Modern Wedding Invitations Styles

Being on trend and staying up with the times is a fun thing to do, more importantly when it's the most special day of your lives. When planning your wedding, finding the right wedding theme can be fun especially if you are thinking of going modern. The wedding invitations, decor styles and also the little details that will jump out at your guests to awe them will be truly something to cherish.

The colours, design and style of your wedding invitations set the tone for the wedding affair, therefore it's important to let it show through, especially when you want a modern wedding theme.  Modern wedding invitations allow you to show through your contemporary and sophisticated taste, and your appreciation for modern style, through various elements and references that tie in beautifully.

Modern Pops of Colour

Nothing says modern than with striking graphic patterns and borders which are clean and sophisticated, and use crisp edges and lines to say 'Fresh & Modern'. Another way is with the use of sharp and contrasting colours on a white background and pops of colour mixed with line designs or illustrations.

Black and White Modern Wedding Invitation  - DreamDay Invitations

Pairing classical elements as Damask inspired motifs or flourishes along with the placement of the invitation wording and design elements creates a romantic but contemporary look that is perfect for a modern wedding. If you opt to use white paper with a contrasting pop of colour for the invitation wording, whether you are using classical references, illustrated or silhouette designs, or even clean borders, adding a pattern design in a different shade of colour that contrasts the pop of colour of the wording on the back of the card can really emphasis a modern feel. Using this bold graphic pattern in a bright colour on the back of the modern wedding invitation as well as on the envelope liner will definitely be a great balance.

Modern Play on Typography

Set apart important information on the wedding invitation wording by using script font or flourished typography such as the couple's name, or information of the place and time for the wedding ceremony and reception and so on. Pairing up scripted invitation wording with uppercase serif fonts is a great favourite, especially on a white background wedding invitation with one colour used for the typography elements. It creates a lovely clean and modern look to your wedding invitation.

Modern swirl wedding invitations - DreamDay Invitations

If  you want to opt out of having a typography-only wedding invitation, then you can reduce the wording itself, and make the couple's names the focal elements with scripted text and use either serif or sans serif fonts in either uppercase or lowercase paired with a line or silhouette illustrations to arrive at a beautiful modern wedding invite style. Sometimes, using floral illustrations such as roses, peonies and the likes of line drawings in a different hue to the backdrop or text colour can really make bold statement, especially if the illustrated design overlaps the text too. Using this element throughout your modern wedding stationery suite will definitely tie everything in together and even more so if you are using that particular flower in your entire wedding.


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