How to Ask Your Bridal Party to Be Part of your Wedding

Your bridal party will essentially be your support group during the excitement (and stress) of planning the wedding, especially on the big day. Getting your A-team together is an important step towards making sure everything runs smoothly. Maybe you have already figured out who you want to be part of your wedding day (possibly life-long friends who have your back), but in the event you are still looking, make sure you put some thought into it.

One thing that the bride or the groom can ask themselves before they pop the question to their prospective bridesmaids or groomsmen would be “do you see yourself being friends with them five years down the lines” and “how well will they gel with the others on your bridal party list”? If you are sure and content with the answers, then it’s time you asked them to do you the honour of being part of your bridal party!

We love the idea of creative and fun ways to ask the bridesmaids and groomsmen and not to mention the maid of honour and best man. Here are our favourites!

Will You Be my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honour?

Your bridesmaid or maid of honour proposal can be fun and creative! The “Bridesmaids” movie set the way with its elegant box that came complete with a live butterfly that flew out when opened. You can do the same including adding trinkets, chocolate and various mementos that you feel your girls might appreciate. But there are other ways too. Here are some ideas!

You can propose to your girls at the engagement party, or by taking them out to lunch individually or as a group!

Personalised Boxes

Bridesmaid Proposal Personalised Boxes

Image Credit: The Pretty Blog

Candy Ring Pop

Bridesmaid Proposal Candy Rings

Image Credit: TwoBroadsApparel

Cupcake Jars (with Customised Napkins)

Bridesmaid Proposal Cupcake Jars

Image Credit: MarryThis

Confetti Envelopes

Bridesmaid Proposal Confetti Envelopes

Image Credit: WantsAndWishesDesign

Locket Rings/Pendants

Bridesmaid Proposal Locket Rings

Image Credit: OhHelloFriendBlog

Will You be My Groomsman/Best Man?

Asking your guy friends to be part of your “crew” is done differently to that of the girls. However, you can present them with a memento box, just with a masculine touch. Here are some ideas!

Peronalised Boxes

Groomsman Proposal Personalised Boxes

Image Credit: Pinterest

Personalised Puzzle

Groomsman Puzzle

Image Credit: Etsy

Groomsman Customised Bottle Labels

Groomsman Proposal Customised Bottle Labels

Image Credit: Etsy

Mustache You Questions

Groomsman Proposal Mustache Tokens

Image Credit: Danks & Honey


Groomsman Proposal Customised Cufflinks

Image Credit: Etsy

Planning an Event

Groomsman Proposal Planning an Event

If a proposal gift isn’t your kind of idea, you can simply plan an event for some “guy time”, such as beer tasting, golfing or even paintballing.

Image Credit: Grooms Advice

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