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  • Traditional Wedding Invitations

    Posted on March 23, 2015 by Nicole

    What has your idea of the perfect wedding been ever since you were little? Did you ever dream of getting married in your mother's wedding dress? Were you delighted by the look of traditional wedding invitations, the purity of white with lace detailing, and the ethereal look of bridal innocence that goes with a traditional wedding style?

    If you already have an idea on what your traditional wedding will look like but need some guidance for the likes of your traditional wedding invitations, here are some designs and styles that are ideal.​​

    Colour: White is the popular choice of colour for traditional weddings; however you'll find that when it comes to printing the invitation wording, black on white is a preferred choice. There are many brides and grooms that prefer to use neutral colours too, often coupled with white such as ivory, beige, gray and light pastel shades. These are further accentuated with the choice of design elements used. Depending on the traditional design choices that strikes a chord with your sense of style, you will need to select a the right choice of colour for ​your wedding invites to take after it.

                                                       DreamDay Invitations  Wedding Invitations  Key to Love Square Vertical Invitation

    Design Elements: When you take traditional design elements, they are almost always elegant and classy. As colour plays a great role in the final look, choosing a few options of designs and colour is always a good rule of thumb. Lace designs have always been considered a traditional design style that is immensely popular with wedding design. Most of these traditional designs are derived from historical decades or eras from various countries whether it's from Russia, France, Britain and more. You can be inspired by Imperial Russia, Renaissance, Victorian times and more. You will find designs that have intricate patterns and focal designs, such as filigree, flourishes, and damask to name a few.  You will also find that these scripted or serif fonts are best suited for traditional wedding invitations.

    Trims: Adding a classic decorative item to your wedding invitation design can definitely make an impact on the overall look and style. For example, if you opt to use ribbon along with a pretty faux diamante square, circle or heart shaped buckle, it'll be a very appealing. The same applies to using clusters and brooches coupled with satin ribbon styles and even lace trims to further enhance the look of your traditional wedding invite cards while keeping in line with an elegant and classy style.

                                                       lace-wedding-invitation dreamdayinvitations

    Specialty Treatments: These specialty treatment styles can be anything from using treatments done directly onto the invite paper or cardstock, or you can use wedding specialty papers that can be used to stylise the traditional invitations. These can range from embossing and foiling treatments on the invitations while you can use embossed, foil printed, glittered and even flocked specialty card stock to accessorise the wedding invitations too.

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  • Etiquette for Announcement Cards for Weddings, Engagements & Elopements

    Posted on March 18, 2015 by Nicole

    Etiquette is important with concern to courtesy and civility in your community, whether it's with family, friends or acquaintances. When it comes to announcing special occasions or a milestone event in your life, an announcement card says it best.

    Announcing the Engagement

    The first people you'd probably share the good news would be your parents (and kids if you have any). Once the immediate family has been notified, you can design a lovely announcement card and mail it out.

                                                                              DreamDay Invitations Customise your Engagement Announcement

    ​By custom, it's the bride's parents that will send the engagement announcement card. Some announcement wording ideas are as follows;

    Formal Engagement Announcement Wording:

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary Ann Smith, to James Oliver Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Brown. A June wedding is planned at the Church of the Resurrection in Our Town, Anystate.

    Semi - Formal Engagement Announcement Wording:

    Mary Ann Smith and to James Oliver Brown are happy to announce their engagement. A September wedding is planned.

    Informal Engagement Announcement Wording:

    We did it! We're in love, the ring is beautiful, and we are thrilled to announce our engagement. -Mary and James.

    Announcing the Wedding

    Usually this announcement is sent right after the wedding is held and sent to friends, family and acquaintances that couldn't make it or you weren't able to include in the wedding guest list due to budget constraints. The wording for these wedding announcement cards is quite similar to the engagement announcements. A few examples of the announcement card wording are as follows;

    Formal Wedding Announcement Wording

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter, , Mary Ann Smith, to James Oliver Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Brown, on 14th February 2015 at Church of the Resurrection in Our Town, Anystate. A celebratory reception is planned for 15th March 2015 at Hemmingway Hall, Sydney.

