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You have been dreaming of a wedding on the beach since you were a little girl, and now it's about to come true. As you plan, discuss and make arrangements for your dream beach wedding affair, you will need wedding invitations, stationery and the whole works. Beach wedding invitation trends, designs and styles have changed over the years with inspiration from various parts of the world and cultures making its mark, especially with destination beach weddings.

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Moving away from the traditional all-white wedding invitations from yesteryear, the trends for modern beach wedding invitation take inspirations into account both literally and figuratively, from a myriad of designs and styles to choose from for your dreamy wedding on the beach.  There are many forms of inspirations that you can use for a beach wedding day and its wedding invitations. The way you base your wedding inspiration and its elements reflect the trend, design and style too. You will have to consider the likes of photography against design elements, colours and illustrations when putting together a beach wedding invitation that is trendy.

Trends for beach wedding invitations are many and, like we said before, reflect various inspirations too, from the beach itself, to the ocean, destination and more. Let's look at how each inspiration has been interpreted in the newest beach wedding invitation trends.


Beach themed designs can be figurative as well as literal, where in the latter style it can be done quite easily as all you will need is a beautiful beach related photograph to feature on your wedding invitation facing. If you do want to put more thought into this, you can feature various beach elements such as conch shells, seashells, seahorses and starfish, or even floral details in your photograph to relate to the wedding decor. If not you can use those very same design elements and details in illustrated format to bring a lovely look together, provided you stick to beach colours inspired by your venue or beach surroundings.

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This also applies to destination wedding invitations, where the popular trend is to use such colours, design elements and styles. However, it is in the format of a boarding pass or passport layout and shape, with tropical influences where often you might come across designs of palm tree designs either in photographic, illustrated or silhouette form. The thing about these invite designs is the pop of colour that you can incorporate with primary colours either in bold or muted shades.

A continuation of a popular trend seen at beach weddings would be nautical designs using stripes of navy and blue coupled with splashes of red and delightful nautical old-world accent elements such as anchors, ship wheels, sails, ropes and knots. A great way to spice up this trend would be to add hints of metallic tones, such as gold and silver, as well as couple neon hues together to get that 'pop' effect.

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Another great beach wedding trend is to blend cultural influences into your decor and stationery designs, such as Hawaiian and Caribbean themes, to bohemian and beach chic designs and much more. One thing to always consider would be colour, nature's elements and great new ways of representing your beach wedding inspiration on paper.

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