Folded Hearts Wedding Invitations

Every one of us is unique, in one way or another, whether it's our personalities, our lifestyles, or even the way we love. The beauty of love is that it grows in leaps and bounds, and your heart swells with joy. As you prepare for your special day, you want something to represent your love that's unique and memorable, and we have a great origami inspired design for your wedding invitations. DreamDay Invitation's Folded Heart wedding invitations are unique and memorable, and definitely out of the box.


We exclusively bring you these lovely heart-shaped folded wedding invitations to make your wedding day one to talk about. Your invitees will be amazed at the concept and idea of your wedding invites. This stunning origami wedding invitations with its heart shape is ideal when you want to put a twist on traditional design.

This hassle free design is easy to assemble in 4 easy steps, anyone can do it! This unique card is created with the help of our custom made cutting die that creates a flawless shape of a heart for your romantic and special day full of love.

Dancing Butterflies Folded Heart in Purple - DreamDay Invitations


The Folded Heart range spans over a 100 designs, and are customisable for all your little personal touches, from the names of the bride and groom, their wedding date, the invitation wording and much more. You can match this beautiful Folded Heart wedding invitation within any stationery accessory in its design collection, from the reply cards, directions & accommodations cards, wishing well & gift registry cards from the wedding invitation accessories package, as well the likes of menu cards, table numbers and place cards, and much more for accessories to be used on the day of the wedding.


One such Folded Heart wedding invitation design would be "Loving Lanterns". This beautiful Asian inspired design is so warm and inviting, and would be ideal for a night time wedding especially if you plan on using similar lanterns for a beautiful backdrop. The shade of espresso against the orange and red of the lanterns make for a lovely contrast and magnify warmth. Featuring lantern design elements and the names of the bride and groom on either side of the heart curves, the white of the invitation wording area is a sharp and a pleasant surprise. The Loving Lanterns Folded Heart wedding invitations are available with an unprinted matching envelope, and you may opt to include individual guest addresses onto the envelope for small charge.

 Enchanted Garden Folded Heart in Burgundy - DreamDay Invitations

Add romance and creativity to your wedding with these lovely Folded Heart wedding invitation design to set the tone so that your big day will be one to remember!

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