All You Need to Know About Save the Date Cards

Save-the-date cards are an important part of your wedding stationery suite and usually give your guests there first peek at the unique wedding theme you’ve got planned for your big day.While the main purpose of save-the-dates is to give guests early notification of your wedding date, in the case of destination weddings, couples sometimes opt to include key travel and other logistical information to provide guests with enough time to budget and make plans to attend. While save the dates follow a similar protocol and etiquette to wedding invitations, here are some important areas that you should keep in mind when sending out your save-the-date cards.


When Should Save-the-Date Cards be Sent?

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Wedding planning gurus have different takes on this, but the general rule of thumb is to ideally send out your wedding save the date cards about six months before your big day. This gives guests plenty of time to make arrangements to attend, be it finding a babysitter to making travel arrangements if they don’t live in the vicinity. Similar to wedding invitations, we usually advise clients to not rush this stage and send out their save-the-date prior to finalising wedding details as the location or the wedding date can change or in some cases guests may even forget about this reminder if it’s in a year’s time for instance.


Include Key Information in Your Save-the-Date

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As mentioned before, save-the-date cards are usually sent out to ensure your guest locks down your wedding date, however if you’re planning a romantic destination wedding, it’s best to give your guests a bit more information. Include key logistical information that has been finalised like the date, location, duration and if  you’ve found a travel agent providing a great travel package for your guests, include the pricing and the contact details of the agency in your cards so that guests can find out if they can afford the trip.


Don’t use Your Save-the-Date as an Engagement Announcement

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This may seem silly to include, but you’d be surprised at the number of couples that send out save-the-date cards as an engagement announcement. Spend sometime finalising the wedding guest list with your fiancee first and make sure you only send out your save-the-date cards to people you want attending your big day to save both parties from an embarrassing situation. It can be a horrible experience to have an unexpected wedding guest and not have enough food or seating to accommodate them.

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