Luxury Beach Wedding Invitations, Styles and Themes

So many brides have dreamt of their special day since they were little girls playing with dolls; of princess themes and a happily ever after. That dream can be yours, with a few trendy upgrades, quality items and a choice location such as one at the beach. You can have yourself a luxurious wedding day, with a great view for your photographs and one to awe your guests, starting with your beach wedding invitations right up to the thank you cards.

This week, we have some great styles and designs for your wedding day. We'll let you in on how you can transform the vision for your wedding with some great styles and accents, all kick-started from your beach wedding invitation that will ooze luxury.

Layered wedding invitations are so beautifully done up and have great details to it too, from its cascading layers with the trims and designs; it says it's lush on first glance. You can make your beach wedding invitation lush too, with the right choice of layered design, custom and personal touches, paper and specialty card stock, accents and appliqués, and even the choice of typography, font face and colour you choose for your wedding invitations, accessories and stationery. But that's not the only way you can instil a touch of class, elegance and quality into your wedding invite. Watercolour designs in rich colours and techniques are ideal too. Here are some designs for you to consider!



Pebbles in White Layered Beach Wedding Invitation with Specialty Paper

layered beach wedding invitations

This beautiful layered design features speciality card stock with a lovely pebble texture design that mimics sand and pebbles found along a beach. The ribbon detailing with the starfish cluster is a perfect addition to the ensemble, which can easily be blended into other wedding stationery as well as wedding accessories such as the wedding guest book, as well as even the bouquets where you can add the starfish cluster design for a fabulous Kodak moment.


Harmony Swirl Glitter Beach Wedding Invitation

Layered Beach Wedding Invitations

Another layered design, it brings a heightened level of oomph to the table as the glitter swirl design which mimics the waves, are quite enthralling and add  a touch of luxury against the layered paper and quality card stock.


Frangipani Love Beach Wedding Invitation


Watercolour designs are a great trend, and a memorable one at that. The play and technique of painting and colours can really make your beach wedding invitation design come alive. Consider opting for rich tones that works well with lighting and works well with shading effects.


These designs can easily be selected for your fabulous beach wedding. To make it even more luxurious, you can present your wedding invites in a lavish manner, such as including it in an invitation box and some surprises on the inside. These little details truly make your special day come alive, and your invitees will definitely think back to your wedding as one of the greats.

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