Foil Pressed Wedding Invitations

Have you started planning your wedding? If you have more than two months worth of time left till the big day, you have enough and more time to work on the first thing your guests will see. Yep, that's right, the wedding invitations, and in this edition of Wedding Ideas, we've got some lovely Foil Pressed Wedding Invitations for your selection.


These are ideal if you want to infuse a touch of luxury and class into your wedding. At DreamDay Invitations, we have in store a grand collection of beautifully done up foiled wedding invitations that really make for a spectacular statement. Available on Brilliant Gold & Silver printed on premium wedding paper such as White, Ivory and StarDream Crystal, you are assured of an elegant outcome when you choose this look.


No matter what your wedding invitation design may be, it'll be beautiful because the added touch of shimmer and glamour will be outstanding. Your wedding guests will be awed by the elegance and the class that will ooze from the wedding invitation. Here are some delightful choices of foil pressed wedding invitations that will be a hit with everyone invited!

Metallic "Love Wheel" | DreamDay Invitations Foil Wedding Invitations Collection

Printed in metallic Brilliant Gold on quality white wedding invitation paper, this design features two kinds of borders that are foiled on both the front and back of the design. The front design features an abstract Art Deco inspired border that has the look of a kaleidoscope. The back design is crisp and elegant with the wedding invitation wording set inside two double lined borders that is the perfect accompaniment to the front design.


Gold Foiled Wedding Invitations


Metallic "Into You" | DreamDay Invitations Foil Wedding Invitations Collection

A beautifully done up typography wedding invitation design that is elegant, modern and lively at the same time, "Into You" will definitely make you fall in love at first sight. With a lovely balance of abstract border work, flourish designs and play on font facing, sizing and shading, this vertical flat wedding invitation card is quite the statement piece and will have your wedding invitees buzzing with excitement.


Metallic "In Your Heart" | DreamDay Invitations Foil Wedding Invitations Collection

This beautiful foiled wedding invitation card design is breathtakingly elegant. The flow of design from front to back is simple but creates a statement through the intricate flourished look of the pattern. The Brilliant Gold foil print features the pattern design, monogram as well as the wedding invitation wording, and is set on crisp white wedding paper.

Foiled Wedding Invitations



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