• Silver Winter Wedding Invitations & Inspirations

    Winter is a beautiful time; icy but wonderful in its entirety giving you a natural backdrop to the most important day of your lives - your wedding day. Many assume that a winter wedding may be a bit of a hassle but there are so many ways to make this time joyous and fun, with the elegant and sometimes fun additions. A silver winter wedding theme would be a magnificent choice and you can kickstart the wedding hype with gorgeous silver wedding invitations.

    If you're wondering what is in store for you when you decide on a silver winter wedding, we've got a few ideas up our sleeves from winter wedding invitations, the choices of venues and clothing for the big day, and even complementing colours to add a beautiful pop to the silver winter wonderland ensemble.

    Keep reading!  You will be inspired!

    Winter Wedding Invitations in Silver

    There are some beautiful choices of printed wedding invitations that are perfect for a winter wedding with its silver undertones such as "Winter Garden" by DreamDay Invitations which features an intricate flourished border with flower details in lilac peonies and pansies. However, to add more glitz and glamour to the silver wedding invite ensemble, you will find more and more couples to be wed are choosing luxury to handmade wedding invites for their weddings.

    There are various wedding invite designs (also by DreamDay Invitations) that features specialty wedding papers with embellished treatments such as embossing, flocking and glittering, makes for a great impression. Find inspiration from these silver wedding invitations that are perfect for your winter themed wedding. Don't forget to discuss the vision with the DreamDay design team so you can get exactly what you envisioned!

    DreamDay Invitations Brilliant Silver Wedding Invitation Isabella Lace Silver Winter Weddings

    Ideal Winter Venues for Weddings

    When its winter most couples would lean towards an indoor wedding and depending on your overall wedding style it can be anything from a beautiful and classy reception hall with high ceilings, drapery and lighting to a barn or cosy cabin for a warmer yet beautiful wedding day. If it's a daytime wedding, you can make the most of the white winterscapes and even make plans to have the wedding ceremony outdoors. However, if the weather doesn't permit it, you can style the aisle and alter to frame a window where your guests can glimpse at the falling snow.

    Keeping it Classy with Silver Wedding Designs

    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Ideas Silver Winter Wedding Invitations Wedding  Theme

    When you choose a metallic hue such as silver to complement your wedding theme, you're instantaneously alleviating the look to one that is classier. Therefore if you choose to add a pop or hint of colour to the look, you are still getting an elegant look because white with silver and a pop of colour be it red, deep brown, or navy can really complete the look.

    Also, just because its cold doesn't mean you have to compromise on the beautiful wedding dress you have had your eye on for a while. With elegant and styles choices of cover-ups such as shawls, shrugs and boleros, you are all set for a classy silver wedding.

    Don't forget to make your wedding guests comfortable too. Offer silver white throws to warm up, and don't forget the silver themed cocoa bar, complete with matching cocoa mason jar bombonieres! Theme the various wedding stationery after your silver wedding invitations for a seamless flow between all the highlighted wedding elements, it'll truly be a winter wonderland wedding.

  • Unique Wedding Invitations

    As you make plans for your wedding, to make it personal and truly ‘yours’, there are many things that can lead up to that. One of the main and primal wedding elements that your guests and invitees will see would be the wedding invitations. Acting both as an announcement and as an invitation, making your wedding invitations unique, depends on what you have envisioned for yourself. If the theme you have chosen requires certain touches and elements that are normally not found in weddings, then you have something that’s unique, and thereby trying to infuse it into your wedding invitations will make it even more personal.  There are ways in which unique wedding invitations can come to be, and they include the design on the facing of your invites or the ways that added plus has been incorporated. Let’s look into those, shall we?


