Buying Wedding Invitations Online: Things to Consider

Buying wedding invitations online has become popular recently, with more  brides opting to take this route for the competitive prices, number of style options and the convenience it offers. While the Internet has revolutionised the way you purchase your wedding invitations by providing several benefits compared to a brick-and-mortar stationery store, there are still a few crucial things to consider when purchasing online.


Finding a Reputable Online Wedding Stationery Retailer

Research, research, research - we really can’t say this enough! Delegate time in your busy wedding planning schedule to research online wedding invitation companies using everything from online posts and articles to Google reviews and reviews posted on wedding forums and other communities.

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Take a look at the “Terms of Service” usually located on the footer of the company website. With access to company policies on refunds and other critical areas, this is a great spot to get the full picture of the deal that you’ll be entering into with the company.

Also check to make sure the company has a working customer service phone number listed or has live chat enabled on their site. Test it out by calling or messaging with any questions you may have to see how long it takes for you to hear back and if the response is helpful - you’d be surprised at the quality of customer service that some companies offer!


Ordering Your Wedding Invitations Online

Once you’ve decided on 3 - 5 online retailers, browse  their sites for designs that catch your eye and suit your specific wedding theme and colour palette. It will be helpful to set up a spreadsheet, where you can keep track of the designs you like and their prices to allow easy comparing  when you’re ready to make a final decision.

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We always encourage brides to order wedding invitations samples to make sure they’re satisfied before placing their final order. Colour shades may appear differently on your screen and it’s a good way for you to have a better idea on the thickness and quality of the card stock. Most top online wedding invitation vendors allow you to order either generic samples or customised samples which include your own wording, photos etc at a slightly higher price.

Proofing is a critical! Spend sometime checking and double checking for any errors. Ask your fiance, your bridesmaids and anyone else to check all the details prior to printing- you’d be surprised at what a fresh pair of eyes can spot!

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