Colour Schemes for Your Wedding Invitation

Wedding planning is a fun process, from deciding on the wedding date, looking  for wedding venues, coming up with wedding inspiration  ideas for the whole wedding and putting it all together to present your guest list with the first preview of the big day - the wedding invitations.


Wedding invitations are important for several reasons. One factor is that it's the medium of choice to formally invite your selected list of guests to attend your big day whilst informing them you are also engaged.  Another factor is that it gives the invitees a sneak preview into what the wedding colours are, what the wedding theme may consist of and what sort of wedding style it'll be. Therefore  take your time  deciding  on your  wedding invitations colours and designs  as they'll  be the first impression  your wedding guests will have and not to mention they can also double up as a wedding keepsake too.

There are many colour schemes to choose from depending on the popular themes out there and not to mention the wedding style you are planning. Some the top colour schemes for wedding invitations for 2015 include the following Pantone colours with complementing colour pairings as per wedding  theme/style.

Aquamarine: Calming and cool, with a hint of neutrality, it's a great complement to a fellow neutral shade of Glacier Gray and the sharp contrast of Marsala.

Scuba Blue: Reminiscent of tropical ocean banks, with clarity and excitement, its ideal for destination wedding invitations paired with Lucite Green and Classic Blue.

Lucite Green: A soothing minty green, that is cool and fresh on the eyes, it falls into the same palette that complements Scuba Blue and Classic Blue.

Toasted Almond: Offering cool to earthy warmth, it has a sun tanned appeal that complements shades such as Lavender Herb, Strawberry Ice and Tangerine.

Strawberry Ice: A subtle and charming shade of blush pink, it has a cooling effect against summery hues such as Tangerine and Toasted Almond.

Tangerine: A sharp and citric shade of orange, giving off warmth and vitality, a perfect look for a summer wedding it pairs well with Strawberry Ice and Toasted Almond.

Custard: A soft and mellow shade of yellow that's cheerful, it pairs well with Classic Blue.

Classic Blue: A confident and crisp hue, it can be used to ground warm colours such as Marsala or the neutrality of Sandstone.

Marsala: A shade of red - brown that is beautifully earthy and feminine, it pairs well with the neutral earthiness of Sandstone and the richness of Classic Blue.

Sandstone: A rugged, earthy almost woodsy, this neutral shade gives off a warm appeal. It's best paired with Pantone's Marsala and Classic Blue.

Glacier Gray: Considered a perfect neutral shade, it's a timeless classic choice, pairing well with Dusk Blue & Treetop.

Dusk Blue: A shade of blue reminiscent of clear skies, pairs well with Glacier Gray and Treetop.

Treetop: A crisp and natural shade of green is soothing and would be best accompanied by a cooling Dusk Blue and Glacier Gray.

Woodbine: A tropical yet neutral shade of yellow-green reminiscent of foliage and plants, it goes well with Lavender Herb and Titanium.

Titanium:  A classic and tasteful choice of colour that resonate quality, it has a masculine touch that pairs well with Woodbine and Lavender Herb. Ideal for a modern wedding theme with contrasting colour choices,

Lavender Herb: A delicate and feminine colour, hinted with nostalgia, its best paired with Pantone's Toasted Almond.

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