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  • 10 Eco-Friendly Bomboniere Ideas

    Posted on July 28, 2015 by Nicole

    If you are environmentally conscious bride and groom, and have always loved the idea of a green wedding, then these eco-friendly wedding bomboniere ideas may just be the perfect fit for your big day!

    1.     Palm Oil Free Soaps/Bath Bombs

                 Lush Eco Friendly Wedding Bomboniere Ideas

    There are some companies such as Lush that offer great eco-friendly bombonieres. They include a lovely range of palm oil free soaps and bath bombs that are often calming and relaxing.  Bundle them into a lovely cloth pouch and add a personalised bomboniere tag to the neck with a ribbon as a finishing touch.

    Source: Lush

    2.     Customised Cookie Bundles


    Delicious and elegantly designed cookies are quite popular and easy to do. The versatility in design and shape can make it a creative bomboniere option for your wedding while staying eco-friendly.

    Source: BobetteAndBelle

    3.     Recipe Cards in a Customised Bamboo Box


    A thoughtful and green bomboniere idea that would be a super useful in any home, it’s quite the perfect wedding bomboniere as a gift that keeps on giving. Make sure you don’t forget to include some favourite holiday dishes. Just stack them into a lovely bamboo box with a personalised label and you’re sorted!

    Source: CrateAndBarrel

    4.     Terrariums


    Air plants are self-sustaining and quite the perfect gift for those with a busy lifestyle! Add it into a cute bauble-like hanging vase and add a decorative touch with a bombiniere tag, and you’re pretty much ready.

    Source: Evermine

    5.     Seeds in Custom Printed Sleeves/Seed Bombs

    greenweddingslices Eco-Wedding-Favors-seed-bombs

    Seeds wedding bombonieres are a thoughtful gift for your guests to create their very own fruit, vegetable or flower garden. You can either have them in custom printed sleeves to match your wedding invitation, or seed bombs to plant. Follow the instructions to create your very own DIY seed bombs!

    Source: GreenWeddingSlices

    6.     A Bouquet Station


    This is truly a wonderful way for your investments in the floral arrangements to go to great use. Set up a bouquet wrapping station so that your guests can have your centrepieces wrapped up in a flower bouquet to take home with them once the wedding is over.

    Source: JosephMatthew

    7.     Potted Plants


    Lovely additions to any home, potted plants are the epitome of an eco-friendly wedding bomboniere idea. Choose the likes of a sturdy and even blooming plant (orchids are favourites for this), add a splash of paint to the pot or simply wrap it with some rustic paper and add a tag!

    Source: TheLovelyFind

    8.     Candy Filled Mugs


    A little treat for your guests in a personalised monogrammed mug filled to the brim with candy. You can add a customised label/tag to the mug; don’t forget to add some decorative accessories to the basket too.

    Source: JanMichele

    9.     Honey Jars


    Bee’s honey is just yummy on its own and a great wedding favour but pair it with a pretty jar /container and a bee honey dipper combo, and you’ve got a lovely wedding bomboniere that is just perfect and quite a keepsake that your guests can keep forever. You can also have the words “meant to bee” engraved into the bee honey dippers for that personalised touch.

    Source: EmWeddingFavours

    10.  Soy Candles

              ScentedCandleMakingIdeas Wedding Favours

    If you loved the idea of the soap wedding favours, then you will love these too. Add a unique scent to your wedding bombonieres with DIY soy candles) and don’t forget to label them to match your wedding stationery.

    Source: ScentedCandleMakingIdeas

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  • FAQ: Everything You Needed To Know About Destination Weddings

    Posted on July 22, 2015 by Nicole

    Are you thinking about a destination wedding for the biggest event of your lives to-date?  You can plan a destination wedding in various ways! We, the folks at DreamDay Invitations have put together a FAQ for you with the key things you need to know about when considering a destination wedding!

     What is a destination wedding?

    Destination Wedding

    A destination wedding essentially involves the couple choosing a beautiful location to get married at that is away from home; it can be out of town or out of the country. You also have the option of choosing the type of destination wedding too, such an intimate wedding (where it is just the two of you), a limited party (where it is down to close family and friends), or a big celebration with close to a hundred people (or more!).

