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  • Save the Date Designs

    Posted on October 28, 2014 by Nicole

    It's happening; you're planning your wedding day. There's lots to think about, lots to do and many preparations to make. It's a little more complex when you're having a destination wedding, and you'll need to consider sending out Save the Date cards as soon as you settle on a date (and also a venue) to give your invitees enough time to make preparations to share in the joy.

    When picking out  save the date designs or designing/personalising them to your wedding theme or style personality, there are many ways about it. Think of your wedding as a story, because in fact your entire union is indeed a beautiful love story, so why not make a theme out of it. We've got some great save the date designs for you to consider, from destination themes, to keepsakes and even cute save the date designs that will definitely be memorable and appreciated by your wedding guests. It's all about riling up excitement for your big day, and you'll be able to with these great save the date designs and themes.

    Travel/ Wanderlust Save the Date Designs

    Frangipani Save the date cards

    If you have decided to have a destination wedding that is focused on “Wanderlust” or “Travel”, then make it a great surprise. These are fun designs mainly because there's so much inspiration to go around. The styling and medium you use to portray your theme can be with illustrations, photographs or even handmade embellishments. Imagine this, you've planned a  great agenda for your big day with air travel,   a welcome beach party for the wedding guests and more. What if you chose passport styled themed save the date designs to be followed up with a boarding pass wedding invitation, or even vice versa.


    Keepsake Save the Date Designs

    Photo Save The Date Cards

    If you want to give your guest something that is meaningful to you both, such as a a photograph from the moment your fiancé proposed to you (courtesy of a secret photographer – your fiancé thought of everything),  or even photographs from your engagement photo shoot or just a beautiful photograph in general, you can incorporate it into your save the date designs in a beautiful manner. These make for truly great keepsakes, and your save the dates will have a place forever in their hearts.


    Cute Save the Date Designs

    Cute save the date cards

    Destination and keepsake save the date designs are great, but so are cutesy and adorable styles that will make your invitees “aww” and gush over and have them by the cuteness of it all. Line drawings of a bride and groom setting off in their wedding car or mason jars hanging from a tree, these are just cute ways of adding sentiments to your save the date designs, especially if you are actually going to include them in your wedding day.


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  • Styling Tips for a Beach Wedding Theme

    Posted on October 23, 2014 by Nicole

    You're gathering ideas, asking for opinions and looking for ways to make  your dream wedding day come true. Start with your Save The Date cards or your Wedding Invitations and matching accessories and move to various ways in which you can style your wedding theme. This week, we bring you Styling Tips for a Beach Wedding Theme and we'll  be looking  at exciting and new ways in which you can really awe your wedding guests. Let's find out!


    Bearing Good News via Save the Dates or Your Wedding Invitations

    When you're  good and ready to share with your family and friends the great news of your nuptials, you can invite your guests to your special day first with save the date cards or wedding invitations. It's  especially important to send out save the date cards early on when you're hosting  a destination wedding, the wedding venue requires  guests to make prior arrangements or falls during holidays.

    Beach Wedding Invites

    Now, when it comes to styling these, you can make them fun and exciting, especially with beach or destination weddings. One way is with Passport and Boarding Pass designs. Wedding invitations  can be either one but if your  hoping to send out a save the date  card beforehand, consider a theme. For example, you'll send them a passport themed save the date with the details of the wedding,  a photograph, accommodation  and even air travel options and then a boarding pass wedding invitation closer to the date. You  can style accessories  such as the wishing well  and gift registry  cards as luggage tags to stay within your beach/destination/wanderlust wedding theme.


    On the Day Beach Wedding Styles

    Beach Wedding Invitations

    If you have picked a theme that  revolves  around  beach-y styles such as the sand and seashells or the colours  of the sea, that's  great; you'll  have a lot of inspirations  and means to style  your wedding  day. It can be filled with just that  and more  depending  on  the materials  you've  picked out from the papers  to the textures and embellishments (such as using  seashells as trim or a sandy print throughout  the stationery). However, if you've  picked a theme that  aligns more  with a wanderlust /destination theme, then the way you style  it can be inspired  by maps, globes, postcards and not to mention suitcases. This  will tie in beautifully with the passport  and boarding pass invitations and cards. Your on-the-day wedding stationery will match them  with the design, colour, font family and more.

    Stay tuned  to our blog for more great tips and insight  into Wedding Ideas!

