Modern wedding invitation wording

A wedding invitation can be anything from the traditional paper card to a unique twist with use of various materials. With the changing world, more and more couples are looking towards modern ways of inviting their guests. You can also add your own twist with a modern wedding invitation wording. The great thing about adding your own twist to the wording is that DreamDay Invitations the capability of doing this and much more with its on-line system. Let’s find out a few modern wedding invitations wording options as well as how DreamDay Invitations can make it all happen.

If you are an upbeat person, then you’d like to have yourself a modern wedding, especially if traditional weddings aren't really your thing. There are many ways you add can that modern touch, from a theme to how all the elements are set up and of course, one way is with your modern wedding invitation wording. There are many components when it comes to the  wedding invitation wording, from deciding on the host, that is, who will be hosting and paying for the ceremony and reception, to the greeting, how you are to address your invitees and how the invitation itself will be.

Modern Wedding Invitation wording

The hosts can range from the bride’s family, to the groom’s family, and even the bride and groom themselves. However, if other family relations would like to offer their help in hosting the wedding, then they can do so and they will be mentioned in the modern wedding invitation wording. DreamDay Invitations and its system offer an option to include such personalised wedding invitation wording.

The greeting in itself can be anything you want it to be. Also known as a verse, this can be anything from a poem, to an extract from your favourite book, a vow or anything that comes to mind that is relevant when coming up with a modern wedding invitation wording.

Modern Wedding Invite wording

When addressing the invitees, you can make it less formal than the customary wedding invitation wording. You can opt out of the titles and refer to the invitees via their first names. As there are basically no set rules in how to write your modern wedding invitation wording, you can make it up as you go, in a way that does sound presentable.

Some modern wedding invitation wordings are given below in order for you to see how they can be worded.

  • Glen & Tess Capulet would be delighted to have you join them celebrate the marriage of their daughter
  • Dan & Andy and their families invite you to their wedding on ...
  • Vincent and Pat Montague request the pleasure of your company to celebrate the marriage....
  • Juliet Capulet & Romeo Montague would be delighted to have you join them to celebrate their wedding
  • Peter and Mary are getting married! Join us to share our day and celebrate in a style we all know and love.

Good luck wording your modern wedding invitations!

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