Blue Wedding Invitations

Serene and spectacular Blue is one of the most captivating colours of all and it abounds everywhere around us in nature for us all to enjoy. It is tranquil, cool and relaxing. From the vivid sky blues of the perfect summer day, to brilliant deep sapphires and aqua’s of our oceans, even classic Navy blue, bold blues make a statement.  The popularity of Blue is undeniable and with its vast range of tones, choosing  Blue Wedding Invitations can make the perfect colour choice for any couple to use in their wedding stationery.

Pictured here are DreamDay Invitations stunning Square Invitations in' Filigree Cloud', ‘Maui Dream’ ‘Frangipani Dream’ ‘Bridal Lace’ and Filigree Cloud’ in square.

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For many people one of the many charming tones of Blue will be their all time favorite colour, and when partnered with the beauty of clean crisp White, or classical Ivory, blue can look especially stunning.

The inclusion of beautiful Blue as your wedding colour, can add a striking and dazzling visual effect not to be forgotten. It can be carried right through from your invitation and associated stationery such as RSVP Cards and Order of Service covers, to your gorgeous bridal attire and fashion accessories. The use of versatile blue will make your table and reception décor striking and impressive with DreamDay’s appointments such as Place Cards, Printed Menu’s, Welcoming Place Mats and Bomboniere tags.

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