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    The wedding dress usually gets all the attention, but it’s attention to detail that makes your wedding stand out. For instance, even with your wedding dress, the cut and the trimming matters because it makes the entire look unique. Likewise, other details that go into making you the most beautiful yet should also be given some thought, such as your wedding hair pieces. It’s not just about the veil anymore and we’ve got some ideas up our sleeves that we want to share with you!


     Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Tiaras

    Tiaras are the most traditional choices of headpieces loved by many a bride, to add a royal touch to the ensemble. Its placement depends greatly on your choice of hairstyle, but often whether you are opting for a dramatic or elegant look, the tiara is the crowning glory of the ensemble.  A modern take on the tiara is when its worn across the forehead such as that worn by Kim Kardashian on her wedding day. These headband tiaras can be fitted with a veil or worn on its own too.  Apart from them being encrusted, you can also opt to wear a floral tiara, making it a truly modern and eco-friendly headpiece!

    Image Credit: Yimg, AliMG, Brides

    Grecian Inspired Crown and Encrusted Barrettes

     Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Crown and Barrettes

    Though this may sound similar to a floral tiara, it is based on your wedding hairstyle. If you are opting for a top knot with a floral or leaf inspired designed hairpiece wrapped around it, then this would very well be perfect.  You can opt to have an encrusted barrette creating a statement piece alongside the top knot, or a crown of sorts that will go around the hairstyle. Whichever you may choose, this hairpiece and style is a clear favourite for brides who want to add height to their appearance.  When it comes to the use of a barrette, even a low hanging knot or bun would be ideal.

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    Lace Bridal Caps

    Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations  Lace Caps

    Lace bridal caps were first seen on the beautiful late Princess Grace on her wedding day, which she paired with a tiara that was attached to a veil. This look was recently brought back into the scene with a more bohemian-vintage appeal. They are indeed statement pieces and you need to be wary of how much of your head it should cover.

    Image Credit:FromTheBygone, Adorolasbodas, Shopify

    Asian Inspired Jewelled Headpieces

    Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Asian Hair Jewellery

    These headpieces can range from dainty and elegant to glamorous statement pieces depending on the look you are after. Some may opt for a singular strand that will rest on the forehead or the multi-stranded variety, which adds drama to your ensemble.

    Image Credit: Shopify, Pinterest

    Which of these designs would you pick for your wedding day? Let us know which  of these wedding hair pieces is your favourite!

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