Custom Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

The ideal complement for a destination or travel-inspired wedding, boarding pass invitations are elegant, unique and truly eye-catching! Custom boarding pass wedding invitations subtly communicate the travel vibe and unique wedding style, while not revealing too much. Here are some of DreamDay Invitations favourite ways to customise your wedding invites for a distinctive and creative look that’s sure to impress.


Adding Photos to Boarding Pass Invitations

Frangipani Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

Personalise your boarding pass wedding invitations by adding your favourite photo of the two of you. Depending on the style of your wedding, you can opt to use either a formal photoshoot style photo or a more casual picture. If you had someone capture the proposal, add a photograph of this memorable moment to instantly transform your wedding invitations into a keepsake that will be treasured over the years.

In the case of destination weddings, we love the idea of couples incorporating a photograph of the wedding venue in their boarding pass wedding invites. If a picture of the location is not possible, you could include a popular landmark, such as the Eiffel Tower if you’re getting married in Paris!


Using Monograms in Wedding Invitations

Monograms are a great way  to add a custom touch to both traditional or contemporary wedding invitations. Popularly used in boarding pass wedding invitation designs too, monograms  should ideally use an elegant cursive font such as Edwardian Script or Monotype Corsiva.

Monogram Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

While you are free to  browse the Internet or other offline sources for inspiration and use unconventional monograms, traditionally monograms feature a combination of the first name initials of the bride and groom, with the bride’s initial used first.


Personalised Wedding Invitation Wording

Custom Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

Translating your chosen wedding theme into your boarding pass wedding invitations works well using graphical elements, but personalised invitation wording instantly showcases your unique personalities to guests.

We’ve seen plenty of brides and grooms coming up with funny poems to reflect their unique wedding, that work hand in hand with the wedding invite design to leave a lasting impression on their guests.


If writing a poem or limerick is not something you want to do, look around for a powerful quote that captures the beauty of your relationship or wedding. For a destination wedding, consider using a short local quote to play up the exotic nature of your wedding.


Matching Wedding Invitation Accessories

Complete the look of your boarding pass wedding invitations with matching printed boarding pass covers that resemble airline ticketholders. Don’t forget to incorporate monograms on your boarding pass covers too for a look of continuity.

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