    What are the benefits of a destination wedding?

    Destination Wedding Benefit Wedding

    One of the key benefits of a destination wedding is the non-stop party (or rather extending the wedding celebrations from the traditional four hours to even four day, possibly even more).It’s all about creating memories with your loved ones. It has been noted how many brides and grooms opt to plan destination weddings as opposed to the traditional and often expensive weddings due to its intimate nature.

    Is a destination wedding right for us and our guests?

    Destination Wedding Planning Timeline

    One of the things you need to consider when planning a destination wedding is how feasible it is for the likes of your closest friends and family friends being able to attend. Therefore, before you commit to it, ask for their opinions, especially the ones you definitely want there. In the event that they cannot make it, plan for an intimate destination wedding and later a reception at home for those who could not attend.

    The chances of your guests attending may also reflect on the remoteness of the location, perhaps even how expensive it would be for them to make it. Consider these factors when booking your wedding destination. Also, look out for great deals that are available to your wedding invitees as part of the wedding venue package!

    How far ahead should I plan a destination wedding?

    Destination Wedding Guests

    You should ideally start planning 9 to 15 months in advance in order to get the best travel rates and hotel deals, so that it can all be worked into ensuring you wedding invitees will be able to make it. If you are planning to have a large invitee list, then the sooner you plan the better, as you need to consider accommodation and lodging options for the guests too, especially if it is a popular destination!

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  • 5 Key Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

    Posted on July 14, 2015 by Emily

    One of the key parts of planning your wedding, apart from the likes of finalising a date, time, venue and the wedding invitations, would be to hire a wedding photographer. As it will be what you will walk away with of your big day, your wedding photographs and wedding album will be the biggest memento made of lovely memories captured in time. So, what do you need to ask you wedding photographer before hiring him/her? Here are five key questions to ask your wedding photographer before you hire them as a wedding vendor!

    1. Can we see samples of your work? Do you have sample collections of entire weddings you have shot?

    Wedding Photography Entire Album Samples

    It is always a good rule of thumb to see proof of work from your wedding photographer shortlist. Make sure you see a few collections of different wedding styles to see their flexibility. If there is a certain wedding style that captures your eye, make a note of it.

    2, Have you photographed weddings similar to our wedding style? Do you have references we can call?


    When you are checking out samples of complete wedding albums, make sure to let them know your weddings style and the kind of wedding photography you are looking for. Also inquire whether they have shot similar weddings and to see those as samples. Also, ask for a reference from former brides and grooms to find out the level of satisfaction and customer service they have received.

    3. Do you post wedding photograph proofs online, or will we receive negatives? When will we received them?

    Wedding Photography Online Proofs

    How and when you receive your proofs from the wedding is important. It is usually on a storage media device or online, but if the photographer shoots in film, you will receive negatives. Make sure you ask how long it will be available to you.

    4. Who will be photographing our wedding? Do you have contingencies in case of equipment failure?

    Photographing the Wedding

    If your photographer is part of a studio, he/she may have several photographers who may cover your wedding. It is important to know who they are and if they too are able to shoot your wedding photographs according to the preferred style. In addition, it is good to know if they have contingency plans/back-up equipment if their primary equipment fails (to avoid a major wedding disaster)!

    5. How many photographs will the wedding album include, and when will it be ready once we have selected them?

    Wedding Photography Album Storybook

    A photographer usually provides approximately 500 exposures of the big day, but only a limited number of photographs will be included in your wedding album. Make sure you know how many (this can depend on the budget/package selected) is possible. Also, ask them how long you will have to wait until you receive the wedding albums once you submit the selected photographs from the wedding proofs.

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  • The Art of Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

    Posted on July 8, 2015 by Nicole

    DreamDay Invitations The Art of Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

    Location, location, location used to be one of the core factors that plays a part in the art of choosing the perfect wedding venue. However, that is not the only thing you need to consider when you are trying to decide on the perfect wedding venue for your big day, be it for the wedding ceremony or the reception (most often both).  It is so very important, because when you have the perfect location, your other wedding planning elements just come to life, whether it is the decor or the wedding photography. So how do you choose the perfect wedding venue? The decision used to fall on the number of people you wanted to attend, the budget you had in mind, and of course the location, but with the changing times, there are other things to consider.

