Casual Wedding Invitation Wording

If you’re planning a relatively low-key and casual wedding, you would ideally want your wedding invitation wording to reflect this with a laid-back tone too. While it’s easier to research examples of traditional invitation wording, finding a more relaxed, offbeat version may prove to be harder than expected. Here are some of our favourite ways of keeping the wording of your wedding invitations casual, along with some great examples that can easily be customised to suit a variety of fun wedding themes.


Wedding Invitation wording


Keep Wedding Invitation Wording Simple

While for a formal wedding, following the traditional route for your wedding invitation wording makes sense, using the same sort of text for a casual wedding affair will make your wedding invites just seem stiff and pretentious. Keeping things simple and basic is an important design rule that should also be implemented for casual wedding invitation wording! Most guests tend to skim through wedding invitations, so however cute and adorable your wedding invitation wording may seem to you, if it’s long winded the chances are your guests will end up confused. Instead opt to keep your information basic by covering the key event information - with just a touch of flair!


We’re ready…

We’re set…

We’re getting married!


will throw the bridal bouquet and


will toss the garter

after we say “I do!”

Please join us at our wedding







Explain Actions Guests Should Take

A common mistake made by several couples is to not include clear instructions of what actions they expect their guests to take. If you have included more extensive wedding information on a wedding website, make sure to let your know guests know and include the website link in the wedding invitation wording. Don’t forget to  include a RSVP date clearly and not lost amongst a complicated wedding invite stanza to ensure your guests get back to you by the said date.


You are totally invited to the wedding of

Bride & Groom

Sunday, the twenty-seventh of September

two thousand and fifteen

at five in the evening



ceremony followed by dinner, drinks, and awkward but enthusiastic dancing


we will be attending your awesome wedding

[ ] True

[ ] False

{___} guests will be attending


Need more info?

Are you wondering…

where to stay?

what to do in town?

whats on the menu?

where the wedding is?

who are these people?

Please visit

wedding website

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