Perfect Wedding Invitations Designs - the Follow-up Choices

In last week’s article of the first instalment of Choosing Your Ideal Wedding Invitation Design, we looked into the top ten wedding themes and the ideal wedding invitations designs offered by DreamDay Invitations. In this instalment of Choosing Your Ideal Wedding Invitations Design, we look into the next set of ten wedding invitations designs and themes that are trending in the wedding industry.

11. Tropical

Everyone loves the tropics, its warm and that sun kissed effect is quite fetching. When it comes to a tropical theme, you are setting a warm and fun setting to your special day. With bright powerful hues, such as the red, pink and the bright oranges, to the purples, greens and yellow, you can pick designs that focus on big floral designs for your wedding invitations such as Orchid Obsession, Framed Dahlia and Framed Tigerlily.

Orchid Obsession Pocket Style Wedding Invitations

12. Spring

Spring is a beautiful time of year, a time of awakening for many, and what you experience is the dawn of colour, in soft touching tones. The bright yellows to green, pink and purple are just some colours you would be seeing in springtime. When it comes to hosting your wedding during this season, you would keep in mind nature itself and opt for the likes of DreamDay Invitations’ Unforgettable and Framed Chrysanthemum.

White Rose 3 Sqiare Vertical Wedding Invitations

13. Summer

Summer is a favourite of many countries who enjoy all four seasons, and the summer would be a favoured one out of them all, for the warmth and the enjoyment that comes with it. So when you think of a summer wedding, you think of bright colourful tones and themes, such as yellows and pink, and the beach and the sun. Indulge in colour and look for designs such as Framed Seashell and Summer Sunshine.

14. Christmas

Christmas is a joyful time of the year, and when you are planning a Christmas wedding, there are some predefined colours for you to choose from. Reds, green, white and sometimes touches of brown are considered the colours to feature when it comes to a wedding that falls in or around this time. Choose the likes of Vogue, Filigree Cloud and Noble Fair from DreamDay Invitations.

15. Grecian or Roman

Fine art and history collide when it comes to the ancient times of Greece and Rome. The realms of Athens and Rome surround mythic tales and are lands of great style, design and architecture. Infuse the same spirit of the Grecian and Roman eras into your wedding day with the likes of Crest of Love, Champagne and Love Stencil in silver or gold foil print by DreamDay Invitations.

16. Angelic

Weddings are beautiful, white and pure, and angels fit the same description. Therefore, when it comes to having a white wedding, you could put a twist to it, and opt for an angelic theme. You could use design elements such as fluffy feathers, Grecian drapes and focus on soft light and pale hues with accents such as silver and gold for that special touch. Love Mosaic and Pearl Destiny are ideal for this kind of wedding theme.

17. Starry Night

Night weddings are so romantic, especially if they are hosted over a clear midnight sky, where nature becomes part of your wedding theme. Your wedding invitations could take to the theme with a dark background such as blue, gray or even black. Bridal Lace would be a lovely choice for your starry night wedding theme.

18. Sporty

If you are sports fan, then you might want to pick up some inspiration of the many sports out there that you are a fan of and include it in your theme. For your wedding invitation, you could select something golf related and opt for a green wedding invite such as Candy Stripe.

19. Backyard

If you have a spacious backyard and believe it would be the best venue for your wedding day, then by all means. Backyard weddings are romantic, warm and close to home. If you like fairytale themes or even something along the lines of a garden or rustic wedding theme, then that may be what you should go for. A wedding invite such as Antique Amber would be a nice touch.

20. Pirate

Fantasy themes are quite the hit with many couples who are daring and bold, and a pirate theme is just one of them. If you are a fan of the likes of Jack Sparrow, then colours such as red and black, with tones of ivory would be ideal.    Your best bet would be to purchase the DIY wedding invitations and then customise it with the pirate themes.

Keep tuned for the last instalment of Choosing the Ideal Wedding Invitation Design next week!

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