Groom Styling Tips for your Wedding Day

When it comes to the bride, a lot of thought and consideration goes into so many things, from the type of bridal dress to how the accessories will be paired, down to the hair styling and makeup. But what about the groom? How should his wedding attire be styled?  Here are some Groom styling tips to get you started in the right direction, especially when it comes to sizing where you need to know what a good fit involves.

The Shoulder Silhouette

Groom Wedding Suit Style Shoulder

The shoulder silhouette is a good place to start.  This is the shoulder area from the sleeve to the collar – it needs to have a good fit and should not be bunched up.

The Collar Gap

Groom Wedding Suit Style Collar Gap

When it comes to the collar, it should rest effortlessly on your shirt with no gaps where it’s either standing away or bunching away on the back, nor should there be a gap between your jacket lapel or your shirt.

The Tie

Groom Wedding Suit Style Tie Width

One rule of thumb is matching the width of your tie to the width of your lapel.


Groom Wedding Suit Style Lapel Size

Your wedding theme can also reflect the type of wedding suit you choose to wear. If you want a more modern look, opt for a thinner lapel (and tie). For an older style and theme, opt for a wider lapel and tie.

The Knot

 Groom Wedding Suit Style Half Windsor Knot Groom Wedding Suit Style Full Windsor Knot

One of the classics, both easy to do and elegant, the Windsor is a very well received tie knot. It’s a good idea to choose between the Half and the full Windsor based on the proportion of the groom’s head. If it’s wider, opt for the latter.

Tie Length

Groom Wedding Suit Style Tie Length

Make sure that the tie barely reaches the waistband or stop just short of the pants of the suit.

Tie Colour

Groom Wedding Suit Style Tie Colour

If you want your tie to pop or stand out, make sure that it’s darker than the dress shirt you’re planning on wearing.


Groom Wedding Suit Style Belt Shoes

Your choice of belt must be thin and match the colour of your shoes.


Groom Wedding Suit Style Undershirt

If you are having an outdoor or summer wedding, make sure that the groom is wearing an undershirt to collect the sweat so that the dress shirt does not stain.


Groom Wedding Suit Style Vest

Vests are ideal for casual weddings. In the event you choose to wear only a vest, make sure that you avoid looking stuffy by unbuttoning the bottom most button. Making sure your tie length is accurate is a good idea so that it does not look weird.

If he’s wearing a vest with a full suit, make sure it’s a single breast suit so that the vest is visible too.

Jackets and Buttons

Groom Wedding Suit Style Jackets Buttons

If the groom decides to wear a two-button jacket, the top button should rest at or above his navel. If it’s a three button jacket, the middle button should follow this rule.

Jacket Length

Groom Wedding Suit Style Jackets Length

The length of your jacket can be judged from the front and back – but as a rule of thumb, it should be long enough to cover the zipper.

Shirt Sleeves Cuffs

Groom Wedding Suit Style Shirt Sleeve Cuff

The length of your jacket sleeve and your shirtsleeve is important and judged at the cuffs. The shirtsleeve cuff should be exposed (at least half an inch).

Pant Hems

Groom Wedding Suit Style Pant Hem

For a traditional look, the hem of your pant should rest on the top of the shoe and cover some of the laces. For a more modern look, it should only hit the top of the shoe.

Image Credits: Wedding Dash, Beckett Simonon, TheRealMenStyle

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