Assembling Wedding Invitations

There are many things to be done when you are going through the first stages of wedding planning from setting the date, finding the menu and after all that is finalised, the guest list which leads to sending out your wedding invitations. Blue wedding invitations

Now, when you send out a wedding invitation to your guests and invitees, there's a lot of information that is sent with the request to celebrate your special day with you. This includes the reply card to confirm your attendance, a directions & accommodations card if you require lodging, (especially if you are an out-of-towner), as well as gift registry and well wishing information. All this needs to be assembled into your wedding invitations, and one of the easiest ways to go about it is with the likes of a pocket wedding invitation, because it neatly fits all these invitation accessories into one package. How cool is that? Now, if you need help with assembling these wedding invitations, we're here to help!


What goes into a Standard Pocket Wedding Invitation?

A pocket wedding invitations is usually square in shape, with folded dimensions of 145mm x 145mm. Be it a vertical or horizontal opening card, you can include the likes of  invitation wording and verses in the body of the pocket invite, a wishing well poem, gift registry information, the RSVP card, and directions/accommodation information too. All these will be included inside your pocket wedding invitation, and the flaps will fold in to neatly secure it all.  This pocket wedding invitation will then be fitted into a matching envelope for mailing.


Folding your Wedding Invitations

The pocket wedding invitation usually has three folds, one at the middle and two more for the bottom and top flaps. The bottom flap will hold the accompanying cards securely.

Pocket Wedding Invitations

Here's what you will need to do when you receive your unfolded pocket wedding invitation and what you will need at hand too.

  • A Clean and Smooth Surface to Work On
  • A Stationery Boning Knife or the Back Of A Clean Butter Knife
  • Clean Hands (in Order to Not Smudge your Beautiful Invitations)

The first thing you do is lay the flat pocket invitation on a smooth table with the invitation wording body facing upwards. First, fold in the bottom pocket flap gently, turn it over onto the back of the card and run the boning or butter knife gently across the crease. Turn it back onto the front side and fold the middle crease and turn it onto the back to gently run the knife across the crease. This is done in order for any dents to not be shown on the front of your invite card. Repeat the same process for the top and final fold. Once you have done this, you have successfully folded your pocket wedding invitation.


Assembling Wedding Invitation Accessories

Once you have your card, the next stage is to assemble the folded pocket wedding invite. Add the likes of your RSVP card, (make sure you have included postage stamp for your guest's convenience), as well as the Directions & Accommodations card into the pocket flap, and fold the card neatly inwards.  Then, take your matching wedding invite envelope and slide your invitation package so that the front of the card faces you. Close the envelope and possibly even add a personalised envelope seal. Then slip the invitation into the clear plastic cover provided, and seal it for protection. Add postage such as a stick stamp on the front of the clear cover for invitation for it to be validated by your postal offices.

Directions & Accommodation Card


There you go! That's all you need to do when you are assembling your very own Pocket Wedding Invitations! Stay tuned for more great updates and insight on wedding invitations and more.




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