    The Food

    Food Wedding Venue

    Let's face it, people love to eat, and if the couple are foodies they would want to share their love of food with their wedding guests. You would lean towards venue that offers delicious gastronomic delights that will leave your wedding guests revelling in the layers of rich food. However, if you are selecting a wedding venue that does not come with an expert panel of chefs and cooks, then you may want to reach out to a few wedding caterers and have tastings to make sure the food matches your taste palettes.

    The Photography

    With social media making so many memories shareable with the click of a button, wedding venues are most often than not all about the wonderful photographs you may get. You will find that most couples will stroll through the venues several times to picture the type of photographs they can get out of the day and how it fits into their wedding vision.

    The Unique Details of a Venue

    If you are shopping for wedding venues, you may pick locations that has history or unique looks that will make for great conversational items for your wedding guests, even incorporating the wedding theme with the location. For example, historic wedding venues give off an old world charm that resonates well with a vintage wedding theme, with books, lanterns and vintage suitcases used for decorative pieces. Sometimes, you'll find a statement feature that would go amazingly with your personalities, such as a graffiti wall tucked away within a historic venue.

    The Numbers

    Of course, the number of invitees in the wedding list is an important factor in deciding on the perfect venue. You need to make sure that the wedding venue can indeed accommodate everyone you want to attend your special day.  But that isn’t the only thing being referred to; the budget is vital too, after all you need to be able to afford it all.

    In order for you to choose the perfect wedding venue keep these factors in mind – food, photography and the memorable moments, and not forgetting the invitee numbers and budget too.

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  • 5 of the Best Winter Hair Wedding Hairstyles for 2015

    Posted on June 30, 2015 by Emily

    Just because it’s a little colder doesn’t mean you have to comprise on style. It’s your wedding day, and come rain or shine; you’re going to look fabulous, right? To inspire your look for your winter wonderland wedding, here are 5 of the Best Winter Hair Wedding Hairstyles for 2015 that we’ve put together. From elegant and sophisticated to bohemian chic with glam, there are many stylish looks that you can try out to find the best wedding hairstyle for your winter wedding in 2015.

    1. A Sophisticated Hairdo with a Double Braid Band with A Low Wrap Accessorised with Faux Diamante Hair Jewellery.

    This look is ideal for bride that is planning on wearing a strapless or off-shoulder wedding dress (you may even opt to use cover up such as a bolero or a shrug that will complement the look grandly). The hair jewellery that resembles a poinsettia seen here can be fitted with a veil making it quite the smart placement.


    1. The Au-Natural Bohemian Hairstyle with a Pinned Back Chignon.

    This hairdo is a winner with bohemian chic brides that want to mingle their style with a bit of glam brought through with the embellished headpiece. The bangs out in front make it the perfect accompaniment to the chignon back. Couple it with a wedding dress that features an intricate back design and you’ve got yourself a lovely bohemian chic winter wedding hairstyle.


    1. The Soft Classic Chignon.

    A classic and beautiful hairstyle that is perfect for winter or any time of the year is ideal for the elegant bride who loves simplicity and class. Complement it with a modern spaghetti strap A-line wedding dress with a sweet heart bodice and it is pure perfection.


    1. Chignon with an Embellished Beehive Twist.

    This is a take on the classic chignon but with more drama where more curls are added to the chignon wrap bun and not to mention the beehive bump that gives it more volume. If you have longer hair, you may opt to do more elaborate/bigger curls. Add a final touch with an embellishment. Choose a band embellishment if you are not thinking of wearing a necklace or a hairpin embellishment if the wedding dress has a lower neckline.

                               Dreamday winter wedding hairstyles

    1. Wearing your Hair Long in Curls or an Ornate Braid.

    The “Frozen” winter hairstyle trend is still around and going strong. If you are blessed with long hair, then flaunt it long and loose or with a beautiful braid. Add an embellishment with your braid, or on the crown, such as these pictured here. No matter whether you are planning on wearing a shrug to beat the cold or a full sleeved bolero, your beautiful Frozen inspired winter wedding hairstyle will be a hit!


