Ethnic Wedding Invitations

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Our world is a myriad of cultures, religions, and people of many faces and races, and with it comes inspirations and influences that bring much colour and beauty into our lives. If you are inspired or influenced by them, there is is no reason why your wedding day should be without it. Start with your very own ethnic wedding invitations and stationery, and add some vibrancy and magic into the most special day of your lives.

Being proud of your culture, your upbringing and ethnicity is a noble quality, and making it a part of the most special day of your life can go the distance. For those who are inspired by it, being part of the world’s bounteous glory is a great journey. So how would you put these touches of colour and flavour into your wedding invites and stationery, and what are the influences that are ever popular in the wedding industry nowadays? Let us find out.

When one thinks of ethnic elements, they think of Indian, Moroccan, and Mexican styles due to their intricate and elaborate designs, flavourful colours, and not to mention the beauty of ancient styles that still live on. Let us look at how these styles can be embedded into your ethnic wedding invitation designs and styles.

Indian Wedding Invitations

The Indian sub-continent masses a large amount of land from the globe and with it many subcultures and styles that are defined to its regions. Each of these styles has some form of uniqueness but also a sense of unanimity that can be seen in the colour, the contours of the designs and of course, the influences of history and architecture, which includes delicate filigree, ornamental detailing and romantic arches and curves. Vibrant reds, symbolic blues, yellows and oranges, soothing greens, and regal purples are a few of the esteemed choices of colour that are used in ceremonies and events close to the hearts of the people. When it comes to your Indian wedding invitations, keep these colours and design elements in mind.

Moroccan Wedding Invitations

Moroccan styles are quite similar to that of the Indian schemas due to the history connected from the Arabic trade routes and stopovers and the merging of such influences. However, with Moroccan inspired ethnic wedding invitations, you will likely see more romantic and rich hues that lean towards the red, oranges, and yellows making it warm, cosy, and inviting. Highlights of these designs can be seen with blues, purples and musty greens, as Moroccan ethnicities are more toned down or soft (if you will), as opposed to the bold vibrancy of the Indian. Designs are also intricate and much inspired by architectural elements. However, these are starker, rigid compared to the romanticism of the counterpart, and latticework patterning is a popular element along with the Moroccan pattern that is known in the regions.

Indian Wedding Invitations

Indian Wedding Invitations

Ethnic Wedding Invitations

Mexican Wedding Invitations

Mexico is a land of flavour, colour, and brims with life, where design elements are inspired by nature and patterns are fused together in a beautiful manner. Striking reds, blues, and yellows inspired by nature are popular choices with architectural elements such as tiling patterns with the Ikat technique in mind are ever common. Floral touches are also ideal in the use when used for such an ethnic wedding invitation and is usually used on white backdrop. Another design element would be the Mexican skull theme. Using these elements in your wedding invitations can definitely make your special day stand out and be ever rich in culture and flavour.

Consider themed styles when opting for a memorable and sentimental wedding, and infuse it into your ethnic wedding invitations and stationery.

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