Christmas Inspired Wedding ideas

If you have always loved the festive cheer and the colours of Christmas, you may love the idea of a Christmas inspired wedding day. If your wedding day falls on or around Christmas day, then even more of a reason to base your wedding design around the holiday. Even if it’s not, there’s no rule that says you can’t have your own Christmas inspired wedding day whichever the month.


When you think of Christmas, evergreen trees, snow, baubles, pine cones, holly branches and more come to mind. You can choose any of these to make your Christmas inspired wedding come to life.


The following are some ideas we found that we thought would look amazing for traditional and a non-traditional designs to fit your personal style.


Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations will be the first glimpse you offer your wedding invitees into your wedding day. You may find inspiration in the colours, design elements, and not to mention events or notable memories from your childhood. The following designs are great because they offer both traditional and non-traditional inspirations that can be used for your special day.


DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Ivnitations


The above designs reflect the Christmas colours and are ideal for a modern take on a Christmas inspired wedding design.


DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Autumn Air Wedding Invitation


DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Ever After Wedding Invitation


The above two designs add a touch of glitz through the choice of colours and are a more non-traditional inspired designs, using leaves as its base of inspiration.

DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Prety in Lace Wedding Invitation


The above design is reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany’s with its signature shade of blue matched with white lace. Many who have watched the movie, it’s a Christmas time special and many brides love the ideas of incorporating it into their wedding. Therefore, why not a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired wedding invitation for your big day.


The above Wedding Invitation designs are courtesy of DreamDay Invitations; Ruffled Feathers, Autumn AirEver After, Pretty in Lace, Watercolour Love


Wedding Cakes


DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Candy Cane Wedding Cake


Many of us love candy canes during this festive season, and this candy cane inspired wedding cake is pure perfection with its bright red hues contrasting perfectly with the white.


DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Wooded Elements Rustic Wedding Cakes


The above wedding cake designs have been inspired by woodland elements of pinecones, evergreen branches and holly. These simplistic and rustic cakes offer a subtle Christmas style.


On the Wedding Day


DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding PIne Branch Place Card Tags

Using actual tags attached to pine tree branches makes for a great look for your place cards. You can have them fitted to a bare tree for decor.

DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Pine cone place cards


Use pinecones that have been lightly dusted with faux snow to create a winter inspired feel to these place cards.


DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Rosemary Wreath Place Cards


A wreath made using rosemary makes for an aromatic and Christmas inspired place card decoration.


Wedding Centrepieces


DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Glass Votive Pinecones


Adding a few pinecones in a glass votive is an easy DIY style for your table centrepiece.


DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Holly Floating Candles


How about adding some holly to your floating candle centrepieces?


Cocoa Bar

DreamDay Invitations Christmas Inspired Wedding Froxen Hot Chocolate Bar


Hot chocolate is all the rage during winter and Christmas for many parts of the world, but for us down-under when the month of December actually means summer, how about a frozen chocolate bar instead.


Image Credits: Pinterest, Natural Hosting,

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