Announcing an Engagement with an Engagement Invitation or Announcement Card

Thinking back to the moment he proposed to you, how did you feel? After you said yes, you and your fiancé couldn't wait to tell your family and closest of friends. How will you be letting your other extended family and friends know? There are a number of ways to announce your engagement. Will you be sending out an announcement card or an engagement invitation to celebrate this joyous occasion with some good fun and a toast?

Beach Hearts Engagement Invitations

If you are choosing an announcement, there are two ways you can do this; a mailed engagement announcement or publishing the announcement in a newspaper or alumni magazine. If you’re choosing to mail the announcement card, then what you’ll need to do is look for a design that you find appealing and affordable with your stationery store and have them customise the details for you. Now, if you choose an online stationery store that facilitates not only customising the announcement information but will go one step further to even add personalised names of the card recipients, you know you’ve found the best engagement announcement card shop for this specific need. You can select from the various types of designs, which may include traditional and elegant designs, illustrated and patterned designs or photo engagement designs that can also act as a keepsake.

Beach Engagement Invitation

Now these very same designs can also be used for your engagement invitations, where you will invite your family and friends to a fun gathering to share in the joy of the moment. It can be any design that you wish it to be from elegant and traditional, patterned, illustrated or both, to a photo keepsake engagement invite. Whilst the mailed engagement announcement includes information you would like to know, it doesn’t mean that you can’t send it to people who may or may not be invited to the engagement party or even the wedding as the guest list is usually pretty close. Now the main difference is that the engagement invite will include details and information to the engagement party alone, but that doesn't mean you can’t exclude whatever information you would have liked to include in your announcement card, especially if you are only planning on sending an engagement invite and no announcement card whatsoever.

The likes of your names, your parent’s names and even places of residence, maybe even information about the two love-birds are some items you may include in the engagement announcement; basically anything that the world should know – it’s up to you to decide where to draw the line. If you’d like to publicise the wedding date (if you've decided when it’ll be, whether a specific date or “sometime in the summer”, then do so). Your engagement invitation on the other hand, can include the names of the newly engaged couple, the party details, the RSVP information and even a hint towards when the wedding may be. You can even include a quote from a mutual favourite poem or role model if space allows it.


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