    Information Wedding Announcement Wording

    John and Jane are pleased to announce that Mary and James went away for vacation and got married in a tropical destination! Mary and James were married 14th February 2015 in Bali. We hope to celebrate with you on 15th March 2015 at Hemmingway Hall, Sydney.

    Announcing an Elopement

    Elopements are becoming more and more popular as couples prefer to get married in getaway destinations and/or prefer a civil ceremony over planning a wedding. But, it's not for everyone. For those who prefer it, the wording of your elopement announcement card should ideally be short and sweet, and could include a photograph from the day if you'd like it to be a keepsake item. An example of what an Elopement announcement card is as follows;

    Brittany Smith and Jonathan Myers wish to announce their wedding at a private ceremony on January 20, 2015.


    Any of the wedding invitations or engagement invitations designs can be customised to be made as announcement card for an engagement, elopement or wedding.

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  • Thank You Cards for Weddings: Styles, Wordings and Inspiration

    Posted on March 3, 2015 by Nicole

    "Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom" said Marcel Proust. Be courteous and kind and send a thank you card for one's presence, for one's thoughtfulness and for one's gift. It is good etiquette to send wedding thank you cards and should be done soon after the big day, as the sentiment will go a long way to whom you send the thank you cards to.

                            DreamDay Invitations Fantasy Lace Thank You Cards  Wedding Invitations & Stationery Suite DreamDay Invitations

    There are many types of cards that you can use to say thanks. They can range from an extremely personal handwritten note inserted into plain envelope, a printed note with a printed address label on the envelope, or a thank you card that has a design and is styled beautifully. The last types of thank you cards are best suited for weddings and/or special events. A printed card on quality paper stock/card stock to match the wedding theme with a printed wording and even the guests names printed tucked into a matching printed envelope says a lot. You can also add your own handwritten note to each card making it even more personal.

                            DreamDay Invitatiions Our Names Across the Heart- Thank You Cards  Wedding Invitations & Stationery Suite DreamDay Invitations

    These personalized wedding thank you cards are quite popular and have a number of styles that can be used. Choose from elegant styles that range from vintage, modern and even rustic. Some may be simple with only embossing details and no illustrations to match your wedding invitations and stationery. Photo thank you wedding cards are quite popular for their keepsake appeal as you can include a picture from the wedding that they may even be able to have it framed or kept in their scrapbook albums.

    The fact that you can maintain a professional look with the printed names and wording as well as add your own note at the end with your signature is a great advantage to brides and grooms because once they have the guest list in hand and their addresses, they need only order them, double check the details and wait for it to be delivered. Once you receive the thank you cards package in the mail, you can go through your list and take each guests card and envelope and write a few words and sign it off. All you'll need to do then is to stick on a stamp and mail it to your wedding guests!

                            Shop Thank You Cards Discount DreamDay Invitations

    Always remember to say THANK YOU! Browse the DreamDay Invitations Thank You Cards selection and use the Promo Code "THANKS15" upon checkout and received 15% OFF! Offer is valid until 6th of March 2015!

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  • Typography Invitations for Weddings

    Posted on February 23, 2015 by Nicole

    If you're looking for something unique, a design never seen before, then choose to buy typography wedding invitations because it's all about the words and how it's graphically represented. As the words play the biggest role in the unique edge, the choice of colour and complementing illustration or photography can accentuate the look even more.

    The great thing about typography invitations for weddings (or any other special event, for that matter) is that the way you present your information can even hint towards what you're planning, a preview of your love story. The accompanying invitation design as well as the typeface style can decide whether it is modern or vintage typography to allow your overall wedding theme shower through in an out-of-the-box and creative way.

