English Romance Inspired Wedding Invitations

Romance is in the air, fragrant and beautiful, like a garden full of roses. Imagine it, and theme your special day around what is known as English Romance, with beautiful flowers, and crisp elegance. Your wedding invitations would be the best place to start to open the door to a beautiful wedding day, filled with wonder, elegance and above all, romance.

Whether you are inspired by poetry by the famous William Wordsworth, the English gardens or simply English countryside weddings, you can add bits and pieces of them all into your design, decor and of course the wedding invitations, accessories and stationery for your dream day wedding. Consider the details you want highlighted - is it the flowers, the colours you have chosen, or the overall decor design you want previewed on your wedding invitations?

These are just ways in which you can allow your invitees to glimpse into the beautiful vision. You can go either way with the styling, be it traditional or modern. The romance of it all will show through, especially with design details that are resonant of the English. We have in store some elegant and truly romantic wedding invitations for your to choose from, that hone in on those design elements, styles and traits.


Once Upon a Time

A tranquil and elegant shade of teal that is crisp against the white contrast of the letters and design elements on the back, and the invitation wording on the front, this flat wedding card is in its entirety very regal and poised. The teal backdrop features an olive leaf crest and the words "Faith & Love" within it, and the text mixes scripted fonts against serif for a well thought out balance of design. Definitely ideal for any romantic wedding where there is class and muted luxury in its design vision.


English Romance Wedding Invitations - DreamDay Invitations


Fantasy Flowers

We can agree that garden weddings are beautiful, and would be a nice touch as a venue choice as this elegantly done up card. A vertical folded wedding invitation in breathtaking shades of ivory and beige tones that play well with the garden setting of the design. The silhouettes of the foliage and flora is present throughout the design, but most prominent on the cover where the focus is given to the brides and grooms name featured on the centre and a beautiful scripted "&" that contrasts against the overall design. Truly breathtaking and oozes luxury in each corner of this beautiful English romance inspired wedding invitation.

Fantasy Flower Wedding Invitations -  DreamDay Invitations

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