Engagement Party Invitations

Your engagement is something that will be remembered for a long time! Being the first milestone to your new married life, it is one event that should be celebrated with a party, an engagement party! With an engagement party you will be able to create memories with your family and friends that you will treasure forever, and will also be a great way of celebrating the first steps to your wedding day. When planning for your engagement , your engagement party invitations will be one of the first things that you will need to think about.  DreamDay Invitations has a fantastic range of stunning Engagement Party Invitation cards styled for every setting or theme you can think of.

Velvet Plume Engagment Card Folded in Sunshine - DreamDay Invitations

When planning your engagement party, you’ll need a venue to hold the event at, most commonly it’ll be at your home, or maybe  a favourite restaurant.  However, if you want to make it something truly special and different, you can mix it up with various other venues, such as a rooftop garden or even a picnic party at the park. Depending on where you want to host your engagement party, the invitations will need to be designed, made and sent out early.

With your engagement party invitations you can design it according to various factors. You may have a favourite theme you would like to follow that can take you right through into the wedding plans as well. A much loved favourite colour, a beautiful flower as a common symbol or a destination such as a sandy beach.  As with wedding invitations you can set a definite theme from the onset. You may choose elegant and formal engagement party invitations,best suited for a formal setting, or a more laid-back, trendy or modern engagement party invitations, where you can mix things up and have fun with the design of your engagement party invitations.

Elegant Engagement Party Invitations

Engagement party invitations that are elegant would make perfect ones for a formal event, where you might have a sit-down dinner. Elegant and pretty pastels can be used, and with a simplistic design that encompasses the likes of filigree lace, stunning motifs, with embossing, and a touch of shimmering metallic foil print to add a rich look to the engagement party invitations, would be ideal.

Modern Engagement Party Invitations

Add a modern touch by being different, quirky,  and taking a left turn for more exciting and inspiring engagement party invitations. Use various details from the setting of the engagement party, or your own fun personalities, or a funky theme, and you can make your engagement party invitations more memorable. Use modern colours that contrast, and trendy fonts, add you own poems and wording to personalize your engagement invitations.  Use trimmings and embellishments, embossing, and foil printing and make your engagement party invitations the best yet.

These are some examples for you to start on your journey of making your very own engagement party invitations. Choose from the multitude of designs from DreamDay Invitations, or choose a professionally pre-printed DIY project to enhance yourself.  Enlisting the help of professionals to make your engagement party invitations truly perfect will make your Engagement party truly special. Congratulations and have fun!

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