    There are many types of invitations that use wedding typography styles that are well received. When you choose a specific typography wedding invitation template, if you're looking to personalising it you need to also consider the complementing items, such as the following.

                                         DreamDay Invitations Typography Invitation Designs for Weddings

    The Wedding Invite Wording - The choice of typeface, also known as the font has a huge influence on how the wedding invitation will look. If you are looking for a modern design, then san serif fonts would be ideal, whilst vintage styles would lean more towards serif and scripted fonts.

    The Wedding Colour Palette - The choice of colour and how each word (or even letter) is typographically laid out matters, because you're able to make a certain word or sentence "pop" in a seamless manner. These also extend to the accompanying illustration or flourish design to any iconography you may choose to include personalising your wedding invites. Chalkboard wedding invitations are quite popular in this regard.

    Use of Photography and Placement of Typography - If you have decided the style of design you want and if it involves modern typography that is often complemented with photography, then you might want to either select the invite template you want to use so you can work the photography style around it or you could choose the opposite where you choose the photography and move the placement and choice of typography design to include.

    The options are endless when you choose to buy typography wedding invitations online as you can communicate your custom requests for personalisation through email or chat and avoid the hassle of making appointments to consult the invitations designer for minute edits and changes.

    Don’t forget that we’re offering a 15% Discount on Typography Styles Site wide till the 6th of March 2015! Make sure to use the code “TYPE15” when purchasing Typography Invitations & Stationery online from the DreamDay Invitations website!

    Typography Wedding Invitations DreamDay Invitations DIscount Offer

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  • Surprise Engagement Party Ideas

    Posted on February 16, 2015 by Nicole

    The question is hanging in the air? You know your significant other will definitely say “YES”! Maybe you’ve already popped the question and want to surprise your newly-made fiancé with a fabulous party with all your loved ones!  So in secret, you’re planning a surprise! You’ll need special engagement invitation cards, with a customised wording for your invitees to keep the news on the down-low! It may even be your loved ones who want to throw a surprise party for the newly engaged couple - that's you guys! Who knows! We’ve put together some ideas to plan a surprise engagement do!

                  DreamDay Invitations Custom Surprise Secret Engagement Invites

    Types of Surprise Engagement Parties

    Sometimes, it’s great to add an activity to a party to help with the flow of conversation and merriment. You could be looking at a cocktail party, a wine tasting, or any form of party that calls for celebration and toasting!  A photobooth is always fun, and hiring a photographer would be a good idea (for a proposal plus engagement party package – secret photographers for proposals are just great!).

    The Engagement Invitations

    When you’re doing up the party, be it for your significant other or you are planning it for the couple’s closest group of friends, you will need engagement invitation ideas to put together a card to send to their family and circle of friends. Since it IS a secret party, make sure to loop the invitees in to not spill the beans, something along the lines of “hush hush, it’s a surprise so keep it on the down low” as the invite wording if it’s a casual/fun engagement party or something more formal with “It’s a Surprise Engagement Party for Ann & Ryan”. Look for some great engagement invites online and customise them to your liking with the assistance of a helpful engagement invites shop.

                  DreamDay Invitations Unique Typography Engagement Invitations

    The Food & Drinks

    Often you can tie in the festive theme with food and beverages, for example if you’re thinking of a “fiesta” you can have food to go with it such as taco, or if the theme is “let’s all eat cake!” then you can have a cake tasting bar with a large variety of cakes for your guests to try (and maybe even vote in favour of).

    The Decor

    Engagements are all about romance, but there’s no rule against some good fun. Add whimsy and personality into the decor with fairy lights, themed decors styles, even featuring pictures of the couple over the years (such as clipping them to a line or making a table runner of out the pictures, to even sticking them with poppers into the table centrepieces).

