How to Write a Killer Groom’s Speech

As the Groom, a lot of limelight follows you from the start to the finish. However, it’s what you say during the Groom’s speech will be what most of your wedding guests will remember. The wedding speech is a big deal and should be well thought-out in advance. As the hubby-to-be, we have a few tips on how to write a killer groom’s speech for your wedding day.

Keep the Focus on your Bride

Wedding Grooms Speech

Usually the groom speaks after everybody else finishes their speeches, this includes the best man, and if anything you may be tempted to say a few things about him, but it’s always best to start off the wedding speech on a the right footing – focusing on your beautiful bride and the relationship you have. Make sure to thank her for taking you as her husband and for her love and care, reflect on your love and the time together and speak about your future together. Don’t forget to complement her and always refer to her as “my wife”.

Keep it Clean and Away from Jokes

Wedding Grooms Speech 2

One thing you have to always keep in mind, it’s your wedding day and you will want to make sure it goes off splendidly. So stay away from bad language or distasteful content. If you are not too sure, have someone close to you proof the content of your speech beforehand (you might want to have the best man’s speech proofed too). Also, stick to one liner jokes as opposed to stand-up comedy, after all, it’s IS your wedding day. Keep the content genuine and sincere.

Say Thanks

Wedding Grooms Speech 3

Give your thanks to your parents and your in-laws. Thank your in-laws for welcoming you to their family and for bringing up your wonderful wife. Don’t forget to give thanks to your parents as well for all that they have done for you. If your parents or your in-laws hosted the wedding, special thanks should be given to them before you thank the individuals who helped with planning the wedding and along the years –especially if it brought you and your wife together.  Also make sure you share the thanks with your wife - don’t forget to say “my wife and I” when you do.

Do Your Research

Wedding Grooms Speech 4

Make sure you check and to see who is speaking before you and avoid saying anything they may be saying so that you are not repeating the same information.

Make Eye Contact

Wedding Grooms Speech 5

Eye contact can show how sincere and genuine you are; therefore, when you give your thanks make sure to make eye contact with the person you are thanking. When speaking about your wife, make sure to look at her lovingly and do the honours.

If you are looking to impress during your groom’s speech, keep these in mind and don’t forget to smile!

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