Creative Wedding Signs

If you are looking to wow your wedding guests with your attention to detail and let your personality shine, these creative weddings signs may just be what you are after. From printed welcome signs, chalkboard messages, wooden directions to light box signs, there are many ways to add your own brand of magic. We’ve put together some truly creative pieces for you to use for your wedding day.

Light Box Monogram

DreamDay Invitations Blog Lightbox Monogram Sign

If you are looking to wow, this custom-made light box monogram wedding signs are beyond awesome.

Wedding Bomboniere

DreamDay Invitations Blog Punny Wedding Bomboniere Signs

This cute and punny wedding sign goes well with the choice of wedding bomboniere.

Personalised Bride and Groom Chairs

We love the idea of personalising each chair with a cute “Mr” and “Mrs” sign , but these really stand out for its quirky designs.

Silhouette Signs

DreamDay Invitations Blog Silhouette Boards Bride and Groom Chairs

Artsy Crafts

DreamDay Invitations Blog Personalised Bride Groom Chairs Artsy

Up in Lights

DreamDay Invitations Blog Outdoor Lightbox Wedding Signs

DreamDay Invitations Blog Buffet Lightbox Wedding Signs

The perfect look for nighttime weddings, these personalised light boxes are ideal. They’d make for great photographs and also ambient lighting!

Shimmery Boards

DreamDay Invitations Blog Shimmery Backdrop Board

DreamDay Invitations Blog Shimmery Outdoor Sign Board

We love these looks because it allows you to get almost the same effects as the light box signs during the day.

Seating Charts

DreamDay Invitations Blog Chalkboard Menu

If you want an unconventional seating chart design, do it with a larger than size blackboard with gold chalk!


DreamDay Invitations Blog Signature Cocktails

This fun and creative drinks menu on a chalkboard is just what you need to get you in a spirited mood.

Sentimental Signs

DreamDay Invitations Blog Wedding Signs Sentimental Directions

This cute direction sign post features all the places the groom has been stationed in his military career. It is great if you are looking to have a few tables named after various locations and each sign pointing towards it.

Techy Weddings

DreamDay Invitations Blog Wedding Signs Techy Instagram

If you want your friends and family to join in capturing your memories, have a hashtag ready and let them know so they can all use it. It’ll be easier for you to find them later on!

Map it Out

DreamDay Invitations Blog Wedding Signs Chalkboard Hand Drawn Map

If your wedding celebrations are being held on a large property or estate, let your guests know directions and locations of key venues. This chalkboard hand-drawn map is ideal. Place a few in key locations and you are pretty much on track (to make sure no one gets lost).

Road Signs

DreamDay Invitations Blog Road Wedding Signs

If you are having a rustic wedding, and you want your guests to know they are heading in the right direction, these eye-catching signs are ideal.

Wooden Backdrop and Hand-Drawn Wedding Sign

DreamDay Invitations Blog Wooden Backdrop and Hand-Drawn Wedding Sign

Personalise your venue with a beautiful hand drawn wedding sign such as this. If you aren’t allowed to do so due to venue restrictions, simply put together a wooden wall as your backdrop and draw it on for an elegant and rustic look.

Wooden Directions

DreamDay Invitations Blog Wedding Signs Wooden Directions

Another great choice for a rustic outdoor wedding, the fluid typography adds an elegant touch

Outdoor Wedding Details

DreamDay Invitations Blog Wedding Signs Bicycle Prop

If you are having an outdoor wedding, and you love biking, this would be a perfect prop for your big day.

Gift Table

DreamDay Invitations Blog Wedding Signs Gifts

This cute cutout board is ideal to be used with any prop and style of your choosing.

Geeky Weddings

DreamDay Invitations Blog Wedding Signs Star Wars Geeky Weddings

This Star Wars inspired wedding sign is everything, especially with the release of the upcoming movie! 

Funny Order of Ceremony Sign

DreamDay Invitations Blog Wedding Signs Gatsby Inspired Order of Ceremony Wedding Sign

This Gatsby inspired wedding sign gets right to the point, and we love it!

Marry Me?

DreamDay Invitations Blog Wedding Signs Proposal Marry Me

This inspiration is ideal for a proposal. It was so cute, we had to include it!

Image Credits: Pinterest, Etsy, Modern Wedding

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