    Popular engagement parties include outdoor events, with fairy lights and candles for that romantic look, but more often than not, it’s at a sentimental venue or even at home. With popular colours being red (hearts galore), gold & silver (engagement ring cut-outs) or pastels (because you can never go wrong with them), you are spoilt for choice and inspiration. Plan for a great time with a bunch of great people! Send out those surprise engagement invites stat, whether they are for a proposal + party or just the engagement party!

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  • Save the Date Cards for Weddings

    Posted on February 2, 2015 by Nicole

    Congratulations on your engagement, now the fun begins! With wedding planning underway and the wedding date being set, most couple send out save the date cards for the wedding as a courtesy to guests to set aside that date to attend what is known as the most important day of your lives – when your hearts beat as one!

    Save the Date Cards for Wedding by DreamDay Invitations

    At the start, save the dates were sent to out-of-town guests usually four to six months before the big day and considered good etiquette so they can plan out how they can attend accordingly. But this is also done for all wedding invitees especially if the wedding will be held out of the country or even during the holidays before the wedding invitations are sent two months before the wedding (eight months if it’s a destination wedding).

    You will find that save the date wedding cards are sent for destination weddings, three-day weekends and not to mention December weddings, or even peak travel times/seasons as a due courtesy!  Make sure to send your wedding save the dates during that time frame as if you send it earlier than six to eight months it may get lost in the clutter and if it’s sent after four months you might as well just send the invitations for the wedding and forget the save the date cards altogether.

    This pre-invitation to your wedding being mailed to your intended wedding guests also acts as an announcement of the wedding and as a notice to them to expect a wedding invite in the near future. Sending a wedding save the date allows your wedding guests enough time to make arrangements for travel, sort out absence from work to even saving up cash to attend the big day (if it’s out of town or a destination wedding).

    One thing to make sure is that you need to know who you are definitely going to invite for the wedding because once the save the dates are sent, there’s no turning back because a wedding invitation will need to be sent soon after. Go through your guest list once and twice over before you commit each guest to the wedding!

    With many wedding save the date ideas, styles and designs available to you, there are many ways in which you can complement your wedding theme and match it to your wedding invites and stationery later on. With unique save the date ideas such as photo keepsakes and customised designs, you can really make an impression with your family and friends who will be invited to your dream wedding day.

    Don’t forget that we’re offering a 50% Discount on Save the Date Cards Site wide till the 20th of February 2015! Make sure to use the code “SAVE50” when purchasing save the dates online from the DreamDay Invitations website!

     DreamDay Invitations 50% Off Discount on Save the Date Cards Worldwide Delivery

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  • Watercolor Wedding Invitations

    Posted on January 30, 2015 by Nicole

    There is something truly marvellous when you put beautiful art into use with joyous occasions. It has the ability to capture or reflect on the moment and the feeling in a beautiful way. That is one reason watercolor wedding invitations have become so popular in the wedding industry worldwide.

    You are given many ways in which you can be inspired to use watercolors in your wedding. One such way would be to use it for the save the date card that may be the first point of contact for your intended wedding guests. However, if you are not going to use save the dates, then your watercolor wedding invitations will be the great unveiling of the good news! The watercolor drawing or effect you have selected can even be used in the wedding website if you are setting one up. Thereafter on the day of the wedding, with concern to your wedding stationery that may be used for the ceremony and the reception inclusive of welcome signs and directional signs, to table accessories and more, you can feature the watercolour design throughout.

    There are many watercolour techniques that are popular with wedding invite designs, they include the likes of abstract designs, typography, illustrations and scenic drawings. These are all ways in which your watercolour card can stand out from all the other wedding invitations out there in the world. Let’s take each type, one at a time.

    Abstract Watercolor Designs on Invites : This can be of any design, be it with water stained look, splashes and splotches, to streaks or any other abstract designs within the same colour palette in the same shade/tone or even a mix of various complementing colours that blends well together.

