How to Win the Groom of the Year Award

Groom of the Year - it’s a coveted spot! We’re are sure you will surpass all expectations, with a little help from us! Wedding planning is a stressful time for the bride and the groom, but it’s often the brides who throw themselves into the wedding planning details to make sure that everything is perfect. Doesn’t that warrant a little surprise from her beloved? Just when she’s not expecting any surprises with all the wedding planning, here are some ways you can truly put her wedding planning woes aside and grin from ear to ear! Here’s what you can do!

Jewellery for the Bride on her Wedding Day

DreamDay Invitations Wedding Gifts for the Bride Jewellery

Often brides and grooms give each other wedding day gifts, and you can too – but here is how you can make it special. Jewellery for the blushing brides would be ideal; something she can slip on for her wedding day. Select a piece of jewellery that will match her entire ensemble will say how much thought you have put into making sure she is the happiest bride walking down the aisle.

Personalised Mix CDs

DreamDay Invitations Wedding Gifts for the Bride Mix CDs

If the two of you bonded over your love of music, then this will be a truly thoughtful gift. Put together different mix CDs that have gotten you through various stages in your relationship, songs from your firsts, and not to mention a mix CD that has love songs that you both love. Don’t forget to add a handwritten note with each mix CD with little memories from the songs too - she’ll be surely floored!

Write her a Song

DreamDay Invitations Wedding Gifts for the Bride Songwriting

Many a groom have serenaded their brides with love songs from the ages on their wedding day in front of loved ones and friends, but what if you took it one step further and actually wrote and composed a song! If you don’t know how to play a certain instrument – you could learn how to and make it a truly great surprise for your bride!

Unveil the Proposal

DreamDay Invitations Wedding Gifts for the Bride Proposal

If you planned ahead and had a secret photographer or videographer at the proposal – then why not unveil it at the wedding in front of everyone and share that special moment all over again! Make sure your partner in crime (aka the secret photographer of videographer stays out of sight and knows how to keep it a secret!).

Messages from Loved Ones

DreamDay Invitations Wedding Gifts for the Bride Messages

If you know that there may be a few absentees at your wedding day, reach out to them and have them send out little messages, photographs, a telegram or even a video message that you can share with her.

There are many more ways you as the Groom of the Year can make this special time even more memorable for your beloved bride. You could get her the gift of shoes (a girl can never have too many shoes), a journal of your best moments together, s scrapbook of love notes and poems over the years, little treats sent to her leading up to the wedding to remind her that it’s you she’s marrying, and so much more! What would you do?

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