    Accessorising your hair is all the rave. So don’t be afraid to do so. No matter whether it’s cold outside, you can wear your hair long or short, up or down. Which of these 5 beautiful winter wedding hairstyles for 2015 did you love?

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  • Wedding Day - Reception Stationery Essentials

    Posted on June 23, 2015 by Emily

    Wedding planning usually involves many components that when put together makes for a great looking day. You almost always start with the wedding date, time and venue which will be included in the wedding invitations (then you will need to think about other things such as figuring out who to invite and more).

    DreamDay Invitations Australia Online Wedding Invitations  Stationery

    If you've decided to have a destination wedding, the wedding invites need to be sent out as soon as possible. However, proper wedding etiquette allows a period between three to six months before the wedding day, allowing wedding invitees and guests to make arrangements such as accommodation and travel. Often,  the bride and groom will contact hotels,  inns or motels close to the wedding venue and request special rates or have rooms blocked out for your wedding guests to choose from. This information can be included in the wedding invite card too.

    Between figuring out your wedding invitations (and sending them out) to the day of the wedding, there are various things on the wedding planning checklist that needs to be accomplished. Things like figuring out what the bride and groom will wear are important being the stars of the show. It's also important to look into other details such as what the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other members of the bridal retinue/party will wear. This includes their bouquets/boutonnieres, hairstyles and accessories too. That's not all. You have to also consider food and beverages, what type of setup you're going for and the dining style - buffet or sit down.  Accordingly you'll have various wedding stationery options to choose from.

    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Stationery Order of Service

    When it comes to wedding stationery, it acts as an informative tool to often direct your wedding guests as to where they need to go or what is available to them. You'll start with a wedding banner at the entrance to let your guests know they're at the right place, followed by arrows or flags that can be placed paving the way. There can be a place cards table for your guests to pick up theirs and place at the seat they choose. If you've decided where everyone will sit, then you can have yourself a seating chart, either alphabetical or according to the tables, and have the place cards set at each table.

    ​ Other items you may find at the table would include a souvenir menu card if you are opting for a sit down dinner, as well as a table number card and don't forget the  bomboniere tags/labels you may need when presenting your wedding guests with a small token of thanks. Speaking of thanks, you will also need to have ready thank you cards to thank your guests for attending your big day. These are just some of the wedding stationery essentials you may think to use. If you have any more ideas and suggestions, let us know! We'd love to hear from you. ​

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  • Customising Your Wedding Invitations and Theme

    Posted on June 16, 2015 by Nicole

    Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be special, like the saying "one for the ages". With trends and inspiration flowing from everyone and everywhere, you may be wondering how you can put it all together to form one single item that you can use as a point of reference with all the inspirations that you love. The wedding invitation is ideal for this as it one of the earlier items on the wedding planning list, and often one of the first items to be ticked off. Your wedding details, like the lace design you love so much that you may use it for your wedding dress (or possibly the bridesmaid dress details); to the monogram you want to use for the wedding cake; what about the flowers that you cannot do without. You can pick and choose which of these design elements you want to stand out as the focal element of the wedding invitations you buy.

                         DreamDay Invitations Custom Personalised Wedding Invitations Designs

    The great thing about the choice of buying wedding invitations early is that you can use it as the setting for your entire wedding. Choose a focal wedding element and its accompaniment and customise the wedding invitation design and make it the perfect look. How you go about customising the wedding invite is simple - we'll tell you how!

    ​Take a look at the wedding invites collections on the DreamDay Invitations online shop; find the best wedding invitation design that comes close to the look you want, The next step is to add the personalised touches to the look to make it your own, and check it via the online preview from the online invitations ordering system from the website. What you can personalise yourself via the online card editing system includes adding the names of the bride and groom, editing the invitation wording (we even have some great suggestions for the way you word your invite), to adding guest names on each invite card as well as the envelopes which can be printed matching envelopes. The rest can be done with a little help from the design team. When ordering, include your specific design instructions; even upload a photo to the order with direction on where to place it. With the help of your designated designer, you are able to transform your wedding invitation into your wedding vision. You can even split your order for bi-lingual wedding invitations by working with DreamDay Invitations.

