Rustic Chic Wedding Invitations

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If you are a fan of rustic charm and the elegance of chic, then you will find a perfect balance in the style known as Rustic Chic. Combing the best of both into one entity, rustic chic brings a homely yet classy appeal to your item of design. In this case, we are focusing on rustic chic wedding invitations, in varied themes but in essence the same style. Let us find out more about how your wedding invitations can be inspired from rustic chic styling.

chic wedding invitations

Let us first understand the two styles infused in one before embarking on the style known as rustic chic. Rustic had more of a homely and affordable appeal, before it was revamped to convey sophistication and trendiness while still being affordable. Wood and earthly elements is important to a rustic style, beautiful and unique pieces of wood, to polished surfaces and twigs tie very well into the rustic charm. From beautiful latticework to clean lines and patterns are held hand in hand with it, which is mostly done in contrasting shades of earthy colours, from the white and off-whites and cream to brown and shades of beige.  When you take rustic wedding invitations and a rustic wedding theme, you might find yourself with wooden like textures or polished look that carry sophistication as a whole.

Chic on the other hand, as a style means to be stylish or smart, bringing in some form of control into the range of possibilities. Therefore, when you combine chic with a rustic style, you bring in elegance to a sophisticated element, making it cleaner and more appealing. Therefore, when you opt for rustic chic wedding invites coupled with a rustic chic wedding theme, you find yourself with a balance between two opposite style elements, cohesively united for a grand and elegant effect.

When you take wedding invites to be rustic chic, you find yourself with browns, cream, off-white hues, and the odd brilliant white in the mix. Mostly, you find yourself with wood textures as the base or background paper with dark brown text, but also, white or off-white with dark brown text works out well too. Embossing or texture paper is quite lovely and can be included in this styling, with the likes of letter pressing as the finer details on your wedding invite cards. Try out a few options that are available in this theme, by trying out accessories and accents and ordering samples so you can visually assess which one to decide on as the winning wedding invitation for your special day.

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