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  • Lace Wedding Invitations for an Elegant Wedding

    Posted on October 14, 2014 by Nicole

    Do you think of lace when you envision an elegant look for your wedding day? When you are walking down the aisle in your beautiful lace embellished wedding dress, will your guests instantly see how elegantly and thoughtful laid out your wedding theme is, from the lace wedding invitations, to the wedding stationery, the decor of the ceremony, the dress and then later the wedding reception. Lace can be used anywhere and in various styles and means to create a beautiful and elegant wedding day that will be remembered fondly by all.

    When you're considering choosing your lace wedding invitation designs, the invitations accessories (such as the reply cards, directions & accommodation cards, wishing well & gift registry cards), to the 'on-the-day' wedding stationery, there are various ways to go about it. It all depends on how the lace element is included in the design and to which extent. It could be used as an add-on decorative element, a focal design, or a balance between the lace and other design elements that you want featured on your wedding invitations, accessories and other stationery.


    Here are some designs that are effortlessly elegant and would be a great choice for tasteful and elegant wedding day.

    New Dawn: Wedding Invitations Printed Lace Designs


    Isabella Lace Square Vertical Invitation in Brilliant Silver

    One of the most popular choices of wedding invitations, this elegant wedding invitation mixes two types of lace designs in its angles and curves to create a truly romantic feel, that when coupled with the ideal choice of wedding colour definitely creates a memorable impact on sight.


    Lacely Love: Printed Wedding Invitations with Lace Accessories

    This delightful design features printed elements such as the stripes and invitation text/wording. However, it's complemented elegantly by the beautiful lace trim that draws your eye up to balance the look of the wedding invites.


    Layered Luscious Lace

    Lace Wedding Invitations

    A handmade and elegant wedding invitation, this design features several layers, one that accents the beautiful focal lace band. The entire ensemble is then tied all up together with a thin satin sash and diamante buckle making it classy but elegant too.


    With various designs to suit whatever your preference may be, DreamDay Invitations boasts a collection of hundreds of designs to choose from, from elegant wedding invitations, handmade wedding invitations, and a variety of printed designs in many trendy styles, you will be sure to find a look that speaks to you. DreamDay Invitations, it's all about making your dream day come true.

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  • Style Your Spring Modern Wedding

    Posted on October 10, 2014 by Nicole

    All about fresh starts and new beginnings, Spring is one of the most popular months for weddings with the perfect weather for an outdoor celebration. From Spring wedding invitations to exquisite centrepieces and wedding decor, there are plenty of classic styles and design looks to play with, however if you’re after a bolder more modern wedding invitation and design concept, read on for some great ways to make a statement at your Spring wedding!


    WaterColours for your Wedding Invitations, Wedding Decor & More

    Experiment with watercolours for your wedding invitations suite. If you’re after a more classic, vintage look, a pastel colour palette is your best choice, while a modern couple will want to try out unusual watercolour colour combinations such as shades of vivid red or blue for their wedding invites.

    Watercolours Wedding Invitations

    Packed with beautiful colours, abstract watercolour designs can be teamed with big, bold text for a wedding invitation that screams Spring, while not being too demure. For a softer, romantic wedding invitation design, we love the idea of using floral designs of wreaths, bunches or single flowers in an elegant colour palette. This same concept can be translated into your wedding decor too and beautiful pinwheels or giant flowers made with a watercolour are ontrend right now.

    If having your wedding invites handpainted will exceed your budget, you can always choose to have a similar watercolour pattern printed on your wedding cards instead with wedding stationery companies now having a spectacular range of watercolour wedding invites to choose from.


    Using Bright, Floral Patterns for Wedding Invitations

    A Spring favourite for everything from exciting wedding decor such as the trendy hanging floral decor or rustic bunches of country flowers placed in mason jars to spectacular wedding invitation designs,  bright and bold blooms are a must-have.

    Floral wedding invitations

    Again, you can choose from a more feminine look of pastel and delicate floral details for your wedding invites or if  subtle is just not your couple style, use statement worthy flowers like red roses, bright pink peonies or any other fun and colourful flora from the wide assortment of Spring blooms


    Butterfly Embellished Spring Wedding Invites

    Butterfly wedding invitations

    Are you a fan of DIY projects? Create your own butterfly embellishments using scraps of coloured craft paper or specialty paper and decorate with glitter for a touch of sparkle. Add these butterflies to generic wedding invitations, your wishing well box and other wedding decor to transform them into memorable handmade pieces that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.



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  • Modern wedding invitation wording

    Posted on October 2, 2014 by Nicole

    A wedding invitation can be anything from the traditional paper card to a unique twist with use of various materials. With the changing world, more and more couples are looking towards modern ways of inviting their guests. You can also add your own twist with a modern wedding invitation wording. The great thing about adding your own twist to the wording is that DreamDay Invitations the capability of doing this and much more with its on-line system. Let’s find out a few modern wedding invitations wording options as well as how DreamDay Invitations can make it all happen.

