal makeup routine is very popular, you can go a little deeper with the lip colour whilst still maintaining a similar routine with as little foundation as necessary, more focus on the eyes and a lovely shade of blush to create the rosy-cheeked effect.


    Wedding Day Makeup Kits


    wedding-photography makeup artist professional makeup bride


    Once you’ve done your bridal makeup trials and decided on a look that looks best on you, then it’s time to make sure your makeup kit for the day has all the essentials. If you are having a makeup artist to help you get ready for the big day, make sure you bring your own beauty products that have been tried and tested on your skin and you know will work. From foundation, loose powder, concealer, shimmers/sheen powders, blushes, eyeshadows, waterproof eye liners and mascara is very important to have, especially ensuring that they won’t melt away in the heat or if you get a tad emotional during the ceremony.


    Wedding Touch Up Kit




    Apart from this also have a touch up kit, something compact that you can hide away in a little drawstring bridal bag. Include items such as a small powder brush, pressed powder compact with a mirror, lipstick and gloss, some tissues and even Q-tips. You can hand this over to the maid of honour or a bridesmaid so you can focus on looking your best!



    Image Sources from Top to Bottom: MakeUp Artistry by Camm, The Vow Style,  Eka Dinca, Makeup by Kim Porter, JMD Photo

  • 10 Tips for Planning an Engagement Party

    Did he pop the question out of the blue with a fabulously romantic gesture and a great story to go with it? How about you share your love story and this milestone with family and friends by throwing a lovely engagement party. Here are 10 tips for planning an engagement party to get you started!


    1. Select the Perfect Engagement Party Theme


    Themed Engagement Party Planning Roaring Twenties


    Often planning an engagement party (actually, any party for that matter) is made easier when you have a theme to rely on or be inspired by. If you choose to look at history, eras and time periods, then you are able to use that as a foundation to build your own unique engagement party theme. Great Gatsby/Roaring Twenties to the Colourful Sixties in pastels and patterns make for interesting themes that allows you to impress by adding your own engagement party theme twist.


    Image Source: Kevin Trow Bridge

    2. Be Culturally Inspired

    moroccan-engagement party


    One of the easiest things to be inspired by is culture and heritage. If you have cultural influences that you would like to highlight and build on, then that’s fabulous by incorporating the various rituals and appeal, whether it’s with the designs to the traditions associated.


    Image Source: Andersruff


    3. Choosing Time Setting


    engagement-party-inspiration-brunch breakfast


    If you have a time that you love (brunch, afternoons, or evenings), then choose your favourite time setting and making it work for you accordingly. You could opt for 10am Breakfast, 11am-12:30pm Brunch/Morning Tea, 1pm Lunch, 2pm-5pm Afternoon Tea, 5pm-7pm Dusk, 7pm-8:30pm Dinner, and 8:30pm onwards for indulgences.


    Image Source: Paper Blog

    4. To Adventures and Beyond

    engagement party canoe planning


    An ideal setting for a close or limited group of friends and family, you can invite them to a backyard/adventure weekend to partake in fun activities. This is perfect if you both love the outdoors and Australia is the perfect setting for it, with so many fun activities in store; caving/climbing, diving/snorkelling, cycling, golf, fishing, hiking, aquariums and more.

    Image Credit: RH PhotoArts


    5. Working Around Your Location

    engagement party night outdoor venue


    Much like using time to make the engagement party work for you, you can do the same with the engagement party venue. This is ideal if you have sentimental places that you want to highlight, maybe the park you met or your favourite restaurant. You can add in some personalised signs/posts to direct your engagement party invitees to where you want them to go!


    Image Credit: MustardSeeds

    6. Australian Vineyards

    engagement party vineyard tasting weekend


    A popular destination for weekends, why not throw a vineyard engagement party. With the country famed for its wines, this type of party will truly go down as one of the best engagement parties your guest may attend due to its choice location!


    Image Credit: Australian Green Fields Estate

    7. Gala Twist

    Engagement PartyRed Carpet Gala Theme


    One way to glam things up would be to turn your engagement party into a black-tie red carpet affair. Give your invitees a chance to dress up in all their finery for a truly memorable time!


    Image Credit: JustPhotoBooth

    8. Incorporate your Loves and Hobbies

    Engagement Party Theme Ideas


    One way of letting your party invitees connect with you would be to make the theme of your engagement party reflect on things you love. Be it with the venue, the style, and the decorations you choose. Let it hint at something that is personal.


    Image Credit: Karas Party Ideas

    9. Incorporate a Former Date into the Party



    Another way of letting your invitees connect with you and your fiancé would be to host the engagement party at venue that you two have been to or shared a special moment at.


    Image Credit: Yes Baby Daily

    10. Make It Romantic

    CarolynsEngagementParty_03 romantic flowers theme


    It’s an engagement party, after all! Make sure to add a touch of romance with decorations and various other means & elements such as poetry displays, candles & lighting, and other items that resonate on romance.

    Image Credit: Hostess Blog

  • Wedding Brunch Inspiration

    Weddings are what you make them out to be; it is your day after all. You can add a twist to your wedding affair by changing up the times a little, especially if you’re a morning person by considering a brunch wedding reception. They are just perfect; with natural lighting that isn’t too harsh and ideal for pictures, not to mention the variety of options you get by choosing a wedding brunch!  If you really love your mornings, you can even catch the sunrise for your wedding ceremony! We’ve put together some delightful options as wedding brunch inspiration ideas for you to consider having for your wedding day; one that is personal, scrumptious and not to mention really smashing!

    Coffee Bar (to kick-start the morning)

    Wedding Brunch Tea Coffee Bar Cart

    This would be a thoughtful gesture to the wedding guests, especially if you are having a sunrise wedding ceremony. Set up a coffee bar with your favourite roasts/blends, and don’t forget the details such as sugar, cream, stirrers. Make sure to include tea for those who love a good blend of hot or ice tea.

    Image Credit: ChicagoNow

    Your Brunch Buffet Spread


    Everyone loves a good breakfast spread, so go crazy with it. Some of the newest brunch food trends include frittatas that are light but filling, grilled vegetables, smoked food items (smoked salmon, tuna bacon, and salmon bacon), grilled chicken wraps and open sandwich choices. A popular sight at wedding brunches include food stations for the likes of crepes,  French toast, omelettes and pancakes, allowing your wedding guests to pick and choose the ingredients, toppings and syrups.

    Image Credit: INaturalCatering

    A Cereal Bar for the Young (and not so Young)

    Wedding Brunch Cereal

    For those who just HAVE to have their cereal, whether it is for the little ones or those who love their Fruity Cheerios, a cereal bar is a great idea! Put them in glass containers to let the playfulness show through and don’t forget the milk, and breakfast fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and more.

    Image Credit: The Frosted Petticoat

    A Waffle Wedding Cake

                                             alternative wedding offbeat morning early sunrise breakfast brunch hike hiking rustic pink purple yellow orange elope elopement small unique bride groom centerpiece centerpieces buffet

    Keep the brunch spirit going with a delicious stacked and tiered tower of waffles as the wedding cake. As a twist to the unique brunch wedding reception, the bride and groom opt to pour maple syrup over the waffle wedding cake part of the wedding cake cutting ceremony.

    Image Credit: The Frosted Petticoat

    Happy Hour

    Wedding Brunch Mimosa Happy Hour

    If you’re planning on a sunrise wedding ceremony, apart from the coffee cart also offer your guests some spirited refreshments with a 6am happy hour to keep the Mimosas, Bloody Marys and perhaps even some Irish Coffee cocktails too.

    Image Credit: TheLittleWhiteDress

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