            DreamDay Invitations Online Ordering System Personalisation Design Review Tool

    The other way you can go about getting a custom wedding invite would be to use the DIY invitations option where you can simply download the blank design templates for you to edit and then upload the PDF to print your wedding invitations with us.

    ​Coming up with a custom wedding invitations is that easy.​Now, you can do all this online with DreamDay Invitations!

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  • Minimalist Modern Wedding Invitations & Themes

    Posted on June 8, 2015 by Nicole

    The saying "Less is More" is paramount when your personal style aesthetic is minimalist and simplistic. Often associated with modern styling in day to day life, minimalistic weddings featuring modern wedding invitations, designs and styles are well received for its sophisticated and polished look. There are many ways in which you create a minimalist modern wedding theme, with ideas from the world over that can transform your wedding into an elegant and sophisticated soiree.

                                                      Modern Wedding Inspirations

    What is Modern Minimalist Design?

    Essentially a minimalist design involves less clutter and items being used.  Often it involves clean lines, a few items with white space to let the focal design feature show through. It allows for the eyes to draw up to it giving it the attention it deserves. Colours often chosen for a minimalist design are from the same palette, either on the opposite sides of the palette spectrum of from a neighbouring colour tone/shade.

    Modern Wedding Invitations and Custom Minimalist Designs

    ​When choosing your modern wedding invitations, they should reflect on the wedding vision and the minimalist modern style. A key point to note is to leave items to be open and flowing, with as less clutter as possible. This doesn't mean that you should abstain from using patterns, if used in a simple manner that creates architecture, depth or clarity, then you may do so but be wary that it's often best to use patterns sparingly in order for the focus to go to key design features such as the names of the bride and groom, a monogram or the focal feature. Try to avoid all-over designs when choosing your modern minimalist wedding invitations.

                                                    DreamDay Invitations Finally Metallic Wedding Invitations

    Styling a Modern Wedding

    With a modern minimalist themed wedding, you're shifting the focus from the various other elements that could take the focus off the VIPs at the wedding - the bride and groom.  We've put together a few ideas to make sure the wedding is styled in a way that simplifies and minimises clutter.

    Ceremony: Use a natural backdrop if you're having an outdoor wedding or a focal background from your venue such as a framed window without creating a separate altar.

    Bouquets: Sticking to either one type of flower, perhaps using one or two colours of the same flower.

    Bridesmaids: Modern weddings often opt o
    ut of having bridesmaids but if you do, you can choose to simplify their attire with single coloured or patterned dresses, with minimal jewellery and natural makeup. ​

    Wedding Dress: A simple dress that fits your body type well, with as little lace, embellishment, or bead work is recommended to stay in line with the minimalist style.

                                          Modern Minimalist Wedding Dress

    Hair, Makeup, & Accessories: Keeping things as natural looking as possible is advised, with your hair smooth and shiny be it a natural flowing hairstyle (try wearing it down, half up, side pony, or a low bun). A hair accessory should be simple, the likes of a statement flower​would be ideal​

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  • Whimsical Wedding Inspirations

    Posted on June 3, 2015 by Nicole

    Full of wonder, fun and colour, whimsical designs can be found around you in everyday life, but when you are planning a wedding, these details are often magnified to be larger than life. With unique wedding invitations, themes and decor accents, you've got yourself a wedding that your guests will be buzzing about for ages! Here are some unique wedding planning ideas!

    One of the most prominent features of a whimsical design theme would be colour and coupled with delightful patterns. Polka dots, stripes, chevron and more fun striking patterns and fun design elements are great ways to add whimsy into your wedding theme. By customising those very patterns and designs with vibrant and bold colours, you're setting the stage for a truly memorable and whimsical inspired wedding.

                                        DreamDay Invitations Whimsical Wedding Invitations

    This type of wedding is ideal if traditional design isn't your personal style! It's the perfect look for a quirky and unique couple that are looking to break away from the traditional wedding mould to create a wedding style that is 101% theirs. By experimenting with unique shapes and looks, you can transform it into your wedding own custom look.

