Layered wedding invitation ideas

Effortlessly elegant, layered wedding invitations add a beautiful touch to your wedding day, while  presenting your wedding information in an organised ensemble that’s  useful for destination weddings or any other wedding that includes several events. These wedding invitations are easily customisable and can be personalised using a variety of colour combinations ,specialty papers, embellishments and photos - read on to discover some unique ways to ensure your wedding invites are the talk of the town!


Layered Wedding Invitations with a Splash of Colour

While layered wedding invitations lend themselves well to a traditional wedding, you can also use these exquisite wedding invitations for a contemporary themed wedding too! While classic layered wedding invitations commonly feature sober colour palettes favouring timeless classics like black and white, navy blue, brown and olive green, they can be transformed to make a bold statement with unusual colour combinations such as tangerine,tango and teal or emerald and plum.


Customise Wedding Invitations with Specialty Paper

With both online and offline DIY stationery shops supplying a wide variety of specialty paper,  you can push the boundaries of your layered wedding invitations by using anything from  metallic and glittered papers to screen printed and thermography designer papers that give your wedding invitations a remarkable flair.

You can  keep things simple by using just one type of paper as a border for your layered wedding invitations or for something out of the ordinary try combining metallic with a glitter paper border. Embellished papers are perfect when complemented with the right embellishment for a twist of unique to an otherwise traditional wedding look.


Embellishments for a Touch of Glamour


Add some glamour to your layered wedding invitations by adding decorative embellishments such as a brooch, cluster or any other plastic jewels to the ribbon that’s used to hold the layers together. For a classic vintage flair, use a lace band to hold your layered wedding invite together and place a  smaller ribbon in a complementing colour on top and finish it off with a designer buckle in the centre. All embellishments can be secured using a hot glue gun, but remember to test it out first using a sample wedding invitation.


Using Photos for Wedding Invitations

We love the idea of using a layer of translucent vellum over an attractive layer of a photo and text! When choosing a photo to be included in your layered wedding invitation, choose a picture that goes with your wedding theme  - for instance a shot of the two of you by the ocean  if you’re planning a beach wedding would be ideal!

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