Black and White Wedding Invitations

Black and White weddings are a stylish, clean and elegant choice for the modern bride in 2010.  The choices and options are easy, classical and beautifully elegant and the image you create will be timeless with a Black & White theme, and DreamDay Invitations is the perfect start to a refined and truly classy feeling for your wedding. A Black and White themed Wedding Invitation will give your guest a glimpse ahead and conjure images of graceful formal festivities to come.

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Black and White themed wedding invitations such as our ‘Yours Forever’ ‘Filigree Cloud’ and ‘Hearts of Love’ designs, pictured can provide your guests with ideas of elegance by using crisp, sleek lines and adding soft and romantic enrichment.

Having a Black and White themed wedding gives a classic formality and a distinguished feel to your Wedding plans. You could use a beautiful black brooch on your wedding dress, or intricate fine black lace as highlights on your dress or veil.

You can use a sheer soft black organza ribbon or lace to tie your flowers and trail down the front of your dress to emphasize your sophisticated colour theme.

You can add hints of delicate warmer hues such as pale pink, warm latte, silver, gold and ivory by using them as focal colours in ribbons, sashes and flowers for your bridesmaids.

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Pictured above are DreamDay designs in 'Infinity', 'Timeless Tulle", 'Mon Amour', and 'Regal Bond'.

You can use Black and White as your base keynote through your entire wedding. From your initial invitation, to your bridesmaid dresses, ribbons on flowers and in your reception décor using table appointments themed especially to match your invitation.

Using DreamDay’s matching Menus, Place Cards and Bonboniere tags and labels to enrich and harmonize, will add an element of co-ordination and proportion.

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