    If you are an upbeat person, then you’d like to have yourself a modern wedding, especially if traditional weddings aren't really your thing. There are many ways you add can that modern touch, from a theme to how all the elements are set up and of course, one way is with your modern wedding invitation wording. There are many components when it comes to the  wedding invitation wording, from deciding on the host, that is, who will be hosting and paying for the ceremony and reception, to the greeting, how you are to address your invitees and how the invitation itself will be.

    Modern Wedding Invitation wording

    The hosts can range from the bride’s family, to the groom’s family, and even the bride and groom themselves. However, if other family relations would like to offer their help in hosting the wedding, then they can do so and they will be mentioned in the modern wedding invitation wording. DreamDay Invitations and its system offer an option to include such personalised wedding invitation wording.

    The greeting in itself can be anything you want it to be. Also known as a verse, this can be anything from a poem, to an extract from your favourite book, a vow or anything that comes to mind that is relevant when coming up with a modern wedding invitation wording.

    Modern Wedding Invite wording

    When addressing the invitees, you can make it less formal than the customary wedding invitation wording. You can opt out of the titles and refer to the invitees via their first names. As there are basically no set rules in how to write your modern wedding invitation wording, you can make it up as you go, in a way that does sound presentable.

    Some modern wedding invitation wordings are given below in order for you to see how they can be worded.

    • Glen & Tess Capulet would be delighted to have you join them celebrate the marriage of their daughter
    • Dan & Andy and their families invite you to their wedding on ...
    • Vincent and Pat Montague request the pleasure of your company to celebrate the marriage....
    • Juliet Capulet & Romeo Montague would be delighted to have you join them to celebrate their wedding
    • Peter and Mary are getting married! Join us to share our day and celebrate in a style we all know and love.

    Good luck wording your modern wedding invitations!

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  • Personalised Wedding Stationery

    Posted on September 24, 2014 by Nicole

    Personalised wedding stationery are a great way to captivate wedding guests leaving them anticipating your big day, while also giving them a memorable keepsake that they will cherish over the years. With so many varieties of wedding invitations available, how do you transform standard wedding invitations into customised masterpieces while sticking to your budget?


    Using Unique Font Combinations in Your Wedding Invites

    Lace Wedding Invitations



    Summer Wedding Invitations

    There are plenty of different font combinations that can be used successfully for your save the dates, wedding invitations and other wedding stationery. The typeface you choose for your wedding cards can say a lot about you and the wedding you’re planning. Completely different in styles, a casual backyard wedding affair is more likely to feature fun typography inspired designs created with bold, chunky fonts teamed with Serifs, while  for a traditional wedding invite you’ll see fancier font such as cursives and calligraphic styles being favoured. Express your unique personalities with your font combination and look for inspiration just about anywhere from your favourite magazines to music album covers and even the contemporary look of graffiti covered street corners.


    Personalised Stamps and Envelope Liners

    While we’re usually busy personalising wedding invitations, we sometimes forget all about your envelopes. Show your envelopes some love by paying attention to adding some neat details that will add to the overall look of your wedding invitations and truly create a lasting impression.

    An affordable option, purchase rubber stamps that reflect your wedding theme such as aeroplane stamps for a destination wedding. To add an formal touch to your traditional wedding invitations use monogram stamps or for the ultimate classic look opt to seal your envelopes with a wax seal bearing a couple monogram of the first letters of your names.

     Envelope liners are just as budget friendly and can instantly transform generic wedding invitations into something special! Purchase specialty paper and create your own envelope linkers or for something more memorable add your favourite photo of the two of you in black and white as an envelope liner.


    Share Your Love Story

    While your wedding invitation should tell your guests where and when your wedding is, you can also opt to share your unique love story from the moment you met to when the love your life popped the question. Use a series of comic-style images or opt to include a retro timeline to instantly update guests on all the romantic details, instantly making them a part of your special story.

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  • Inspirational Wedding Invitation Wording

    Posted on September 17, 2014 by Nicole

    If your wedding day is 6-8 months away, then it’s time to get cracking and have fun with all the planning. Starting early means making sure that everything goes well and it leaves you with time to look back and evaluate and also relax awhile when everybody else expects you to get on the deadline bandwagon. So, when it comes to your planning you almost always start with the venue, which in turn is related to the wedding invitations that need to be sent out at least 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. The way you design your wedding invites and also how your inspirational wedding invitation wording will sound reflects back on what the ceremony and the reception will be, because in fact, you are offering your invitees and guests a sneak peek into what the special day will include.

