Lace Wedding Invitations for an Elegant Wedding

Do you think of lace when you envision an elegant look for your wedding day? When you are walking down the aisle in your beautiful lace embellished wedding dress, will your guests instantly see how elegantly and thoughtful laid out your wedding theme is, from the lace wedding invitations, to the wedding stationery, the decor of the ceremony, the dress and then later the wedding reception. Lace can be used anywhere and in various styles and means to create a beautiful and elegant wedding day that will be remembered fondly by all.

When you're considering choosing your lace wedding invitation designs, the invitations accessories (such as the reply cards, directions & accommodation cards, wishing well & gift registry cards), to the 'on-the-day' wedding stationery, there are various ways to go about it. It all depends on how the lace element is included in the design and to which extent. It could be used as an add-on decorative element, a focal design, or a balance between the lace and other design elements that you want featured on your wedding invitations, accessories and other stationery.


Here are some designs that are effortlessly elegant and would be a great choice for tasteful and elegant wedding day.

New Dawn: Wedding Invitations Printed Lace Designs


Isabella Lace Square Vertical Invitation in Brilliant Silver

One of the most popular choices of wedding invitations, this elegant wedding invitation mixes two types of lace designs in its angles and curves to create a truly romantic feel, that when coupled with the ideal choice of wedding colour definitely creates a memorable impact on sight.


Lacely Love: Printed Wedding Invitations with Lace Accessories

This delightful design features printed elements such as the stripes and invitation text/wording. However, it's complemented elegantly by the beautiful lace trim that draws your eye up to balance the look of the wedding invites.


Layered Luscious Lace

Lace Wedding Invitations

A handmade and elegant wedding invitation, this design features several layers, one that accents the beautiful focal lace band. The entire ensemble is then tied all up together with a thin satin sash and diamante buckle making it classy but elegant too.


With various designs to suit whatever your preference may be, DreamDay Invitations boasts a collection of hundreds of designs to choose from, from elegant wedding invitations, handmade wedding invitations, and a variety of printed designs in many trendy styles, you will be sure to find a look that speaks to you. DreamDay Invitations, it's all about making your dream day come true.

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