Elegant Engagement Invitations

Similar to wedding invitations, engagement invitations should be a good reflection of the couple’s personalities and tastes. Your invitations can be formal or as casual as the celebratory engagement party you’re planning, so feel free to get creative when finalising the invitation design for your cards and explore different invitation styles that capture the unique style of your relationship.


Contemporary Engagement Invitations

If you’re planning an engagement party that’s stylish with loads of playful and fabulous accents, let your creativity loose when designing your engagement invitations and incorporate as much style as possible.

While you have a plethora of designs to choose from, first spend some time finalising the colour palette for the celebration, in order to have a basic idea of where to start with your invitations. Tons of colour combos have become extremely popular, however some firm favourites are poppy, grey and aqua or even a steel grey combined with buttercup yellow.

Depending on the style of engagement party you’re throwing, the invitations should reflect the theme such as a fun, retro design concept or even a casual backyard BBQ celebration - it’s really up to the two of you!

Contemporary Engagement Invitations - DreamDay Invitations


Traditional Engagement Invitations

If you plan on hosting a more formal, black-tie celebration in honour of your engagement, more traditional engagement invitations will be ideal! While there are a number of invitation designs to choose from in this category, you can even opt for a customised look featuring a monogram with both your initials to add an unique flair to your invites. Consider including a diamond ring or the silhouette of a bride and groom for simple, but beautiful design elements.

Traditional Engagement Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

Popular traditional colour palettes usually favour  black & white, navy, deep burgundies and green, but you can incorporate your wedding colours for a custom look,  if you’ve already decided on one.


Photo Engagement Invitations

To give your engagement invitations a personal touch, include either a photograph taken soon after the proposal or just your favourite picture of the two of you! By adding this special touch, you’ll immediately transform a standard engagement invite into a memorable keepsake for the two of you, as well as your guests who’ll be delighted to receive this personalised invitation in the mail.

Photo Engagement Invitations - DreamDay Invitations


DIY Engagement Invitations

DIY Engagement Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

For engagement invitations that are truly customised, consider following the DIY route by either making your own handmade creations using cardstock, speciality paper and embellishments found at DIY invitation stores or adding embellishments such as lace, buckles or brooches to a standard engagement invite for a quick and easy transformation.


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