Direction and Accommodation Cards

Ever been late for a very important date? Ever got lost and late, stressed, not knowing how to get to where you are going, or even where will you park the car when you get there? So you can imagine how your guests will feel if this happens to them on the way to your wedding! You can have everyone at your wedding on time, happy and relaxed, easily. Just include a DreamDay Direction and Accommodation card with your invitation. DreamDay Direction / Accommodation cards are double sided. Directions on one side, accommodation arrangements on the other. Use either side, or both sides. You could put a verse, or any other message you would like to convey to your guests on the flip side if you only want to use one side. You fill in the details, general directions to the church from south and north etc, then to the reception venue and parking arrangements and alternatives. Your guests will love the help and the thought you have put into the importance of their attendance.

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First Kiss Directions card Sweethearts Directions card Unforgettable Directions card

The Accommodations side of the card is very handy for guests coming from out of town, or travelling a long way just to be with you.  Make a list of local hotels, of varying budgets, that are closest to you, or closest to the venue. List phone numbers and booking references if you have made tentative pre-wedding bookings for them. Give contact details for yourself or someone who may be able to help them with any questions.

Every DreamDay Direction / Accommodation card has been designed to match its parent wedding invitation, keeping your wedding stationery co-ordinated and perfectly harmonized. DreamDay Invitations – helping you make your DreamDay come true.

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