10 Eco-Friendly Bomboniere Ideas

If you are environmentally conscious bride and groom, and have always loved the idea of a green wedding, then these eco-friendly wedding bomboniere ideas may just be the perfect fit for your big day!

1.     Palm Oil Free Soaps/Bath Bombs

             Lush Eco Friendly Wedding Bomboniere Ideas

There are some companies such as Lush that offer great eco-friendly bombonieres. They include a lovely range of palm oil free soaps and bath bombs that are often calming and relaxing.  Bundle them into a lovely cloth pouch and add a personalised bomboniere tag to the neck with a ribbon as a finishing touch.

Source: Lush

2.     Customised Cookie Bundles


Delicious and elegantly designed cookies are quite popular and easy to do. The versatility in design and shape can make it a creative bomboniere option for your wedding while staying eco-friendly.

Source: BobetteAndBelle

3.     Recipe Cards in a Customised Bamboo Box


A thoughtful and green bomboniere idea that would be a super useful in any home, it’s quite the perfect wedding bomboniere as a gift that keeps on giving. Make sure you don’t forget to include some favourite holiday dishes. Just stack them into a lovely bamboo box with a personalised label and you’re sorted!

Source: CrateAndBarrel

4.     Terrariums


Air plants are self-sustaining and quite the perfect gift for those with a busy lifestyle! Add it into a cute bauble-like hanging vase and add a decorative touch with a bombiniere tag, and you’re pretty much ready.

Source: Evermine

5.     Seeds in Custom Printed Sleeves/Seed Bombs

greenweddingslices Eco-Wedding-Favors-seed-bombs

Seeds wedding bombonieres are a thoughtful gift for your guests to create their very own fruit, vegetable or flower garden. You can either have them in custom printed sleeves to match your wedding invitation, or seed bombs to plant. Follow the instructions to create your very own DIY seed bombs!

Source: GreenWeddingSlices

6.     A Bouquet Station


This is truly a wonderful way for your investments in the floral arrangements to go to great use. Set up a bouquet wrapping station so that your guests can have your centrepieces wrapped up in a flower bouquet to take home with them once the wedding is over.

Source: JosephMatthew

7.     Potted Plants


Lovely additions to any home, potted plants are the epitome of an eco-friendly wedding bomboniere idea. Choose the likes of a sturdy and even blooming plant (orchids are favourites for this), add a splash of paint to the pot or simply wrap it with some rustic paper and add a tag!

Source: TheLovelyFind

8.     Candy Filled Mugs


A little treat for your guests in a personalised monogrammed mug filled to the brim with candy. You can add a customised label/tag to the mug; don’t forget to add some decorative accessories to the basket too.

Source: JanMichele

9.     Honey Jars


Bee’s honey is just yummy on its own and a great wedding favour but pair it with a pretty jar /container and a bee honey dipper combo, and you’ve got a lovely wedding bomboniere that is just perfect and quite a keepsake that your guests can keep forever. You can also have the words “meant to bee” engraved into the bee honey dippers for that personalised touch.

Source: EmWeddingFavours

10.  Soy Candles

          ScentedCandleMakingIdeas Wedding Favours

If you loved the idea of the soap wedding favours, then you will love these too. Add a unique scent to your wedding bombonieres with DIY soy candles) and don’t forget to label them to match your wedding stationery.

Source: ScentedCandleMakingIdeas

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