Violets are Blue Wedding Invitations

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Another spin off the romantic poem, “ Roses are Red, Violets are blue, Sugar is Sweet, and So are YOU!”, we bring to you in this instalment, a range of wedding invitations offered by DreamDay Invitations that relate to how you can keep to the theme of ‘violets are blue’.  We will look at how shades of blue and violet can be used for your wedding invitation designs, and which items off the DreamDay Invitations collection are ideal choices that suit this wedding theme. Let’s find out.

When it comes to wedding decor and invitations, a common design element flows and unites them together. Therefore, when in search of such an element, draw inspiration from the likes of your venue, the flowers you are using, and even a picture from an inspiration board. From patterns that are modern to Romanesque, with polka dots or stripes and damask and filigree, or floral accents that feature flowers or flowing line drawings.  Since Violets range from blue and purple, we will use them as a theme for the wedding invitations featured in this instalment.

Blue Wedding Invitations

For those who like the colour and want to make it the highlight of the wedding invite, then you can use a shade of blue which is perfect for you, and add an accent such as a lace trim design on the edges for a classic touch of elegance, like in Bridal Lace. For a rather ornate yet prominent design display, you could also opt for Grand Caress, which features your colour with the design in white. If you would like a modern feel to your wedding invitation, stripes are very in right now, so Candy Stripe would be a good option.  If you also like intricate designs of damask, and you would like a good mash-up, then Silk Cascade would be ideal.

However, for floral accents and designs, the ideal choices of wedding invitations from DreamDay Invitations would be the likes of Island Fantasy, Jewel Mist and Tapestry.

Violet and Purple Wedding Invitations

Much like the blue wedding invitations, the violet and purple wedding invitations you will want similar design elements and accents. Therefore, when it comes to them, the choice of inspiration from garden to beach, floral or rather a period from the ages might be what you want for your wedding theme. Like so, you have floral or garden inspired wedding invitations such as Enchanted Garden, cute little flowers such as Forget Me Not, to a striking display of photographs in your wedding invite with Orchid Obsession to a beautiful floral illustration such as English Rose would be ideal. An adorable lovebird illustration for a garden wedding with Lovebirds Landing would a nice touch too.

Other designs that are classy and elegant include the likes of Autumn Garden, New Dawn and Crest of Love, which feature intricate designs and are beautiful at the same time.  If you would like a vintage chic effect on your wedding invitations, take a look at the likes of Heirloom Chandelier, Moonlight Silhouette and Timeless Tulle.

These sweet wedding invitations are just as sweet as the poem, “roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you...”

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