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  • How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

    One of the things you would take away from your engagement would be the way he proposed, and not to mention the beautiful ring he slipped into your finger.  If you have already started planning your wedding, you may already have an engagement photo shoot included as part of your wedding photography package. However in the event that you don’t, you can make plans to have one done a la carte. When you do decide to go ahead with your engagement photo shoot session, you need to prepare for it. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind and work towards so that you end up with beautiful engagement photographs and some great memories from the day too.


    Brainstorm with your Photographer

    Engagement Photo Shoot Preparation Ideas

    Knowing what you want is important. Often couples choose two styles, one set of pictures that are casual and another formal (which can be used for your save the date cards, for an engagement party invitation or for your newspaper wedding announcement).


    Your photographer may offer you many suggestions, but it’s also important to do your own research and look for engagement shoot inspirations to figure out what you would like. Thereafter you can fit these styles into what suits you both and your personalities. For example, if you love books, you can choose a library as your location and work with books and newspapers as your props.


    Make sure that whatever you choose to do, it resonates with the people you are. If you are offered a suggestion that isn’t you, don’t be afraid to say no. Also, choose clothing that you are comfortable with and is your style.


    Image Credit:AprilAndPaul


    Timing and Sticking to it

    Preparing for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

    Often the best pictures are possible when natural lighting is available. An ideal time would be two hours before sunset when the light is just right (the lighting offers a natural skin glow). As you are working within a time frame make sure that you are ready and on time. If you have working with a change of clothes and even location, then make sure to plan ahead of time and have made the arrangements such as a changing room and so forth.


    Image Credit:WedAlert


    Engagement Shoots are FUN

    Fun Engagement Shoot Ideas

    One thing for sure, engagement shoots are fun. After all, you are attempting to capture your personalities and the love that you share, so let loose and be relaxed. Don’t worry too much about the poses and angles, it’s up to the photographer to do all that. You just need to be yourselves and it will all fall in place.  It’s important to interact with your fiancé and just have a good time. Once all the pictures have been taken, you can go through the many capture to pick out the best ones.


    Image Credit:Bumby Photography


    The Other Little Details

    Engagement Photo Shoot Rings Macro

    One thing most couple forget is that the ring will receive some spotlight too. It would be a good idea to have the ring cleaned beforehand. Also, when it comes to makeup and hair, take a little care to dab up shine spots and not to mention add a touch more makeup on your eyes, cheeks and lips so they stand out better in the photographs. Make sure to stick to matte makeup and don’t forget to paint your nails!


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  • 10 Tips for Planning an Engagement Party

    Did he pop the question out of the blue with a fabulously romantic gesture and a great story to go with it? How about you share your love story and this milestone with family and friends by throwing a lovely engagement party. Here are 10 tips for planning an engagement party to get you started!


    1. Select the Perfect Engagement Party Theme


    Themed Engagement Party Planning Roaring Twenties


    Often planning an engagement party (actually, any party for that matter) is made easier when you have a theme to rely on or be inspired by. If you choose to look at history, eras and time periods, then you are able to use that as a foundation to build your own unique engagement party theme. Great Gatsby/Roaring Twenties to the Colourful Sixties in pastels and patterns make for interesting themes that allows you to impress by adding your own engagement party theme twist.


    Image Source: Kevin Trow Bridge

    2. Be Culturally Inspired

    moroccan-engagement party


    One of the easiest things to be inspired by is culture and heritage. If you have cultural influences that you would like to highlight and build on, then that’s fabulous by incorporating the various rituals and appeal, whether it’s with the designs to the traditions associated.


    Image Source: Andersruff


    3. Choosing Time Setting


    engagement-party-inspiration-brunch breakfast


    If you have a time that you love (brunch, afternoons, or evenings), then choose your favourite time setting and making it work for you accordingly. You could opt for 10am Breakfast, 11am-12:30pm Brunch/Morning Tea, 1pm Lunch, 2pm-5pm Afternoon Tea, 5pm-7pm Dusk, 7pm-8:30pm Dinner, and 8:30pm onwards for indulgences.


    Image Source: Paper Blog

    4. To Adventures and Beyond

    engagement party canoe planning


    An ideal setting for a close or limited group of friends and family, you can invite them to a backyard/adventure weekend to partake in fun activities. This is perfect if you both love the outdoors and Australia is the perfect setting for it, with so many fun activities in store; caving/climbing, diving/snorkelling, cycling, golf, fishing, hiking, aquariums and more.

    Image Credit: RH PhotoArts


    5. Working Around Your Location

    engagement party night outdoor venue


    Much like using time to make the engagement party work for you, you can do the same with the engagement party venue. This is ideal if you have sentimental places that you want to highlight, maybe the park you met or your favourite restaurant. You can add in some personalised signs/posts to direct your engagement party invitees to where you want them to go!


    Image Credit: MustardSeeds

    6. Australian Vineyards

    engagement party vineyard tasting weekend


    A popular destination for weekends, why not throw a vineyard engagement party. With the country famed for its wines, this type of party will truly go down as one of the best engagement parties your guest may attend due to its choice location!


    Image Credit: Australian Green Fields Estate

    7. Gala Twist

    Engagement PartyRed Carpet Gala Theme


    One way to glam things up would be to turn your engagement party into a black-tie red carpet affair. Give your invitees a chance to dress up in all their finery for a truly memorable time!


    Image Credit: JustPhotoBooth

    8. Incorporate your Loves and Hobbies

    Engagement Party Theme Ideas


    One way of letting your party invitees connect with you would be to make the theme of your engagement party reflect on things you love. Be it with the venue, the style, and the decorations you choose. Let it hint at something that is personal.


    Image Credit: Karas Party Ideas

    9. Incorporate a Former Date into the Party



    Another way of letting your invitees connect with you and your fiancé would be to host the engagement party at venue that you two have been to or shared a special moment at.


    Image Credit: Yes Baby Daily

    10. Make It Romantic

    CarolynsEngagementParty_03 romantic flowers theme


    It’s an engagement party, after all! Make sure to add a touch of romance with decorations and various other means & elements such as poetry displays, candles & lighting, and other items that resonate on romance.

    Image Credit: Hostess Blog

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