Creative Wedding Seating Styles and Ideas

Every bride and groom wants their special day to be remembered fondly in their memories as well as those of the invitees. If you are looking for wedding inspiration to make your big day stand out starting with your wedding ceremony, we have a few ideas. With Spring coming to an end and Summer quickly approaching, outdoor wedding and seating arrangements are great ways to move away from the traditional wedding styles for a creative edge to your wedding style.

Even if you are not opting for an outdoor wedding but you have a spacious indoor venue, you can still use these seating styles for your wedding ceremony. Your choice of seating will reflect the style and the theme of the wedding you are after. When you are planning to move away from the traditional choices of seating furniture from Tiffany or white folding chairs, you are able to bring your wedding theme full circle with a personal twist. Here are some unique and creative wedding seating styles and inspirations to add a little personality and style for a memorable wedding day.


                               Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Benches

Benches are an ideal choice if you are looking for a casual yet elegant look for your wedding seating. These benches can be plain with a wood finish or painted according to the wedding colours. Popular decorative benches with a Moroccan feel are well received for beach weddings (often coupled with Moorish lanterns).

Floor Mats/Blankets and Cushions

                               Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Floor Blankets and Cushions

A great choice for the beach or at grassy location, these floor mats or blankets coupled with cushions to match your wedding theme, will allow your guests to relax while the ceremony proceeds. If you expect the day to be extra sunny, offer choices of shade such as patio umbrellas or even create a canopy with cloth that will provide both aesthetic appeal and shade.

Ottomans and Poufs

                               Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Ottomans Poufs

Ottomans offer a homely wedding seating style but when coupled with accessories it can be transformed into a beautiful look, similar to that of the benches. You can add accents in-between the ottomans too. Based on the shape of the ottoman you’ll be able to arrange the seating in a creative way to make a design too (this would make for a beautiful aerial photograph). Similarly, poufs, which are sleek cube ottomans, are popular options too.

Mix and Match Furniture

                               Creative Wedding Seating Styles Wedding Mix and Match Furniture

This type of wedding seating style is quite eclectic as you put together various types of furniture to add a quirky seating setting for your ceremony. They are ideal choices when you want to impress by featuring an assortment of chairs to make your wedding guests feel comfortable and relaxed.  If you are choosing wooden chairs over cushioned, consider adding  a few decorative elements to the back to for a quick and easy elegant touch or even add some colourful throw pillows to the mix.

Image Credits: Intimate Weddings, East Coast Creative Blog, Celebrations Ltd, Archive Vintage Rentals, Pinterest

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