    DreamDay Invitations Always and Forever Watercolour Wedding Invitation Suite

    Watercolor Typography Invite Cards: This is when you have specific words or even the names of the bride and groom set out in watercolour, usually set in a calligraphic manner. These are ideal depending on your colour palette, whether in the same colour tone/shade or different hues blended together for a unique look.

    DreamDay Invitations Watercolour Dreams 5x7 Horizontal Flat Wedding Invite

    Illustrated Watercolor Invitations for Weddings: When it comes to illustrations, there are various ways about it. It can be of flowers either as a focal element or as a patterned backdrop or borders, to various other inspirations. Once again colour against tones/shades plays a big role but having the invitation wording is set apart can make it stand out prominently.

    DreamDay Invitations Cupid 5x7 Vertical Flat Watercolour Wedding Invitation


    Scenic Drawings on Wedding Invites: These are quite unique to a setting, and preferably would require an artist to draw out what you have in mind. Once you know what you would like to feature on your wedding invite card, such as a picturesque setting of the wedding venue, you can have that painted in watercolour and then used in your wedding invites. A great way to do this when you are working with printed wedding invitations retailers is to have an artist draw it up and scan it in high resolution, and then send it to the wedding invitation shop to add it onto the card of your choosing for print. Quite simple and easy to do, especially with a reputed unique invitations shop that offers various value added services to their customers.

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  • Announcing an Engagement with an Engagement Invitation or Announcement Card

    Posted on January 22, 2015 by Nicole

    Thinking back to the moment he proposed to you, how did you feel? After you said yes, you and your fiancé couldn't wait to tell your family and closest of friends. How will you be letting your other extended family and friends know? There are a number of ways to announce your engagement. Will you be sending out an announcement card or an engagement invitation to celebrate this joyous occasion with some good fun and a toast?

    Beach Hearts Engagement Invitations

    If you are choosing an announcement, there are two ways you can do this; a mailed engagement announcement or publishing the announcement in a newspaper or alumni magazine. If you’re choosing to mail the announcement card, then what you’ll need to do is look for a design that you find appealing and affordable with your stationery store and have them customise the details for you. Now, if you choose an online stationery store that facilitates not only customising the announcement information but will go one step further to even add personalised names of the card recipients, you know you’ve found the best engagement announcement card shop for this specific need. You can select from the various types of designs, which may include traditional and elegant designs, illustrated and patterned designs or photo engagement designs that can also act as a keepsake.

    Beach Engagement Invitation

    Now these very same designs can also be used for your engagement invitations, where you will invite your family and friends to a fun gathering to share in the joy of the moment. It can be any design that you wish it to be from elegant and traditional, patterned, illustrated or both, to a photo keepsake engagement invite. Whilst the mailed engagement announcement includes information you would like to know, it doesn’t mean that you can’t send it to people who may or may not be invited to the engagement party or even the wedding as the guest list is usually pretty close. Now the main difference is that the engagement invite will include details and information to the engagement party alone, but that doesn't mean you can’t exclude whatever information you would have liked to include in your announcement card, especially if you are only planning on sending an engagement invite and no announcement card whatsoever.

    The likes of your names, your parent’s names and even places of residence, maybe even information about the two love-birds are some items you may include in the engagement announcement; basically anything that the world should know – it’s up to you to decide where to draw the line. If you’d like to publicise the wedding date (if you've decided when it’ll be, whether a specific date or “sometime in the summer”, then do so). Your engagement invitation on the other hand, can include the names of the newly engaged couple, the party details, the RSVP information and even a hint towards when the wedding may be. You can even include a quote from a mutual favourite poem or role model if space allows it.