    When it comes to designing the look and feel of your wedding invite, that should be easy provided you have a theme in mind and if you have a clear vision, then presto your wedding invitations will be a breeze, just like that.  Whether it’s a seasonal wedding, a beach wedding or even a garden wedding, or it’s based on a  colour or maybe even focusing on a design, which takes into consideration the likes of filigree and damask into the design elements, when you come down to it, them deciding on your choice will be easier than 1-2-3!

    With DreamDay Invitations finding your wedding invitation will be easy, because the system made available to ease your decision making and selections is quite effective. Pick a design that you are akin to and then go on and customise it. When customising the wording, there is the standard wording options provided to you, but you may also include ones that are inspirational. Wedding invitation wording can at times be tricky, but here at DreamDay Invitations, we are all about helping our customers.  A great way of putting an inspiration twist in it is by adding poetry or prose pieces into the wording, making it a romantic gesture and possibly a testament to love. Here are some options for you to consider when customising your wedding invite wording.

    Wedding Invitation wording

     In the spirit of peace and joy

    this holiday season

    <Bride’s Parents>

    request the honour of your presence

    at the marriage of their daughter

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    on <Date>

    at <Time>


    As autumn leavesturn their brilliant hue

    two lovers will join and say I do

    <Bride’s Name> and

    <Groom’s Name>

    will be joined together in a holy union

    on <Date>

    at <Time>


    We joyfully ask you to share

    in this celebration of life

    <Bride’s Parents>

    To everything there is a season, and a timeto every purpose under the heaven

    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    invite you to share with them

    on the first day of their new lives together


    at <Time>


     We’re tying the knot!

    <Bride’s Name> and <Groom’s Name>

    invite you to

    join their celebration of love, friendship, and commitment


    at <Time>




    True love is eternal and infinite

    <Bride’s Name> and <Groom’s Name>

    warmly invite you to a part of their wedding day

    Come share in our joy


    at <Time>


    Whatever our souls are made up, his and mine are the same~ Emily Bronte ~

    Please share in our joy

    You are invited to witness the exchange of wedding vows between

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>


    at <Time>


    Post ceremony celebration immediately following

    Two hearts, two souls, one love for all timeIt would give us great pleasure if you would join us on our wedding day

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    are to be wed on


    at <Time>


    Dancing, food, and fun immediately after


     We cherish the roles you play in our lives

    and would be honored if you would join us

    as we enter into the journey of marriage

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    will exchange wedding vows


    at <Time>




    wedding  Invitation wording

    With DreamDay Invitations, you’ll find everything at your fingertips. Enjoy your wedding planning; we’re here to make it easier for you.

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  • Casual Wedding Invitation Wording

    Posted on September 9, 2014 by Nicole

    If you’re planning a relatively low-key and casual wedding, you would ideally want your wedding invitation wording to reflect this with a laid-back tone too. While it’s easier to research examples of traditional invitation wording, finding a more relaxed, offbeat version may prove to be harder than expected. Here are some of our favourite ways of keeping the wording of your wedding invitations casual, along with some great examples that can easily be customised to suit a variety of fun wedding themes.


    Wedding Invitation wording


    Keep Wedding Invitation Wording Simple

    While for a formal wedding, following the traditional route for your wedding invitation wording makes sense, using the same sort of text for a casual wedding affair will make your wedding invites just seem stiff and pretentious. Keeping things simple and basic is an important design rule that should also be implemented for casual wedding invitation wording! Most guests tend to skim through wedding invitations, so however cute and adorable your wedding invitation wording may seem to you, if it’s long winded the chances are your guests will end up confused. Instead opt to keep your information basic by covering the key event information - with just a touch of flair!


    We’re ready…

    We’re set…

    We’re getting married!


    will throw the bridal bouquet and


    will toss the garter

    after we say “I do!”

    Please join us at our wedding

    on DATE






    Explain Actions Guests Should Take

    A common mistake made by several couples is to not include clear instructions of what actions they expect their guests to take. If you have included more extensive wedding information on a wedding website, make sure to let your know guests know and include the website link in the wedding invitation wording. Don’t forget to  include a RSVP date clearly and not lost amongst a complicated wedding invite stanza to ensure your guests get back to you by the said date.


    You are totally invited to the wedding of

    Bride & Groom

    Sunday, the twenty-seventh of September

    two thousand and fifteen

    at five in the evening



    ceremony followed by dinner, drinks, and awkward but enthusiastic dancing


    we will be attending your awesome wedding

    [ ] True

    [ ] False

    {___} guests will be attending


    Need more info?

