Beach Wedding Invitations

Beach weddings conjure up images of barefoot brides and casual relaxed guests.  If you have your heart set on a beach wedding, be certain to set the tone with  matching Beach wedding invitations.  Any motif that evokes the relaxed and flexible vibe, the flowing lines and curves that remind us of a gentle warm sea breeze will put the guest in the beach frame of mind.

Frangipani designed invitations are very popular at present because of their warm and summery ambience.

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With the Dreamday Invitations beach design, you can either make use of the single frangipani that brings in a water theme and sand or pebbles, or use the frangipani in a pattern or bunch with the addition of colour to complement your chosen colour scheme.

Be sure to foreshadow your wedding day colour scheme with your invitations. Whether you choose  pretty pastel pink or cool  beach blue, remember all of the matching table appointments you will use on the day can highlight your colour scheme, stationery design and bridesmaid dresses.

For example, our DreamDay design Maui Dream comes in a large range of colour options to suit your colour scheme uses a simple floral pattern and smooth lines to relax the recipient.  Far and away the most popular beach theme involves the use of the frangipani.

The key with any invitation is to make a good first impression and to pass along the particulars of the wedding.  With your invitations you have the opportunity to set the mood, to build the intrigue, and to whet the appetite of your guests.

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