Engagement Photo Invitations

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so send the exciting news of your engagement via engagement photo invitations as you invite your loved ones and friends to celebrate the ascent of a beautiful love story.

Engagement photo invitations are absolutely wonderful. What a great way to share the news. It's not only an invitation, but a message of love and also a great keepsake. Your invitees will have your engagement  invitations pinned to their fridge or pin board or even put it away in a scrapbook too! It's that memorable! But there's more. You can make it even more memorable by choosing the type of photography you're going to feature in your engagement photo invitations.

Engagement Photo Invitations

Many newly engaged couples love putting together their engagement photo invites. What is yours? Did your wonderful fiancé have a secret photographer to snap that moment right when it happened, did he set up a camera on a timer and have it click away as he got down on bended knee? Or are you having an official and wonderfully thought out engagement photo shoot? When you find that special picture from the ones you have laid out for you to pick and you know in your hearts that that should be the photograph that should be remembered by all your invitees, then that's what will be featured in your engagement photo invitations to be shared with love.

Photo Engagement Invitations

Once you've got your engagement photo for your engagement party invitation ready, it's time to select the style and design of the engagement photo invitations! There are many to choose from, depending on shape, fold and style and not to mentioned design too. There are some designs that featured an all-over photo design, whilst some are featured as a specific area of the layout. Depending on your choice and how much of the invitation wording you'd like featured then you'll make your pick of what's available. This can also depend on how your photographs look like and whether if you choose an all-over design, whether there's an area in which text can be included so that it is legible. These are important things to consider and should be communicated to your photographer.

Engagement Invites

Engagement  invitations have a way of leaving a lasting impression and if you want to tie in your engagement invites to your wedding invitations & stationery, then you can choose to use the same font and colours as the engagement photo invitations. Plan ahead and share your beautiful love story with your family and friends as you count the days till you walk down the aisle.

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