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  • Save The Date Cards for Weddings

    Posted on January 14, 2015 by Nicole

    From the moment you said "YES" to marry "The One" you may have had a rush of ideas and visions of what your wedding would be and maybe even thought up the things you'd like to do. It could have been a fun engagement party, to the venues for your ceremony and then reception, or even the fact that you would like to send out save the date cards for the wedding.  When one chooses the option of sending out save the date cards for weddings rather than your wedding invitation,  this card will unveil your wedding theme and vision, in whichever way you would like it to be (especially so if you want all your wedding stationery to match and flow). This can be done with colour, focal designs/patterns and not to mention illustrations and/or photographs (be it of the wedding venue or a keepsake photograph of the bride and groom).

    Save the date cards

    Save the date cards can be sent for weddings being held in a location within your neighbourhood, out of town or abroad. What you include in the card matters, along with when you're sending them out to your wedding guests when it's an overseas wedding. There are many styles of wedding save the date cards; photo save the dates, postcards and even cards that have magnet accessories so that it's easy for the guests to pin to their fridges. With a large array of designs and styles of save the date cards for weddings along with the option of customising not only the text and colours but also almost all the design elements, you really are spoilt for choice with DreamDay Invitations.

    Beach Save the date cards

    As your save the dates are the precursor to your wedding invitations, you can be a little more relaxed as etiquette isn't as necessary as with wedding invites. If you'd like it to be in the same design theme that you've chosen for your wedding, be it the decor, attire and wedding stationery, you can. However, the extent that you go to keeping the theme flowing is for you to decide. For instance, you have selected a wedding stationery suite that features a beautiful flourish design acting as the top and bottom borders. Whilst you keep the flourish border constant throughout the wedding stationery, you can make your wedding save the date card stand out by opting to include a high resolution photograph inset between the borders.  This photograph could be of the two lovebirds or a beautiful scenic photograph of the venue.  If you'd like to separate the save the date card designs from the wedding invitations and on-the-day wedding stationery, you can do just that! There's no hard and fast rule with save the date cards for weddings.

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  • Wedding Invitation Design Inspiration

    Posted on January 8, 2015 by Nicole

    Thinking up new themes and styles for your wedding? Wondering what the latest wedding invitation designs feature? We've compiled some great wedding invitation design inspirations that are hot and trendy for you to select for your dream wedding. Whether you're opting for a classic invite design or a modern look entirely, or possibly even a beautiful fusion of styles, there are many wedding invite inspirations to choose from with the help of DreamDay Invitations.

    Continuing from one of our past blog post “What is your Wedding Invitations Style and Theme”, we’ve compiled a few choice picks from the various wedding invitation styles and collections available on-line for purchase, and they have been categorised by trend.

    Lace Wedding Invitation Designs

    Lace wedding invitation
    Adding a touch of lace, whether it’s drawn out in stencil form or is included in the wedding invite as an embellishment, lace wedding invitations are ideal as it goes hand-in-hand with the bridal look. Almost always, the wedding dress will have some lace appliqué as it signifies purity, innocence and new beginnings. You could be inspired to add lace to your invite card by using a design on the print, or go as far as to have it set in foil or embossing, or simply and delicately use lace as the forerunner by featuring it as part of a layered wedding invitation style.

    Embossed Wedding Invitation Designs
    Embossed Wedding Invitations

    If you love the idea of a white wedding, you can definitely choose a simple design for your stationery. However, if you’d like to add a little “oomph” to it without it being too obvious, the best way to do so is with a subtle embossing treatment. Be it a flourish or lace design, you can have it embossed onto your wedding invitation card style as a finishing touch.

    Hardcover Wedding Invitation Designs

    Hardcover wedding invitations

    A luxurious pick, these wedding invite designs evoke a sense of class from the moment you open up the crisp envelope or even better, the wedding invitation box. With layers of hard cardstock ranging from textured to speciality wedding paper, you can further add to the look with the help of embellishments such as satin ribbons, faux pearl and diamante clusters/buckles and not to mention lace trims, monogram labels and more.

    Take some time to browse through our great collection of wedding invitations and stationery designs for your inspiration, and take note of the designs to feature in your ultimate wedding invitation look!

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