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Love makes the world go around, they say and with it, weddings happen around the year. People fall in love, find the right person and then they want to tie the knot. Weddings are customary and a tradition that has surpassed centuries, and with it the etiquette of wedding invitations has come along the ages as well. In this edition of Wedding Ideas, we are looking into Wedding Invitations Stationery.

First, let us look at what wedding stationery is all about. Wedding stationery includes everything from your wedding invitations to the reply cards, the thank you cards, and menus, place cards for table seating, table seating plans, and order of service card, directions and accommodations and so on. It includes the entire bundle of wedding stationery that will be used on your big day. However, wedding invitations stationery is a sub category of that lot, and it includes the wedding invitation, which is the focal piece, the RSVP card, directions and accommodations card, and even the wishing well and gift registry card.


It is also important that you have your wedding stationery decided on and sorted out at least 5 to 6 months prior to the big day in order to avoid last minute rushes, which could end up missing the window to send out your wedding invitations, which could then result in your guest’s response time reducing. Also, do not forget that the invitations need to be sent out at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding date and if you are sending it overseas, then they should be done so even earlier.

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When it comes to budgeting your wedding invites and stationery, there are many options available to you from the high-grade luxury selection that include handmade wedding invitations that are magnificent, along with the stationery, of course. Then you have the option of going for green or organic wedding stationery, which are made out of recycled paper, you could use environmentally friendly accents and trims. The other option it to go with budget wedding stationery that can either be the selection of paper with a lesser weight, or DIY options, where you buy the DIY wedding invites and stationery kits and add the necessary information yourself. Of course, the likes of DreamDay Invitations offers you the service of having the important information printed to ensure a quality product are presented to you, but of course, this is optional.

Do not forget to order some samples so that you can try it out for yourself and see whether the options in front of you are indeed feasible for your special day, in terms of look, feel and budget. Happy wedding invitations and stationery shopping, folks!

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