5 Key Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

One of the key parts of planning your wedding, apart from the likes of finalising a date, time, venue and the wedding invitations, would be to hire a wedding photographer. As it will be what you will walk away with of your big day, your wedding photographs and wedding album will be the biggest memento made of lovely memories captured in time. So, what do you need to ask you wedding photographer before hiring him/her? Here are five key questions to ask your wedding photographer before you hire them as a wedding vendor!

1. Can we see samples of your work? Do you have sample collections of entire weddings you have shot?

Wedding Photography Entire Album Samples

It is always a good rule of thumb to see proof of work from your wedding photographer shortlist. Make sure you see a few collections of different wedding styles to see their flexibility. If there is a certain wedding style that captures your eye, make a note of it.

2, Have you photographed weddings similar to our wedding style? Do you have references we can call?


When you are checking out samples of complete wedding albums, make sure to let them know your weddings style and the kind of wedding photography you are looking for. Also inquire whether they have shot similar weddings and to see those as samples. Also, ask for a reference from former brides and grooms to find out the level of satisfaction and customer service they have received.

3. Do you post wedding photograph proofs online, or will we receive negatives? When will we received them?

Wedding Photography Online Proofs

How and when you receive your proofs from the wedding is important. It is usually on a storage media device or online, but if the photographer shoots in film, you will receive negatives. Make sure you ask how long it will be available to you.

4. Who will be photographing our wedding? Do you have contingencies in case of equipment failure?

Photographing the Wedding

If your photographer is part of a studio, he/she may have several photographers who may cover your wedding. It is important to know who they are and if they too are able to shoot your wedding photographs according to the preferred style. In addition, it is good to know if they have contingency plans/back-up equipment if their primary equipment fails (to avoid a major wedding disaster)!

5. How many photographs will the wedding album include, and when will it be ready once we have selected them?

Wedding Photography Album Storybook

A photographer usually provides approximately 500 exposures of the big day, but only a limited number of photographs will be included in your wedding album. Make sure you know how many (this can depend on the budget/package selected) is possible. Also, ask them how long you will have to wait until you receive the wedding albums once you submit the selected photographs from the wedding proofs.

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