    Start with a wedding inspiration board putting together different ideas for you to blend together beautifully to make a cohesive yet whimsical wedding theme. Some couples truly revel in adding their very own custom designs such as their own handwritten notes included in the design of the wedding invitations, to adding doodles or hand-drawn caricatures that will reflect what's to be expected on the big day. You can carry the very same look and design onto other aspects of the wedding day such as the welcome sign(s) and other wedding stationery to the wedding cake and wedding bombonieres.


    Once you have your wedding invitations & stationery planned out and all you need to decide is the quantity you will need  (in terms of the wedding stationery, the quantities can be decided closer to the wedding date once guests have RSVPed). You need to think about the way you will style your decorative elements for the wedding such as the altar design, the tablescapes and more.

    Some opt for a garden inspired and other unique looks such as carnival to wonderland inspirations. A beautiful garden inspiration would be a hanging wisteria garden look for the wedding ceremony (whether indoors or outdoors) or if you fancy something more rustic yet full of fun and whimsy, a colourful themed overhead altar with life-size pinwheels. You can even use them instead of bridesmaid's bouquets, boutonnieres and hair accessories. Carnival themed weddings are usually the most common choices for whimsical weddings, but there are fun ways to customise these too. For example, you can trade in a typical photo booth for a kissing booth instead!

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  • Glitter Wedding Invitations & Wedding Styles

    Posted on May 27, 2015 by Emily

    "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes" said Audrey Hepburn; a little sparkle never hurt anyone so why not choose a wedding theme full of sparkle with glitter wedding invitations and more wonderful theme styles to go with it. Here are some ideas for the wedding invitations, colour schemes, and styles for your glitter wedding.

                                        DreamDay Invitations Polyvore Wedding Inspiration Board Glitter Wedding Invitations Inspiration

    Wedding Invitation Styles

    Adding a little glitter, sparkle and shine to your wedding via invitations and/or wedding stationery is a perfect way to preview the theme in mind with a bang! However, make sure you fine tune the theme before you commit as you don't want to "blind" or "overdose" your wedding guests with too much sparkle. Moderation is key here!

    When choosing your sparkle or glitter themed wedding invites, consider the following styles;

    1. Layered wedding invitations with glitter specialty wedding paper

    2. Layered embossed wedding invitation designs with a sequined sparkle effect

    3. Mix and match glitter or ​​sequin-style embossed paper wedding invitations with foil or metallic wedding stationery

    4. Glitter envelope liner to match wedding invite. Add a foil envelope seal to the back of the envelope as a personalised finishing touch.

                                  DreamDay Invitations Wedding Invitations Inspirations Glitter Layered Wedding Invitations Designs

    When you're planning on styling your wedding with glitter and sparkle, be wary that too much of it can overpower your guests and can take the focus off of the bride and groom, and quite possibly lean towards being gaudy as opposed to elegant/classy. Make sure to limit your use of glitter and sparkle to a few areas of your wedding such as the wedding invites, the wedding dress choices and accessories for the bride and bridesmaids, and possibly accenting the wedding cake and using a toned down design taken from the wedding invitations to be used in the wedding stationery.

    When it comes to styling the beautiful bride, you can opt for a modern white wedding gown with use of embellishments to bring in the glitter & sparkle theme into play. Using an embellished bodice or even an all-over sequin wedding dress for an ultra modern twist with a 1920s style inspiration, to even adding accessories as a neckline jewelled shrug, jewelled hair accessories, crystal bridal headband or diamante bouquet ribbon wraps are great ways to incorporate the design to bring the focus to the beauty of the day (or night).

                                   DreamDay Invitations Google Plus Edible Glitter Wedding Cakes Cupcakes

    But that's not where the shine stops. You can have yourself a faux diamante inspired wedding cake or even one with edible glitter used stylishly. Don't forget to send off the newlyweds in style! Sequin confetti and sparklers are great ways to let your sparkle shine through!

    With these great wedding design tips from the wedding invites to the send-off, be inspired to create a glitter and shine wedding just for the two of you!

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