    If you take the design of your unique wedding invitation, it means to say that you want to make it look like nothing anyone has seen before. This would involve using styling or design elements that are out of the box. Rather than opting for clear or blank facing with minimalistic  design, that would mean shades of colour that complements each other by blending together seamlessly, and using the least amount of contrast of lines and shapes, mixing things up to create something new and exciting. For example, using contrasts would be a great idea, especially if you and your fiancé love it, then it’s making it personal. If you want to put to use intricate designs, such as damask or other ornate designs, mixing that up with colour then you can do so as well.


    The point is to make it look dashing and ending up with what you would call a unique wedding invitation, one that will marvel your guests with awe. Another way of doing so is with treatments and embellishments. You can add a treatment such as embossing, engraving or even foil printing to accentuate the look of your already exciting design, allowing for a great hand-feel and also a touch of glitz. If you want to go a little further, then you can also add trims that would make it sparkle. Be it a little trinket, a buckle touched with a little lace, you can use all these things to make your unique wedding invitations wonderful and one to remember. Now, don’t forget, the key is to make it truly personal. What you and your fiancé prefer goes a long way.

  • Wedding and Invitation

    Weddings and invitations are two things that go hand in hand. Being one of the most important celebrations in your life, it deserves the formality of inviting your guests via the traditional medium, which is by invite. However, the way your wedding invitations are styled and designed after is purely left to your choice.

    This choice per say may be according to the style of the event as well as the concept all in all. So, when it comes to your wedding and invitation, of course, it can range from the very traditional such as that of elegant wedding invites to the contemporary which range into modern and chic wedding invitations. With that note, we here at DreamDay Invitations are glad to announce that we offer you these styles and much more. Our wedding invitation collection ranges to that of over a thousand designs which can be categorised according to the style, colour, shape and even treatment used to add a little pizzazz to the final outcome. Not only do we attempt to try and cater to everybody’s wishes, we also add a little extra to offer you more than you are accustomed to, such as our eco-friendly wedding invitations where we promote “green” living. Let us look into the ranges that DreamDay Invitations offers in terms of the categories for your style of your wedding and invitations, and how colour, shape, and even treatment can be offered alongside it.

    DreamDay Invitations has much to offer you in this category, as we said before, the traditional and contemporary, to elegant, vintage and even Asian to name a few. The traditional wedding invites take into account the classic wedding and invitations forms where soft yet rich colours are use and accented with embellishments of silver and gold in the likes of foil printing; mainly ivory, cream and even white are often favourites under this category.  For contemporary wedding invitations, the “in” thing to do for your wedding and invitations would be do go “modern” or “chic”, and with that you find yourself with contrasting colours along the lines of black, blue and brown and so much more. Despite the difference in those traditional and contemporary wedding invites, some of their designs can also be considered elegant, as they both cater to grace and taste.

    Orchid Obsession Square Invitation and Pocket - DreamDay Invitations

    For the like of a vintage wedding and invitation, you would look into designs that are classical such as motifs, brocade and even filigree. With an Asian influence, the Asian wedding invites have traces of Japanese inspired design that include jade, bamboo designs and garden accents, which are quite beautiful.  For weddings and invitations that are styled after the seasons we also offer seasonal wedding invitations for spring, summer, autumn and winter which mainly put focus on the colours of the seasons and their various design elements.  Colour palettes for these styles would range in soft pastel hues for spring, bright happy colours for summer, red and brown tones for autumn while winter would look into silver, white and often a cool blue to add some accents to it. The collection available at DreamDay Invitations is quite large and you might find something that you fancy while you peruse it.

    Other designs in the DreamDay Invitation collection depend on your venue for the special day. Your wedding and invitation both in terms of outcome will be influenced by the like the venue you choose to host your ceremony and reception. This can include the likes of a beach wedding, a garden wedding, a church wedding with Christian influences, and sometimes based on the flora you opt to use for the wedding, your invitation can also have floral accents to complement the whole picture.

