Alternative and Unique Wedding Cakes

If you have a sweet tooth, you may put a lot of focus on the wedding cake! The filling, the frosting, and the design, it all matters. The traditional white cake is a favourite for brides and grooms favouring the classic look, however for those who are looking for something a little different we have found a range of beautiful yet alternative and unique wedding cakes that you can have at your wedding!

Naked Cakes



Naked Cakes with Fresh FLower and Wild fruits

Naked Cake Berry Wild edible flowers Naked Berry Cake

Naked Cakes are so a beautiful, with its rustic finish. While it thrives on the unfinished look, more and more wedding cake designers are finding ways to make it look more beautiful. We love the above naked cake designs that features wild berries between each layer. This is a great way to mask the Chantilly cream. Alternatively, you could opt for summer fruits and topping it off with fresh flowers!


Chocolate Cakes

Unique Cakes CHocolate CakeUnique Cakes CHocolate Cake StylesUnique Cakes White CHocolate Cake Styles

We are not talking about a chocolate cake filling but one that is actually covered in delicious chocolate frosting, fondant, or decorative goodness. You can choose your style on either spectrum of minimalist to spectacular! You can also vary between dark and white chocolate, whichever you fancy!


Mini Cakes

Mini Cake Sugar Succulentunique mini cake

These are ideal if you are choosing to do up small replicas of the focal wedding cake that the bride and groom will cut. These can act as edible wedding bombonieres too!


Marbled Cake

Unique Marbled Cake

Marbled cheesecakes and ice creams are extremely popular, so why not attempt this with your fondant! This may be ideal for a sophisticated couple!


Macaroon Cake

Unique Macaroon Cake

These French pastries are extremely sophisticated and popular, with the option of having colourful displays. While many brides and grooms choose them for wedding bombonieres, the likes of a colourful pastel macaroon tower would make a cool alternative wedding cake!



Unique Cheesecake with Flowers

Unique Berry Wedding Cheesecake

Wedding Cheesecake Tower

If you love a good baked cheesecake, then this may be perfect, especially as you can top it up any way you like. We love the idea of using a berry coulis that is then topped with fresh fruit but even having beautiful fresh flowers decorating a tiered cheesecake wedding cake tower would be great!


Image Credits: Pinterest, Martha Stewart Weddings,   Wed Book, Cakes Bakes and Cookies, Flickr, moncheri bridals, food gawker

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