Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination weddings have become a popular option for couples looking for a unique and fun way to say “I do”.  When choosing your wedding invitations, you should ensure to capture the style and elements of your destination wedding. We’ve compiled a few quick tips and ideas to keep in mind when working on your wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitation Design

Once you’ve decided on a location for your wedding, identify elements from the locale that reflects the wedding theme and include them in your save the dates, wedding invitations and thank you cards. If getting married on top of a picturesque mountain top or a beautiful garden wedding is your ideal wedding location, choose hues of green and elements from nature to include in your invitations. Light floral designs add a beautiful touch of elegance to your wedding invites, while remaining in sync with the rest of your wedding theme.

For beach wedding invitations, frangipani inspired invitations or seashell invitations look fantastic. Combine these elements with some calming tones of sea blue and hues of a sunset for a beautiful and elegant beach wedding invite.

To give guests a glimpse of what they can expect, customise your wedding invites to include a photograph of the sea, mountain or any other key attraction from your wedding location.

Guest List

Once you’ve chosen your wedding location and taken care of the booking details, you will need to get cracking on your guest list. Most couples opt to keep destination weddings an intimate affair by having just close friends and family attend.  If you prefer to have a large number of guests at your wedding, it’s best to speak with the resort first & find out if they have the facilities to accommodate a large number of guests.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Save the dates are critical for destination weddings, as guests should have plenty of time to organise their schedule and finances to attend.  Aim to send out your Save the Dates at least nine months in advance if people will need to make extensive travel plans. You will need to include just the date and the location for your Save the Date, but let guests know that more details will follow in the wedding invitation.

Wedding invitations should be sent out about six months prior to the wedding. Include a card with details on flight rates, hotel group rates, rental car info etc.

Set your RSVP deadline for at least one or two months before the wedding, so that you have enough time to finalise your guest numbers for the wedding booking.Keep in mind to plan ahead for a few late RSVPs.

Once your guests arrive at your wedding destination, make sure to have a package ready for them at the reception desk. Include a schedule for the wedding or pre-wedding events,maps, info on guided tours, safety tips, as well as any other information that would be interesting or necessary for their stay. Adding a handwritten, personal note thanking them for their presence is a nice touch that your guests will appreciate!

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