    Like so, DreamDay Invitation really does offer you a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to your wedding and your invitation. Just take a peek at our collection, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Pearl Wedding Invitations

    Prized lustrous pearls have been a treasured gem from our oceans and waterways for centuries past. We admire them for their simplistic beauty, their rich natural colours and their classic look.  Pearls have reigned true as the ultimate bridal jewel for woman around the world and their elegance and allure cannot be matched. In ancient times pearls were thought to be rare gifts from the gods, transformed from droplets of fresh dew. Nowdays, we know as the most extraordinary gift from nature with a beauty and appeal that is unrivaled. The perfect accent to any bridal gown and a favourite amongst fashion houses and designers today. DreamDay Invitations have taken this unique gem and designed the most luxurious range of pearl inspired wedding invitations available on the market today.

    Enchanted Wave Squarae Invitation Ageless Treasure Square Invitation Precious Pearl Square Invitation
    Pearl Parade Square Invitation Neptune's Bracelet Square Invitation Serena's Bracelet Square Invitation

    Pictured above are DreamDay's Invitations designs in 'Enchanted Wave', 'Ageless Treasure', 'Precious Pearl', 'Pearl Parade', 'Neptune's Bracelet' and 'Serena's Bracelet'. Continue reading

  • New Designs of Wedding Invitations Available Now!

    Our  designers have been very busy! They have had their heads down, eyes glued and ears open and have researched, studied and experimented to keep up with the current trends in colour and design to create that perfect wedding invitation that you will love!  And we think they have ‘hit the mark’. Dreamday Invitations therefore present to you our new and remarkable  exclusive range of gorgeous wedding invitations, that are reminiscent of the romantic classics of yesteryear. Angelic doves, exquisite pearls, delicate laces and romantic swirls that will depict the purity and the elegant charm of true love, just as it has been captured for centuries past. Fashion trends show a return to the classics of times past. Times reminiscent of our Grandparents and the uncomplicated beauty of true love.

    Ageless Treasure Square Invitation Harmony Square Invitation Champagne Square Invitation
    New Dawn Square Invitation Wedding Dance Square Invitation Key to Love

    Pictured above are DreamDay Invitations in "Ageless Treasure', 'Harmony', 'Champagne', 'New Dawn', 'Wedding Dance', and 'Key to Love'. Continue reading

  • Wedding Invitation Verse Options and Quotation Ideas – 2 lines

    Wedding invitation verses are the perfect way to express how much love that is in your heart, and to tell all your guests to expect your love to shine on your wedding day. DreamDay Invitations are all designed to include a romantic verse, whether it is just one line or up to 8 lines, there is an eloquent verse that can be inserted into your wedding invitation to show your own special love.

    Here is short list from DreamDay of suggested, two line verse’s, that can be included in any of our wedding invitations designs.

    • Let this be our destiny, to love, to live, to begin each new day
    • The more Love is shared, the more quickly it grows.
    • To have and to hold from this day forward.
    • Love lights the hearts of those who share it.
    • Love is the most beautiful gift, we are given to share.
    • Separate we are two, together we are one.
    • Two lives, one Love.
    • Two lives in harmony, perfectly matched in Love.
    • And together as one, we will take a walk to eternity.
    • God has led two lives to take one path.
    • Something old, something new, Something borrowed, Something blue.
    • Love is where the heart is, and our hearts are in love.
    • There is nothing so powerful, as true love itself.
    • A heart symbolizes love, and the beauty it bears within.
    • Bells shall sound, birds shall sing, for on this day we shall wed with this ring.

    These are samples only, to give you ideas. We encourage you to modify the words to fit your personality and style, or use another verse altogether.

    Infinity Pearl Destiny Hearts of Love

    Pictured above are DreamDay Invitations in 'Infinity', 'Pearl Destiny' and 'Hearts of Love'.

  • Discount Wedding Invitations

    In tough economic times everyone is looking for discounts on all sorts of merchandise and weddings are no exception. Let’s face it, weddings can be expensive, and saving money where possible is very important for today’s bride and groom. Finding quality products at discount prices has never been easier than with DreamDay invitations where 'discount'  Wedding invitations does not mean a compromise on quality.

