Customising Your Wedding Invitations and Theme

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be special, like the saying "one for the ages". With trends and inspiration flowing from everyone and everywhere, you may be wondering how you can put it all together to form one single item that you can use as a point of reference with all the inspirations that you love. The wedding invitation is ideal for this as it one of the earlier items on the wedding planning list, and often one of the first items to be ticked off. Your wedding details, like the lace design you love so much that you may use it for your wedding dress (or possibly the bridesmaid dress details); to the monogram you want to use for the wedding cake; what about the flowers that you cannot do without. You can pick and choose which of these design elements you want to stand out as the focal element of the wedding invitations you buy.

                     DreamDay Invitations Custom Personalised Wedding Invitations Designs

The great thing about the choice of buying wedding invitations early is that you can use it as the setting for your entire wedding. Choose a focal wedding element and its accompaniment and customise the wedding invitation design and make it the perfect look. How you go about customising the wedding invite is simple - we'll tell you how!

​Take a look at the wedding invites collections on the DreamDay Invitations online shop; find the best wedding invitation design that comes close to the look you want, The next step is to add the personalised touches to the look to make it your own, and check it via the online preview from the online invitations ordering system from the website. What you can personalise yourself via the online card editing system includes adding the names of the bride and groom, editing the invitation wording (we even have some great suggestions for the way you word your invite), to adding guest names on each invite card as well as the envelopes which can be printed matching envelopes. The rest can be done with a little help from the design team. When ordering, include your specific design instructions; even upload a photo to the order with direction on where to place it. With the help of your designated designer, you are able to transform your wedding invitation into your wedding vision. You can even split your order for bi-lingual wedding invitations by working with DreamDay Invitations.

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The other way you can go about getting a custom wedding invite would be to use the DIY invitations option where you can simply download the blank design templates for you to edit and then upload the PDF to print your wedding invitations with us.

​Coming up with a custom wedding invitations is that easy.​Now, you can do all this online with DreamDay Invitations!

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