Beach Themed Wedding Invitation Ideas

Kick of your shoes, feel the sand between your toes and exchange your wedding vows at a magical beach themed wedding! While there's several different elements that require planning, one of the most important is choosing and sending out your beach themed wedding invitations to give your guests a glimpse at your wedding theme. Since there’s quite a range of invitation designs to choose from, we’ve shortlisted some of our favourite beach themed wedding invitation ideas for your convenience.

Passport Wedding Invitations

 Are you planning a beach wedding at an exotic location? Just perfect for destination weddings, passport wedding invitations are the ideal way to get your guests excited about your upcoming beach themed wedding and leave them dreaming about sipping tropical cocktails while watching you get married at a beautiful sunset ceremony.

Metallic Starfish Passport Wedding Invitation

You can either keep things realistic by sticking to blue covers for your passport wedding invitations or express your creativity by including unique touches like a custom monogram or emblems to characterise the overall wedding style and colour palette. The great part about passport wedding invitations is that you can include a lot of information such as a local direction map to the wedding location, travel arrangements, details of the destination and a schedule of events since most destination weddings are multi-day affairs on any of the other invitation pages.

Beach Themed Invitation Designs

When choosing your beach wedding invitations, you'll find a vast selection of wedding invitation designs to choose from. While a lot of trendy wedding invitations include beautiful photos of the sunset and ocean, you can also choose to personalise your wedding invitations by including a photograph of the specific beach that you’ll be getting married at.


If you prefer something different, you can also opt for artistic frangipanis, seashells and starfish in your beach wedding invitations. Don’t forget to stick with your wedding colour palette for your invitations, nothing sets the mood like the lovely calming tones of sea blue.

DIY Beach Wedding Invitations

Layered Embossed Pebbles with Starfish Wedding Invitation

If DIY beach wedding invitations are more your style, add an unique touch to your wedding invitations that’ll leave your guests anticipating your big day by rolling up a scroll wedding invitation, placing it in a bottle and throwing in some sand and seashells for the ultimate beach wedding invite.

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