Modern Classic Wedding Invitations

Modern classic wedding invitations add a beautiful touch of timeless elegance to a wedding and are a great invitation design style for a stylish couple! The effortless trendiness of this look comes from the perfect marriage of classic elements such as black calligraphy inspired font with intricate modernised floral designs that work so well together to give your wedding invitations a look that’s really nothing short of sophisticated and glamorous. Read on to find out how you can incorporate this modern classic design concept to your wedding invitations.

 Big Announcement Square Flat Wedding Invitation - DreamDay Invitations


Experimenting with CardStock

While etiquette dictates that classic wedding invitations are usually printed on heavy cardstock in white or cream, you can push the boundaries when it comes to your modern classic wedding invitations and experiment with the texture and colour of your cardstock.

Metallic cardstock with a touch of shimmer or even a pearlised glitter effect is definitely something new and is a great way to add a splash of contemporary to your modern classic wedding invitations without losing the luxurious look of the classic invitation design style incorporated.

Layered Screen Printed Crest of Love - DreamDay Wedding Invitations

For an unique touch, you can reinvent a classic monogram bearing the first letter of your names into a more stylised design and have it letterpressed onto your modern classic wedding invitations, complete with an imprint of something unconventional like an abstract heart which can be carried through the rest of your wedding decor as well.


Patterns and Colours for Modern Classic Wedding Invitations

When merging two styles as different as the vivacious boldness of a modern design concept with the understated elegance of classic invitation designs, you automatically gain a lot of versatility that allows you to try out the combination of different colour schemes and patterns that you wouldn’t often consider individually for each of these styles.

Ginny Square Flat Wedding Invittion in Vivacious Pink - DreamDay Invitations

Experiment by  pairing unusual combos like a blue and white polka-dot patterned thick border with a creamy white luxe card stock or even a muted cardstock boasting contemporary styled flowers and decorative buds/spirals teamed with a trendy font for the ideal modern classic wedding invitation look.


If your modern classic wedding invitations include enclosures, hold them in place in a neat and organised fashion by adding  a textured bellyband featuring either a laser cut or thermography design.

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