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Trends and choices of venues can change over time, but the love for the beach will not. As you grow older and make plans for your wedding day, the beach, any beach of your liking, whether it's in your hometown or a little farther away will be ideal. Planning your special day will start with your beach wedding invitations & stationery, and according to the theme and colour palette you have selected, the bridesmaid's attire, flowers and not to mention all those lovely decorative elements that will make this day stand out in the memories of everyone present to share your joy. Let's look at ways in which you can make your beach wedding invitations stand out with delightful colours, details and little personal touches.

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When having your wedding at the beach, there are two popular times of the day that make for a beautiful wedding day, and that is either morning when natural light is at its best and not too hot out, and at sunset to aim for that beautiful sunset wedding photography. Either way, your wedding theme can include elements of these factors if you wish it, by using photography in the beach wedding invitations, featuring the engaged couple at the beach wedding location, beach elements such as seashells and palm trees, or even the shore, waves and horizon. These beach wedding invitation ideas allows for a truly personalised feel from the moment your invitees open up their envelopes.

Other ways, apart from photography, to make your beach wedding invites look truly amazing can be with the help of illustration, choices of graphics, layout and typography playing off each other beautifully with choice colours. The type of illustrations can include line drawings, detailed sketches of the beach or elements associated with the beach, silhouette backdrop illustrations and designs, and so much more.


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Selecting the design elements you want featured is up to you, depending on your personal preferences or its symbolisms. For example, palm trees are ever popular and symbolises triumph and victory, whilst seahorses symbolises loyalty to one another and mating for life. The choices of flowers you want featured such as with tropical flowers like hibiscus and frangipani, they too have symbolisms, where hibiscus represents fertility and beauty, whilst frangipani symbolises immortality. These symbolisms are ideal for your wedding, especially one held at the beach with the horizon looking on representing life.


Ways in which you can personalise your beach wedding invitations can be with the help of photography, ensuring that the beach elements used in the design will be present in the decor on the wedding day, and what your invitation wording will include. Adding your own personalise wording to invite your guests is a great way to stand out by stepping out of the standard, and including the likes of a verse or poem. Another beach wedding invitation idea to personalise would be with the likes of featuring a monogram or motif. You can also opt to print individual names of your guests on the invitation and the envelope for a truly classy and well-thought-out.

With these ideas for beach wedding invitations put into play early on in planning your big day, you can be assured of a beautiful and personalised event.

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