    Are you wondering…

    where to stay?

    what to do in town?

    whats on the menu?

    where the wedding is?

    who are these people?

    Please visit

    wedding website

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  • Wedding Invitations Simple But Elegant

    Posted on September 2, 2014 by Nicole

    When it comes to finding the perfect wedding invitations for your big day, you've probably searched for inspirations from deep within you to pages of every trendy bridal magazine that you can get a hold of.  No matter the trends out there, there's always one style that never goes out of fashion. This is especially true when it comes to a wedding and that is simplistic elegance. When you choose wedding invitations that are simple but elegant, you are making a statement that says, "I know exactly what I want, I see the beauty in the simpler things as they are elegant".  We've put together a few wedding invitations designs that evoke that quality and could very well be the perfect wedding invitation for your dream-wedding day!



    All White Wedding Invitations

    Luxury white wedding invitations

    There's something about an all-white wedding that really says so much in all its simplicity and, of course, elegance. From the white wedding dress, flowers, wedding invitations and stationery with the bride (and the groom) emerging as the star(s), it'll be a beauty to behold. If that's the look you are going for, then choose a beautiful white wedding invitation too. Stick to the colour palette (of white and soft tones to complement it) and add interesting ways of spicing things up. This could be with the text in a complementing tone, to special treatments used for the designs you've chosen to stand out such as with embossing or metallic/foil printing.

    Ivory Wedding Invitations

    Ivory Wedding Invitations

    The best complement to white is ivory, because of the sheer delicateness of this colour and tone. It's the next favourite choice of wedding colour if white isn't the star and it's loved by many. You can choose ivory for your wedding invitations, from the colour of the designs or text, to the paper it's being printed on (Ivory Shimmer is quite the ideal choice of paper), to the embellishments and trims you choose, there are many ways in which you can definitely make a statement. Adding a beautiful ivory lace or satin ribbon embellishment can really do wonders to the design you choose for your elegant wedding invitations.



    Elegant Flourishes & Patterns

    Elegant Pattern Wedding Invitations

    Just because you are choosing simplistic elegance doesn't mean you can't opt for a little 'flourish' and 'pattern' in your life. Add a touch of colour into your white wedding invitations with a beautiful flourished design that reaches from a corner to the centre, or a regal damask print that is perfection alongside the scripted text you have carefully picked out. They will be the final touch that makes your elegant wedding invitation truly yours.

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  • All You Need to Know About Save the Date Cards

    Posted on August 27, 2014 by Nicole

    Save-the-date cards are an important part of your wedding stationery suite and usually give your guests there first peek at the unique wedding theme you’ve got planned for your big day.While the main purpose of save-the-dates is to give guests early notification of your wedding date, in the case of destination weddings, couples sometimes opt to include key travel and other logistical information to provide guests with enough time to budget and make plans to attend. While save the dates follow a similar protocol and etiquette to wedding invitations, here are some important areas that you should keep in mind when sending out your save-the-date cards.


    When Should Save-the-Date Cards be Sent?

    Frangipani Save The Date cards


    Wedding planning gurus have different takes on this, but the general rule of thumb is to ideally send out your wedding save the date cards about six months before your big day. This gives guests plenty of time to make arrangements to attend, be it finding a babysitter to making travel arrangements if they don’t live in the vicinity. Similar to wedding invitations, we usually advise clients to not rush this stage and send out their save-the-date prior to finalising wedding details as the location or the wedding date can change or in some cases guests may even forget about this reminder if it’s in a year’s time for instance.


    Include Key Information in Your Save-the-Date

    Save The Date Cards


    As mentioned before, save-the-date cards are usually sent out to ensure your guest locks down your wedding date, however if you’re planning a romantic destination wedding, it’s best to give your guests a bit more information. Include key logistical information that has been finalised like the date, location, duration and if  you’ve found a travel agent providing a great travel package for your guests, include the pricing and the contact details of the agency in your cards so that guests can find out if they can afford the trip.


    Don’t use Your Save-the-Date as an Engagement Announcement

    New Dawn Save The Date

    This may seem silly to include, but you’d be surprised at the number of couples that send out save-the-date cards as an engagement announcement. Spend sometime finalising the wedding guest list with your fiancee first and make sure you only send out your save-the-date cards to people you want attending your big day to save both parties from an embarrassing situation. It can be a horrible experience to have an unexpected wedding guest and not have enough food or seating to accommodate them.

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