    Frangipani Dream Oriental Blossoms Angels Desire

    Pictured above are DreamDay Wedding  Invitations 'Frangipani Dream', 'Oriental Blossoms' and 'Angel's Desire'.

    We have a remarkable range of dazzling designs, including beautiful floral prints and delicate motifs, with up-to-date colours and modern or traditional fonts and we understand how important your wedding invitations will be to you. We have our own team of gifted designers and with our fully automated, state of the art, online ordering and printing system, it means we have less overheads, and less staff, you aren’t paying for unnecessary fringe benefits, so we can offer our products at a discount rate others are unable to match. Continue reading

  • Beach Wedding Invitations

    Beach weddings conjure up images of barefoot brides and casual relaxed guests.  If you have your heart set on a beach wedding, be certain to set the tone with  matching Beach wedding invitations.  Any motif that evokes the relaxed and flexible vibe, the flowing lines and curves that remind us of a gentle warm sea breeze will put the guest in the beach frame of mind.

    Frangipani designed invitations are very popular at present because of their warm and summery ambience.

    02152-C10-XXXXX-137_thumb 02103-T10-XXXXX-000_thumb 02137-T10-XXXXX-000_thumb

    With the Dreamday Invitations beach design, you can either make use of the single frangipani that brings in a water theme and sand or pebbles, or use the frangipani in a pattern or bunch with the addition of colour to complement your chosen colour scheme. Continue reading

  • Spring Wedding Invitations

    Enchanted Spring is the season for new love, new life, new beginnings and nothing warms the heart like a spring influenced wedding. The weather is warming, there is a flourish of beautiful flowers  in bloom and there is a freshness in the air that is unmistakable. Setting the start of your new lives together with a captivating effervescent Spring Wedding invitations gives you many options for stylish themes with brilliant florals and dazzling colours and blushes, and opens the doors to so many pretty, clean and crisp designs of DreamDay Invitations Wedding Stationery that will fill your guests with feeling of romance and love.

    02102-I10-XXXXX-000_thumb 02133-I10-XXXXX-000_thumb 02104-C10-XXXXX-104_thumb

    Pictured here are DreamDay Invitations in ‘Everlasting Orchid’ ‘Sentimental Moment’ and ‘Frangipani Dream’

    From tranquil Beach Weddings and serene Garden settings, to perfectly formal elegant and florally inspired weddings, your Wedding Invitations can reflect the warmth and beauty that only nature can provide in Spring.

    Continue reading

  • Contemporary Wedding Invitations

    Contemporary Wedding Invitations are the fresh, perfect compliment to the modern wedding in 2010. A contemporary wedding invitation will announce your wedding plans to everyone with style and flair, and reflect the trends of the modern bride and groom giving all who receive an invitation an exciting glance ahead at the design and style of your wedding.

    Below are examples of DreamDay Square Invitations in ‘Candy Stripe’ ‘Moonlight Silhouette’ and ‘Renaissance’.

    02184-T10-XXXXX-132_thumb 02188-T10-XXXXX-100_thumb 02182-T10-XXXXX-101_thumb

    DreamDay Invitations has a large range of  contemporary wedding invitations styles which come in Square or DL shapes with a multitude of themes and colours from bold shades to pastel tinges, florals styles to perfectly co-ordinate with your ideas, allowing the flexibility to express your emotions and information in an infinite number of ways. We make sure you’re invitation contains exactly what you want to set the tone for your wedding at a cost effective competitive rate.

    Font choices can be modern and wording more casual, giving the couple greater choices and enabling you to be extra personal and creative.

    DreamDay invitations has an extensive range of Contemporary wedding invitations to choose from, and by using our 3D real image viewing, you can see right in front of you how your invitation and accessories will look immediately.

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