How to Plan an Al Fresco Barn Wedding Reception

Your wedding day should be everything you want it to be, and if you are envisioning something that involves the outdoors, then an al fresco barn wedding may just be the thing for you! Whether it’s a daytime or night-time wedding, they are perfect for romantic and rustic styled themes. Even if you choose to have the ceremony elsewhere, this type of setting is perfect for your guests to unwind and mingle. If your wedding venue has the perfect place to set up your aisle, then even better because you can cut down on travel time and invest more time to having fun on your wedding day (for newlyweds and the guests too).

These types of weddings are popping up everywhere, but the best part is they are never the cookie-cutter wedding you see with indoor venues at reception halls and restaurants.  That’s because each and every one of these al fresco barn weddings have their own spark and personality. After all, your wedding day is what you make of it and with the beauty that nature is providing you with the open-air concept of al fresco, you are sure to have an amazing wedding!

What is Al Fresco?

Al Fresco Dining Wedding Menu Planning

In other words, al fresco means dining in the open air or outdoor dining.  The term comes from Italy where dining outdoors is a favourite. Usually, you’ll find that all you need to enjoy al fresco dining is good food, pleasant weather and great company. Choose delicious salad options from the likes of rainbow tomato or roasted chicken garden salads, or picnic favourites, barbecue selections and more.  Depending on the style of your wedding, your al fresco menu can be adapted and selected to make it perfect for you and the wedding guests you are expecting to attend! If you’re having a cocktail inspired wedding reception, then you can adapt some great menu items to match!

Al Fresco Cocktails and Barn Wedding Reception

Al Fresco Cocktails and Barn Wedding Reception

Barn weddings are ideal for couples who love the rustic feel  and the possibility of beautiful photographs.  When you pair it up with an al fresco cocktail hour followed by  the wedding reception held indoors, you will be  giving your wedding guests plenty of time to mingle and get comfortable before sitting down to the grub which can also be al fresco inspired!  You can also opt to have the wedding reception that incorporates seating both indoors and outdoors throughout the whole wedding without limiting it to a cocktail hour outdoors alone.

When looking for barn wedding venues, look at locations that are ready to accommodate weddings. It’s best to find wedding planners who specialise in barn weddings (especially if you are inviting a large number of guests) to accommodate the various requirements and putting it all together.

Image Credits: OneWed, Front Porch Farm STN

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