Black Theme Wedding Invitations

Black. The colour of elegance, sophistication, and classic distinction.  Choosing printed DreamDay black wedding invitations will give your guests a glimpse of a refined and stylish event to come. Black and White weddings have become increasingly popular with the modern day bride and groom, so starting the day with a DreamDay Black Wedding Invitation that has been carefully designed to suit your  theme with style in mind, is a must. Black compliments and highlights any other colour  that may be teamed with it, allowing every bride versatility in her wedding designing and colour schemes. Add a single colour, highlighted with sashes, ribbons, flowers etc, and create a stunning visual effect that will capture your style and leave everyone with memories of your special day forever. Whether you introduce a pretty pastel shade, or an intense bright and bold colour to emphasize your theme, you will find that using Black as your base colour will create a distinguished backbone on which your entire wedding theme can be planned with ease. Black weddings will be magnificent when accented with passionate red, or totally regal when teamed with purple, or truly beautiful when pastel pink or peach are included as a spotlight. In fact there is no colour, shade or hue which does not suit black, making the choice for starting your wedding plans with Black Wedding Invitations, not only beautiful, but a wise decision.

Sweethearts Square Wedding Invitation Filigree Cloud Square Invitation Devoted Pledge Square Invitation

Pictured above are examples of designs from the DreamDay Black and White Invitation collection.

Continue the classy Black and White theme through your day with DreamDay wedding stationery and table accessories perfectly co-ordinated to extend into your reception with Printed Menu’s, Place cards, Napkin Bands and table numbers.

Printed Menu in Filigree Cloud Place Card in Sweethearts Table Numbers in Infinity

Pictured above are DreamDay table accessories such as Printed Menu, Place Card and Table Number.

Choosing to let DreamDay Invitations to help make your DreamDay come true will not only ensure you receive the finest quality invitations and customer service available today, but will guarantee your wedding invitations and stationery have that ‘touch of class’ every bride deserves.

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  • asma15

    In recent years, more and more couples are choosing black and white wedding invitations to set the tone for their wedding day, and for good reason. The contrast of black and white when used on wedding stationery produces a stylish and sophisticated impression that sets the tone perfectly for a day filled with contemporary luxury and designer elegance.

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