Ideas for Wedding Invitations Designs

There are many things for you to think about, it's your wedding day after all, so you'll need to plan ahead, at least one year to six months before the date. There's much to do, lots to decide and not to mention be inspired by. Your wedding invitations will be one of the first items of your wedding that your guests will see, but the deciding factor on what exactly it will be is based greatly on the complementing wedding items such as the wedding dress style, the ambience of the wedding venue, the feel of the wedding, the patterns and designs you are drawn to, and not forgetting your pick of the wedding colour(s). We've got some great ideas for your wedding invitations designs, and they are all centred on these wedding pointers.


Let's have a look at wedding invitations that are...

Inspired by your Wedding Dress

When it comes to your big day, all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle, and you unveil the beauty that follows a bride. Give a hint of what's to come via your wedding invitations. Whether your wedding dress is styled short, as a ball gown, has a mermaid tail, is one shoulder, strapless or sweetheart styled, you can be inspired to follow suit, be it with the shape, lines or even the materials (by including accents of lace and designs inspired by it).


Inspired by your Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect wedding venue is key to a lot of brides and grooms planning their wedding, because let's face it; the venue is the canvas to the beauty that your wedding ceremony and reception will be. Whether you are planning a wedding on a beach, at a ballroom (or even a museum), a vineyard, private estate or in the country, you can be inspired by it to make your wedding invitations hint at what wonder is to come. Photo wedding invitations, watercolour styles and even illustrated wedding invitations are favourites to express this idea. Use it for your special day too!


Inspired by Your Personality and Style Aesthetic

It's wonderful when the personality of a couple, together or as individuals shines through, especially on a wedding day. Start off on the right foot with your wedding invitations by instilling the same feel and style that you are hoping your wedding day will transcend to your guests, be it classical & timeless, casual & relaxed, modern & minimal, quirky & out-of-the-ordinary, or rugged & rustic. Your wedding invitations will be unique, wonderful and full of you!


Inspired by Patterns & Designs

You can easily reflect your style aesthetic from the patterns and designs that you are drawn to, whether they include stripes, floral prints, polka dots, lace, chevron and even damask. These, on your wedding invitations, to reflect the style aesthetic will be beautiful and ever so trendy. Mix and match them with your choice of wedding colour(s), and make a great impression with your invitees. Who knows, you could be starting a new trend yourself with your wedding invitation designs.


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